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Armada 2526

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Developer(s) Ntronium Games
Publisher(s) Tri Synergy, Iceberg Interactive
License Proprietary
Version 1.40[1]
Platform(s) Windows
Release date NA 2009-11-17
Genre(s) Turn-based strategy
Mode(s) Single player, multiplayer
Rating(s) ESRB: Everyone 10+
PEGI: 12+

Armada 2526 is a turn-based science fiction 4X strategy game. It was developed by Ntronium Games and released on 17 November 2009.



Save game editors and trainer don't seem to exist for this game. It is however possible to cheat using the developer console, which can be opened during the game by pressing F4. This console features a list of cheat commands. It's also possible to cheat by editing a few game files, modifying race and faction characteristics.

Boosting your race and faction

The characteristics of your civilization are the sum of the characteristics of your race and those of your faction.

Factions characteristics are defined in the file XML\Factions.xml (NB: if you are using the Supernova expansion make sure you edit the proper file, i.e. the one located in the Supernova path). You can easily modify a faction to remove its penalties and give it more positive traits, more starting units, and extra ways to earn victory points. For instance here's a strongly boosted Human Union faction:

<Faction Name="The Human Union" Generic="true">
        <Names ShortName="The Humans" Adjective="Human" GenericBase="Humans"/>
        <Data Race="Human" Symbol="10" NameSet="Bronze Age Greek"/>
        <Type Elimination ="NoPopulation" RebelFaction ="Human Rebels"/>
        <Capability Name="General Research Bonus" Level ="499"/>
        <Capability Name="Assimilation" Level="0"/>
        <Capability Name="Conversion Virus" Level="0"/>
        <Capability Name="Trader" Level ="0"/>
        <Capability Name="Trade Acumen" Level ="2"/>
        <Capability Name="Pirate" Level ="0"/>
        <Capability Name="Source Alien Relics" Level ="0"/>
        <VictoryPoints Area="TotalHappyPopulation" Multiplier="10"/>
        <VictoryPoints Area="Glory" Multiplier="2"/>
        <VictoryPoints Area="OwnPopulation" Multiplier ="10"/>
        <VictoryPoints Area ="EnemyKilled" Multiplier ="200"/>
        <VictoryPoints Area="Technology" Multiplier="10"/>
        <Strategy Name="Colonizer"/>
        <StartingCash Amount ="1200500999"/>
        <Tech Item="Infector"/>
        <Colony Name="Earth" RandomPos="true">
                <Population Number="50"/>
                <Building Type ="Surface Shipyard"/>
                <Building Type ="Research Lab"/>
                <Building Type ="Research Lab"/>
                <Defense Type ="Light Missile" Number ="5"/>
                <GroundUnit Type="Militia" Number ="4"/>
        <Fleet Colony ="@Home">
                <Ship Type="Ark Ship" Number ="5"/>
                <Ship Type="Scout" Number ="1"/>
                <Ship Type="Transport" Number ="5"/>
                <Ship Type="Corvette" Number ="5"/>

Note that some capabilities can have a level higher than zero (the level will act as a multiplier of the base effect), but many others can't (and setting their level to more than zero may void them).

Races characteristics are defined in the file XML\Races.xml. As for factions you can remove bad traits and add good traits. It is important to note that some capabilities are not interchangeable between races and factions. For instance here's a strongly boosted Human race:

<Race Name ="Human">
                Monkey descendents from Earth
Chances are that if you're playing this game, you're one of them. The ape descendants survived the perils of war, energy shortages and global warming, and spread out into deep space.
Their agile minds and willingness to embrace change makes them adept at technology, but with their existence firmly rooted in the dimensions of time and space their ability to use the other dimensions of existence is poor.
An emphasis on individualism sometimes makes other races wary and slightly mistrustful of humans as they do not understand the way that motivation and moral compass vary from one individual to another. They also dislike the way that democratic government can lead to inconsistent high level policy.
        <Symbols Population="@Human_Population" Victory="Art\UI\Victory-Human.jpg" Fleet="FS Human"/>
        <Animation Folder="Art\Animations\Human" Prefix="Human"/>
        <Sound Music ="Human" Accept ="HumanAccept" Talk ="HumanTalk" Reject ="HumanReject" Angry ="HumanAngry"/>
        <Capability Name="Orderly" Level ="5"/>
        <Capability Name="High Growth Rate" Level="99"/>
        <Capability Name="Warlike" Level ="0"/>
        <Capability Name="Biological Immunity" Level ="0"/>
        <Capability Name="Psychic Immunity" Level ="0"/>
        <Capability Name="No Bureaucracy" Level ="0"/>
        <Capability Name="Warlike" Level ="0"/>
        <Capability Name="Natural Miner" Level ="0"/>
        <Capability Name="Seed Virus" Level="0"/>


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