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Special thanks to...

Tami Meyers for providing the main basis of this walkthrough.
You can write him/her/them to [email protected]m

Walkthrough for Edward Carnby

Here is the text walkthrough for Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare. A video walkthrough may be found here.


[edit] Getting to the manor

[edit] Bridge Garden

[edit] East Garden 1

[edit] East Garden 2

Note:Whenever possible save your ammo. Run away when you can.

[edit] Terrace Garden

[edit] Water Tank

[edit] Basement

[edit] Manor Lobby

[edit] Manor 2nd Floor Landing

[edit] Bedroom

[edit] 2nd Floor Landing

[edit] Opening the four portraits

[edit] Portrait #1

[edit] Lobby

[edit] First floor corridor

Note:Reload your weapon in inventory. It's much quicker.

[edit] East office

[edit] Attic

[edit] Corrider

[edit] Portrait #2

[edit] West office

[edit] 2nd floor landing

[edit] Corridor

Note: I've noticed that some of the keys don't match the floor on the map. The map labels the floors as 1st and second while the keys say ground and 1st floor.

[edit] Smoking Room

[edit] Attic

[edit] West Attic

[edit] East Attic

[edit] Attic storage

[edit] East loft

[edit] Bedroom

[edit] West loft

[edit] 2nd floor corridor

[edit] First Floor Office

[edit] Corridor

[edit] East Bedroom

[edit] Corridor

[edit] West Bedroom

[edit] Corridor

[edit] First Floor

[edit] Portrait #3

[edit] Library

[edit] Secret room in Library

[edit] Library

[edit] Rooftops

[edit] Tower

[edit] Library

[edit] Portrait #4

[edit] First floor corridor

[edit] Main Entrance

[edit] 2nd Floor landing

[edit] The Portrait Puzzle

[edit] Main Entrance

[edit] Garden

[edit] Moor

[edit] Circle of Stones

[edit] Stone Puzzle

[edit] Shore

[edit] Marsh

[edit] Valley

[edit] Forrest

[edit] Marsh

[edit] Airplane

[edit] Marsh

[edit] Valley

[edit] Chapel

[edit] Solving the chapel puzzle

[edit] The first symbol

[edit] The second symbol

[edit] The third symbol

[edit] Valley

[edit] Chapel

[edit] Underground Chapel

[edit] Getting out of the lab

[edit] Lab

[edit] Lab Underground

[edit] Radio Room

[edit] Basement

[edit] Greenhouse

Note: The first time I played the game this worked just the way I wrote it. The second time I played I could not get it to work at all. I don't know if it's a bug or just me. I was not able to continue the game from here the second time so if there are any errors in the walkthru please let me know.

[edit] Basement

[edit] Lab Underground

[edit] Abkanis Passage

[edit] Abkanis Bridge

[edit] Abkanis Antechamber

[edit] End game

World of Darkness

Note: There are crystals along the way. Pick them up when you can to recharge your battery. The battery will keep your lightning gun charged.

[edit] Nursery

[edit] Labyrinth

[edit] Balcony

[edit] Ledge A

[edit] Cavern C

[edit] Ledge B

[edit] Tunnel B

[edit] Ledge C

[edit] Natural Bridge

[edit] Scream Tunnel

[edit] Lava Cave

[edit] Ledge D

[edit] Cavern B

[edit] Columns

[edit] Abkanis Necropolis

[edit] Finding the head

[edit] Necropolis

The End

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