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Anno 1602: Creation of a New World (released as 1602 A.D. in North America and Australia) is a real time strategy and city building game developed by Max Design and published by Sunflowers. It was released in September 1998 in Europe and in February 2000 in North America. It's the first game in the Anno series and was followed by Anno 1503.

[edit] Cheat codes

To enable the cheat mode, hold [Ctrl] + [Shift] + [Alt] + W during game play. A prompt will appear at the bottom left corner of the screen. Type 2061 and press [Enter] at the prompt. Then, press A and [Enter]. The following codes will be activated:

Code Result
Shift + M Money
Shift + Z Bricks
Shift + K Cannon
Shift + H Wood
Shift + T Tools
gold Gold
fastgame All Building

Then type in Ctrl + Alt + Shift + W again and then type in a number from 02 to 24. Then press Enter and A. Each time you press A, you will get 5 tons of the number. If you want another item, just type in another number and press enter and A.

Code Item
02 Iron
03 Gold
04 Wool
05 Sugar Cane
06 Tobacco
07 Cows
08 Corn
09 Flour
10 Iron
11 Swords
12 Guns
13 Cannons
14 Food
15 Cigars
16 Spices
17 Cocoa
18 Alcohol
19 Fabric
20 Clothing
21 Jewelry
22 Tools
23 Wood
24 Bricks
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