Baldur’s Gate 2: Shadows of Amn

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Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn
File:Baldur's Gate II - Shadows of Amn Coverart.png
Developer(s) BioWare
Publisher(s) Black Isle Studios, Interplay
Designer(s) James Ohlen (Director of Writing and Design / Lead Designer); Kevin Martens (Lead Designer), David Gaider, Brent Knowles, Lukas Kristjanson, and John Winski (Core Design Team)
Composer(s) Michael Hoenig (Metamusic Productions)
Series Baldur's Gate
Engine Infinity Engine
Platform(s) Windows, Macintosh
Release date Windows
NA 2000-09-24
PAL 2000-09-29
NA 2001-09-29
Genre(s) Computer role-playing game
Mode(s) Single player, Multiplayer
Rating(s) ELSPA: 15+
OFLC: M15+
Media 4 CD-ROMs
Input methods Keyboard, mouse

Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn, developed by BioWare and released September 26, 2000, is the second computer role-playing game in the Baldur's Gate series, which takes place just a few months after the events of Baldur's Gate. It is based on the 2nd edition Advanced Dungeons & Dragons role-playing system. The story is set in the Forgotten Realms, the most popular D&D story setting. It has sold over 2 million units.[1]

An expansion pack for the game was released in 2001, entitled Baldur's Gate II: Throne of Bhaal.


[edit] System requirements

[edit] Minimum system requirements

[edit] Cheat codes

Open the "Baldur.ini" file with notepad, look for a heading called [Program Options]. Under this heading type: Debug Mode=1, then save and exit. Start your game of BG2 as normal and in game press Control+ Space to activate the console. Console Cheats (Must be entered exactly as shown):

[edit] XP For Your Group

CLUAConsole:SetCurrentXP("XP amount here") press enter to activate. Note the XP Cap in BG2 is 2,950,000--do not use commas in the XP amount.

[edit] Gold

CLUAConsole:AddGold("Amount of gold here") press enter to activate. Note, as in the XP amount-DO NOT USE COMMAS!

NOTE: You can give XP to a single or all party members. Click once on the character you wish to give xp to and then enter the XP cheat while their portrait is highlighted. To give all party members XP click the little square box in the lower right of you display and you will see all your characters portraits highlighted. Open the console and enter the code.

[edit] Max Stats

When generating a character and if you have debug mode=1 or cheats=1 and you press CTRL+SHFT+8 it will max your stats. If you decrease some stats before doing this you can take some up to 19 for races that allow 19 (like elf dexterity).

[edit] Create Items

CLUAConsole:CreateItem("item code here",quantity here) then press enter. No commas in the quantity #. Here is an example using the identify scroll code.


This will place 100 Identify scrolls in your lead characters pack. Note that any magical items you create need to be identified before you get the benefits of using them.

[edit] Cheat Codes

Note: This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup copy of the file before proceeding. Use a text editor to edit the "baldur.ini" file in the game folder. Add the line "Debug Mode=1" under the "[Program Options]" heading. Begin game play and press [Ctrl] + [Space] to display the console window. Type one of the following case-sensitive codes, press [Enter], then press [Ctrl] + [Space] to close the console window and activate the corresponding cheat function. Note: Add the lines "Debug Mode/1" and "Cheats/1" under the "[Game Options]" heading to activate cheat mode.

Code Effect
CLUAConsole:SetCurrentXP("<0-2950000>") Set experience points for selected character
CLUAConsole:AddGold("") Set available gold
CLUAConsole:ExploreArea() Full map
CLUAConsole:MoveToArea("") Teleport to indicated location
CLUAConsole:CreateCreature("") Spawn monster
CLUAConsole:CreateItem("") Spawn item
CLUAConsole:EnableCheatKeys() Enable in-game key cheats
CLUAConsole:CreateItem("",) Spawn multiple item

[edit] List of Items

[edit] Create Creatures

CreateCreature("creature reference number goes here") This will give you Monsters to fight. Here is a few samples:

[edit] Move to Area

MoveToArea("area reference number goes here") This will warp you to any area in the game. Be careful to have all your Party members selected first. Here is a few sample places. You can get the area number of any Area by hitting the x key.

[edit] Reveal Map

ExploreArea() Reveals the entire map.

[edit] Heal Party

When you have Debug Mode=1 in your baldur.ini file, you may use [CTRL] + T to heal the entire party and remove harmful spell effects.

[edit] Instant Kill

When you have Debug Mode=1 in your baldur.ini file, you may use [CTRL] + Y to kill the person or monster the cursor is on.

[edit] Other Cheats

When you have Debug Mode=1 in your baldur.ini file, you may use [CTRL] + 1 to change armor class of selected character. [CTRL] + 6 and [CTRL] + 7 to change the model of the selected char (prev and next, respectively).

[edit] Heal and Jump

With Debug Mode enabled, press Ctrl + R to heal a character, and Ctrl + J to jump to the mouse cursor location.

[edit] References

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