101 - The Airborn Invasion of Normandy

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Cheat codes

Type in the following codes during gameplay:

Code Result
AirNormandy Makes soldiers re-jump into Normandy
AngryManDinners Gives food to soldiers
Beef Kills all the cows on the map
Heknows turns off Iknow
Helllive (or YouGoSquishNow) Kills all the Germans on the map
Hohoho Gives your GI a brand new MG42 plus two ammo belts
Ihaveyounow All the Germans on the map surrender
Iknow Reveals all Germans, equipment bags, and insides of buildings
PrisonPod No parachutes
TraitorTraitor Make the current soldier surrender
Robocop3 Makes your soldier go berzek
Weasel All soldiers on the map become available