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Airline Tycoon First Class

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Airline Tycoon First Class
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Developer(s) Spellbound Software
Publisher(s) Monte Cristo
License Proprietary
Series Airline Tycoon
Version 1.66[1]
Platform(s) Windows
Release date INT 2001-01-22[2]
Genre(s) Business simulation game
Mode(s) Single player, multiplayer
Rating(s) ESRB: Everyone (E)
Media 1 CD
System requirements Windows 98/Me/2000/XP, 133MHz CPU, 32MiB RAM, 2MiB VRAM, 400MiB HD space more...
Input methods Keyboard and mouse

Airline Tycoon First Class is a an business simulation in comic style, where the player manages an airline company competing with 3 others in the same airport. The original game, Airline Tycoon, was released in August 1998 in Germany by Infogrames, and wasn't released in any English-speaking country, although there was an official English demo. The first title of the series available in English was Airline Tycoon First Class, released 3 years later by Monte Cristo, who removed the First Class subtitle from the game box and manuals (but not from the game itself).[2]

System requirements

Minimal system requirements[3]:

  • 133 MHz Processor
  • 32 MiB RAM
  • 2 MiB SVGA Graphic card
  • 4x CD-Rom drive
  • Sound card (100% Soundblaster compatible)
  • 400 MiB available on hard disk
  • Windows 98/ME/2000 or XP


During the game, type the following codes:

  • atmissall: unlocks all missions (type it while in the first menu)
  • crowd: a lot more people in the airport
  • donaldtrump: gives your company $10,000,000. Note that this doesn't count as profit, so when you use all this money, it will be as if you lost $10M, and your company action will drop accordingly.
  • expander: adds a gate to the airport (it will be on auction in the boss office the day after you type the cheat, so make sure you win the auction (see #Winning auctions)
  • famous: improves company reputation
  • mentat: gives you all the best advisors
  • nodebts: eliminate your debts
  • panic: no passengers on the airport
  • thinkpad: gives you the notebook
  • winning: give your company the requirements to win the mission. It has no use in free mode, and it doesn't work in all missions either.
  • bubblegum: see all people think (toggle)
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A crowded airport, after use of "crowd" and "bubblegum" cheats
  • runningman: move faster (this will affect all players)
  • showall: see all flights
  • morestench: fills your inventiry with stinkbombs (use it on competitors' gates to disturb their clients)
  • moreglue: fills your inventory with super glue (use it stuck your competitors for a few minutes)
  • attestit: your character will move by itself and do random stuff
  • attestxx: days pass fast like nights, and there is no way to stop this... so basically it ends the game

Quick guide

Winning auctions

Auctions are displayed on the cork board in Uhrig's (the boss) office. To make sure you make the winning bid, enter the office after 17h45, place your bid(s) and wait in the office until the airport closes: this will prevent your competitors from entering the office. You can't do this before 17h45 because you may get kicked out of the office after spending 15 minutes inside.


Buy the violin case at the duty free. Then go to PetrolAir and give it to them. You can now access talk to the saboteur, behind the fire-extinguisher on the right of PetrolAir.

Anti-virus floppy disk

You need to have access to the saboteur for this. Go to Air Travel (the place where you take orders for charter trips), wait for the tarantula spider, and quickly grab it before the snake eats it. Now go give it to the saboteur. He will let you pick a dart from the deer's head. Give the dart to the advertising agency, and they'll let you take their antivirus diskette everytime you need it.

Diarrhea cure

Go to Uhrig's office and pick up the postal card on the cork board. Give it to Miss Selig (in your staff management office), and she'll let you pick up diarrhea medication from her desk anytime you need it.


Go to the route management board and take the paper clips. Give them to the guy working at the cargo, and he'll let you take his glue.

Energy drink

Go to PetrolAir and take the gloves on the counter. With the gloves in your inventory, use the vending machine in front of the cargo room to get an energy drink (when you drink it, it make you move much faster).

Stink bomb

Get an energy drink, but instead of drinking it, give it to the newspaper guy. He will let you pick up a stink bomb.

Solving strikes

Go to the plane broker and talk and/or wait. Eventually, the top-left cupboard will open. Take the bra, and give it to the duty free girl. She will let you take the horseshoe at the top-left of the shop. Give it to the client at Rick's Café, and whenever your employees go on strike, talk to him and he'll stop the strike.

Liquor and oil

Buy a bottle of liquor from the duty free, and give it to the mechanician at the workshop. He will then:

  • let you take the oil can, which you can use on your globe at your office to remove the squeaky sound when you turn it
  • give you the option to have your planes repaired cheaper, by his cleaning lady. Although it looks money-saving at first, this is not recommended because your planes condition will highly deteriorate.

A good start

When you start a new mission, the four people will start going to Uhrig's room. Type donaldtrump as many times as you want while this happens, then after the briefing go to the plane broker and buy the Illyushin Sowjetunions with 196 passengers and over 9,000km range. Then hire sufficient personnel and place your majority of cargo and passenger orders on those planes. This is just advice only so if you've a better idea let's hear it. Type megarichman instead then you get 1 billion every time your write it.

All key shortcuts

Key Function
A PetrolAir
B Bank
C Rick's Café
D Duty free
E Plane broker
G Flight planning
H Cargo
I Advertising agency
K Newspaper stand
L Last Minute travel agency
M Museum
N Nasa shop (only available in the "Behind the last frontier" mission)
O Your office
P Staff management office
R Route board
S Telescope
T Air Travel travel agency
U Uhrig's office (the airport manager)
W Workshop
[TAB] Call it a day (ends the day)
[Space] Instantly ends current move
F2/ESC Go to menu
F3 Load game
F4 Save game
+/− Increase/Lower time speed


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External links


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  3. Spellbound Entertainment AG - Airline Tycoon Deluxe

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