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License notes

The following is a complete rewrite based on the Beneath a Steel Sky walkthrough by FOURTYoz, Hitiek, Red and OLiVER and distributed by GOG.

It is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License, © 2009 PatheticCockroach.

Beneath a Steel Sky walkthrough

Pick up the rung (metal bar) on the left wall. Then use it on the door on the right. The guard will come after you and think you have jumped. Go back inside, then downstairs, then through the bottom right exit. Use the circuit board (from your inventory) on the robot shell (at the bottom of the screen, within the pile of junk). This will rebuild Joey, your robot. While you're here, look at the transporter.

Hiding from a guard at the beginning of the game
Joey ranting about his new shell
The technician, annoyed by the elevator alarm

The following part is timed, you may want to reduce the game speed. Step on the elevator. A technician will get out of the right room. Quickly go to the right room, open the cupboard door and grab the wrench inside (NB: end of the timed part, if you failed to make it in time, just try again and again, you will get various funny dialogs to make up for the trouble of the repetitive task). Talk to the technician (Hobbins) to learn various game informations, and until he eventually tells you what's wrong with the transporter (optionally, you can keep talking if you want to listen to some extra information). Go back to the left room and ask Joey to start the transporter. The transporter will then repeatedely go and come back with a barrel, which will activate the elevator. When the elevator is down, go down the hole (Joey will follow you with the next barrel).

Joey can even fly!
Meet officer Reich

Look at the door lock on the right. Tell Joey to open the door. A guard (Officer Reich) will enter and be shot by the security camera. Search his corpse to get his ID card (and accessorily, his dark glasses). Exit through the door. Go right. Then through the top-right door. Talk to the woman (Anita). Eventually the supervisor (Lamb) will come and ask you what you're doing here. Tell him you're Security if you don't want him to kick you out (which doesn't really matter as if he does, you can then just come back in).

For a perfect check, use a robot not a human
Meet Gilbert Lamb

Go right. Use the wrench on the cogs. It will stop the production. Reply whatever you want to the technician but then don't forget to take back the wrench. Go back left. Use the wrench on the robot. Then ask Joey if he wants a new shell. (If you ask him how he likes his new shell, he'll play Dalek).

Don't forget your wrench
Does Joey want a new shell? Of course he does
Ex-ter-min-ate! Ex-ter-min-ate!

Go back to the right. Try to use the upper left exit. The technician will tell you it's a storeroom for robots only. Ask Joey to go to the storeroom. Ask Joey if he found anything useful, then ask him to go disable the fuse box to the alarm system. Enter the storeroom, use the gangway, then pick up the putty that was under it. Don't bother with the WD 40 and the key, as the technician will search you when you get out, and take them back if you took them.

Joey found the power to the alarm system
Burning the alarm power
You walking toolbox!

Leave the storeroom. Go to the eletric plant (left x5). Use your wrench on both buttons on the right machinery. Ask Joey to press the button on the right. While he does so, use the left button. The man on the chair will go get Hobbins. Use the switch on the left control panel to switch the light off. Take the light bulb and use the putty on the light socket. Use the switch again to detonate the putty. Set both switches down.

This thing needs some fixing now...

Go to the lift area (right x3). Look at the red cable, then ask Joey if he'd fancy doing some welding. Once he's cut the cable, use your ID card on the slot near the elevator. Use the elevator to go down.

Captain Joey Welder!
Beneath SS - Joey welding a cable.png
Long and flexible, well it's a cable

Pick up the cable. Go to Reich's room (left, upper right, left door - use your ID card). Move the pillow and pick up the magazine under it. Go to Travelco (exit, down-left, right x2, up) and talk to the man. Eventually, you'll be able to book on the economy tour. Your ticket won't be available until a few months! Give the magazine to the man and he'll print your ticket straight away. Pick it and go find Lamb (he's usually wandering between his flat, right of Reich's flat, and his factory). Give him the ticket. He will reward you with a tour of the factory.

Want to know about the Mystery tour?
Bribing for printing a ticket
Gift for Lamb

Go to the factory and talk to Lamb to begin the tour. When he leaves you, go to the reactor area (right) and talk to Anita. Give her your ID card we she asks for it and she will install the jammer on it. Talk to her again until you can ask her how to get a Schriebmann port and she tells you that the Schriebmann port IS a hole in the head.

Let's get started
Remember the cogs you broke earlier?
Anita jamming your card

Go to Burke's Bio Surgery (left x3, elevator, left x3), making sure that Joey follows you, notably in the elevator. Use the projector, talk to the hologram and tell her you want a Schriebmann port. Ask Joey to talk to the hologram (tell him to use his natural charm on her), and he'll use his "subtle approach" to make her open the door.

Mr Cool, useless but funny
Joey's subtle approach

Enter the left room and talk to Burke again and again until he installs you the Schriebmann port. Then talk to him again about getting to ground level and he'll tell you to see his friend Willy.

Selling your lungs (or trying to)
You're too healthy!

Go to Anchor Insurance (right x6) and talk to the man. Tell him you want one of their special policies, and that Doctor Burke sent you (NB: if you spoke a lot with Lamb, you'll be also able to tell that Lamb sent you). The man will then go give a phone call. While he's away, quickly ask Joey to use his welder on the statue, and then grab the anchor. If you haven't been quick enough, you can try again by asking the man to try his contact again.

Beneath SS - Bullshit.png
Beneath SS - Joey hates that insurance guy.png
Welding the anchor off the statue

Combine the anchor with the cable to get a grappling hook. Go back to the fire escape from the beginning (left, bottom-left, elevator, left x2, upper right x2). Use your grappling hook on the sign on the opposite wall.

Time for the big jump...
The interface in security HQ

You are now in the security locker room. Leave the room. Use your ID card on the slot near the interface just left from the door you're coming from. Then use the interface. Pick up the ball. Exit right. Use the open function from your inventory on the carpet bag. Pick up the magnifying glass and the birthday surprise. Exit right. In your inventory, use decompress on compressed data. You obtain 2 passwords, which you can use on the floor to deploy various bridges to reach the upper right exit. The puzzle is rather simple, the red and green passwords can be used in any order. Basically, you need to put the first password in a hole, the second password in another hole, then pick up the first password and put it in a more remote hole, then pick up the second password and put it in a more remote hole, and so on. Eventually exit the room. Pick up the bust and the book. Finally, use decrypt (the magnifying glass) on all encrypted documents. Disconnect.

Beneath SS - Password puzzle inside VR.png
Beneath SS - Lamb s account on a security terminal.png

Use your ID card on the terminal. In the menu, go to security services (4), read all 3 documents, then go to special operations, request special status and "adjust" Lamb's file (D-LINC him and freeze his assets). Leave the security building (elevator, left). On your way you'll see the man who was sitting in the power plant still looking for Hobbins.

Remember the pipe your broke earlier?
Lamb's problem

Go find Lamb (he should be standing near the elevator between his factory and his flat). Ask him if he has a problem. He'll tell you that his card isn't working so he can't go feed Cous-Cous (his cat) in his flat. Eventually he'll allow you to enter his flat to feed the cat. Go there (it's the flat right to the right of Officer Reich's appartment) and grab the video cassette on the bookcase next to the entrance. Optionnally, you can feed the cat if you want.

Cous-Cous's cassette
Joey forgot he can't fly anymore...
A warm welcome to you!

Leave the flat and take the elevator to ground level. Joey will crash! Go left and talk to the doorman, at the entrance of St James. He will politely tell you that this is a private club and you need to be sponsored by someone to join. Ask him who could sponsor you and he'll suggest you ask Mrs Piermont. She's the lady in pink with the dog, wandering around ground level. Find her and ask her if she would sponsor you. At first she will refuse, but when you ask her about Overmann she'll tell you to meet her at her appartment. So go there (rightmost part of ground level, press the button near the elevator). Eventually you'll be able to ask her about the sponsorship. She'll go to the phone and keep talking and talking. Put the video cassette in the VCR. The dog (Spunky) will go barking at the TV. Examine the dog bowl, pick up the dog biscuits and leave.

You'll have to be more persuasive!
You can even make prank calls on the interphone
Playing Pussies on parade to Spunky

Go back where Joey crashed. Wait for Mrs Piermont and Spunky to come by, then use the dog biscuits on the plank and use the rope. This will throw Spunky in the water, and Blunt (the guard) will go "rescue" it. Enter the church that Blunt was guarding. Go through the top-middle door and open the middle locker. You'll find Anita, and examining her will reveal that she's been exposed to radiation.

Spunky in the lake
Anita's been killed

Go back to the last place where you talked to her (in Lamb's factory, to the right, before the reactor entrance). Open the middle locker and put on the plastic overalls. Go to the reactor room (right). use the control panel to open the reactor door, enter the reactor and pick up the LINC card. Exit the reactor and put your clothes back on.

Anita's LINC card in the reactor
Taking off the overalls

Go back to the interface in the security building. Use the interface with Anita's card (LINC card in your inventory). The following part is timed, you may want to reduce the game speed. Use blind on the eye and exit right. Use blind on the eye and exit up. Exit up. Exit right. Pick up the tuning fork (NB: end of the timed part, if you failed to make it in time, just try again). Exit left. Use the playback on the well. An hologram of Anita will show up and explain things about how to get to LINC and make contact with an agent named Eduardo. Disconnect.

Anita's hologram in an interface

Go back to ground level and talk to the gardener near Mrs Piermont's elevator. Ask him what these flowers are. Then talk to the boy (Vincent) until you can ask him about his dandelion game. He'll tell you that the gardener isn't a real gardener. Tell Eduardo "You told me dandelions were blue!". Then ask him about Anita. Then ask him his name, he's Eduardo! He'll tell you about how to get Anita's virus back.

Eduardo, the fake gardener
Speak silently, please
Life jail FTW!

Go to the courthouse (right x3). You'll then defend Hobbins. No matter what options you choose, he'll "win" the "Star Prize": life imprisonment, reduced to 2 hours community service...

The jukebox is spying for LINC!

Go to the club. Use the jukebox and play the first song, "You search, but find nothing". One of the man at the table will get up (NB: if you picked the wrong song, just get out of the club and back in to retry). Pick up his glass. Go and see Burke (the doctor who placed your Schriebmann port). Give him the glass and he will let you use his machine to copy the fingerprints on it to your fingers. Go back where the gardener/Eduardo is, then exit in front of the lake (bottom-right), examine the door and use your LINC card on the lock. Enter the building (which turns out to be the former entrance to Museum station) and grab the secateurs.

Want fake fingerprints? Just use the auto-dermatome, it's free!
An old, former entrance to Museum Station
The club's back room

Go back to the club, to the door at the top-right, and use the metal plate to enter it. Use your metal bar on the packing case. Pick up the wooden lid and use it on the box. Use the box to climb on it. Use the metal bar on the grill. Then use the secateurs on the grill. Enter the narrow passage.

Climbing through the ventilation grill
Made by a giant rabbit?
The wall beast is afraid of light

Exit right, then top/right, then right (DO NOT go farther yet). Use your light bulb on the socket left of the big hole in the wall. You can now walk past the hole and exit right. You should prepare to be quick in the next room (you may want to slow down the game): exit right and exit right again very quickly (before the roof colapses). Use the metal bar on the plaster (the red area of the wall). Then use it again on the brickwork. A brick will fall over your head, pick it up. Now use the metal bar on the swelling of the vein.

Beneath SS - Crowbar stuck in vein.png
Beneath SS - Preparing an android trap.png

Use the brick on the crowbar stuck in vein, then pick up the bar quickly. A repair droid will come: go through the door it just opened. Then exit top. Use the control unit, reduce the temperature, and quickly use the metal bar (not the one in your inventory but the one next to the grill in the ceiling). Exit the room. Exit right, and right again. Use Joey's circuit board on the 'slot of the robot.

Wanna know your future?
Android production

Exit through the lower left door. Go left. Use the grill to look through it. Then tell Joey to check out the tank room. Wait for him to come back (if he doesn't, go back to the room where you activated him, he should be around there). Ask him for his report, then ask him about the nutrient tank, then ask him to open the tap on the nutrient tank. Wait until he comes back, then enter the room with the android (from the room where you activated Joey, it's the top-left door). The android will fall through the loose grill when walking over it to avoid the nutrient spillage.

Wanna know your future?
LINC needs you alive

Exit top-right. And top-right again. Use your ID card on the terminal next to the door. Select access to restricted area then open door. Exit the room. An android will try to capture you, Joey will kill it but will also get destroyed in the process. Search the corpse to get its ID card. Pick up Joey's circuit board from the robot shell. Go back to the security room (top-right), and use your new LINC card (the red one from Gallagher) to enter the interface. Exit top-right. Use blind on the eyeball and quickly exit top. Use devine wrath on the crusader. Disconnect and log back in using Anita's LINC card. Go back to where the crusader was (right, blind eye, top). Exit right. Use the oscillator on the crystal and pick up the virus (helix). Disconnect.

The helix within...
Crashing stuff with the virus

Exit the room, exit bottom-right (where Gallagher came from). Use Anita's ID card on the console to crash it with the virus. Pick up the tongs next to the right door. Use them on the huge tank next to the right door to get a piece of tissue. Then use them (with the tissue on them) on the frozen huge tank (you need to be relatively quick, if not the tissue will disintegrate and you'll have to try again until you get frozen tissue). Exit right. Open the cabinet under the console of the middle android (the others are already programmed and will kill you if you activate them). Use Joey's circuit board on the opened cabinet. Activate the console, download character data then run startup program.

Don't wake the wrong androids, they're naughty!

Exit right. Examine the right door and ask Joey to place his hand on the lock sensor. Place your hand on the other censor at the same time (you need to be quick, you can try again and again if you fail though). Joey will get stuck. Exit right, and exit right again. Use your cable on the pipe support. Use the rungs to go down. Use your tongs with the frozen tissue on the orifice. A door will open on the left. use the cable to jump to it (NB: the part after this is timed and you'll lose if you pick the wrong options, so it would be a good idea to save before making the jump). You'll see your father in LINC. After a few explanation, he'll be rejected by LINC. As soon as he falls out of his chair, talk to Joey and ask him to sit on the chair.

Beneath SS - Poisoning the sludge.png
Me Tarzan, you LINC?
Meet LINC and your father
Beneath SS - LINC was a great experiment.png
Parting's such a sweet sorrow
The End