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Blade Runner
Original box art
Developer(s) Westwood Studios
Publisher(s) Virgin Interactive Entertainment
Engine Voxel Plus
Platform(s) Windows
Release date November 21, 1997
Genre(s) Adventure
Mode(s) Single player
Rating(s) ELSPA: 15+
OFLC: M15+
Media 4 CD-ROMs or 1 DVD
Input methods Keyboard, mouse

Blade Runner is a point and click adventure game, developed by Westwood Studios for the PC. Rather than re-tell the 1982 Blade Runner film, the developers created a different story set in the same universe, serving as a side story. The game was published by Virgin Interactive Entertainment and released in 1997.

The player assumes the role of "Blade Runner" Ray McCoy, who must hunt down a group of replicants—bioengineered beings—in 2019 Los Angeles. The new story takes place at the same time as the events of the film. Several of the film's characters are also in the game, with the original actors returning to voice them. Although the film's main character, Deckard, only appears fleetingly in a non speaking role in Blade Runner, he is referred to multiple times, and his recent activities are mentioned by non-player characters. Other parallels with the film include the in-game reproduction of several prominent locations, buildings, and scenes.

Blade Runner was advertised as "the first real time 3D adventure game", since it was the first adventure game to use real-time 3D models for the game characters, as opposed to the classic method of hand-drawn/pre-rendered characters. Though games at the time were reliant on 3D accelerators, Westwood created their own technology, called "voxel plus", which bypassed the need for a hardware 3D accelerator.

Notably, the player's actions affected the outcome of the game with thirteen possible endings. Blade Runner received generally positive reviews, and was nominated for "Best Adventure Game" of 1997 at the PC Gamer awards.


[edit] System requirements

[edit] Minimum system requirements

[edit] Cheat codes

[edit] Start a new game on easy.

When McCoy stops in front of the animal store (Runciter's Animals), restart the game on easy. Now you will have unlimited money.

You can check by going to the menu screen and looking at the side (the money screen). It will show infinity.

[edit] AMMO Hex Cheat

Open with an Hex-Editor a Savegame and look for the Offsets 25A8 and 25AC.

Change these the Offsets to FFFF then save the File. Load the Game and now you have a lot of ammo.

[edit] Desired change

Often you will need to talk to someone who isn't around at the moment, or rummage about in the effects of someone who is. Usually a quick jaunt out of the room and back in again will achieve the desired change in occupancy.

[edit] Bomb blast

When fleeing the bomb blast, hug the right-hand side of the screen and run like stink. This will maximize your chances of surviving...and you'll still be able to get in a few choice words from the unfortunate bioengineer.

[edit] Unlimited money

Begin a new game under the "Easy" difficulty setting. Play until McCoy stops in front of Runciter's Animals store, then restart the game under the "Easy" difficulty setting. The amount of money available should now be displayed as infinite on the menu screen.

[edit] Mechanism for the Kia

At bullet Bobs' place at Animoid Row, talk to Hasan the snake dealer, then go to the options menu. Activate the "User's Choice" dialog control, and ask Bob to VK as the first second or third thing to talk to him about. The dialog will be: McCoy: :There's a test I'd like you to take." Bob: "Test? You mean the Voigt Kamphf?" McCoy: "Ya, I don't think you're a rep, but I wanna...." Bob: "Hey hey hey, you don't have to explain. I always wanted to see the machine in action. Go on, set it up." After the test, Click on Bob again to activate dialog. If it was done correctly, you should not get a dialog subject choice. Bob will give you a mechanism for the Kia that lets you right-click on clues and block them from being uploaded into the police mainframe clue database.

[edit] Izo's camera

At Animoid Row, there is a shop called The Green Pawn run by a man named Izo. You may have heard about this man from audio interviews with Spencer Gregorian obtained from the police mainframe. Eventually, after talking with Izo, he will take out an antique camera and flash it in your face, taking a picture of you and momentarily blinding you, allowing him to escape. You vision comes back and McCoy has his gun out. Do not pursue Izo immediately. Instead, put the gun away and click on the camera on the ground outside The Green Pawn. You will get two pictures, one of McCoy with one of two possible other clues in the background, plus another picture of Clovis and his girlfriend at the China Bar.

[edit] Saving Moraji

On DNA Row, at the building named Dermo Design, the first time you walk in the lower story (not the floor up the stairs), Moraji will be chained to a post and a bomb will be sitting on the table. Take your gun out and shoot the metal block restraining Moraji. You should hurry -- the bomb's timer is short. Then, run out of the building and stop away from the entrance. If you are near the entrance the explosion will kill you. Moraji will run out and the explosion will get him. However, he gives you a description of the attackers.

[edit] Secret entrances

At Nightclub Row, when you are in Early Q's nightclub, the jerk man there named Hanoi, will not let you go further into the club or into the door at the top of the screen to left. To get into the nightclub further, click on the girl on the stage dancing to the heavy metal, and Hanoi will become distracted. When he stops in front of the girl, walk over to the rotating table to go further into the club. Then later, after the snake dancer's performance, you can go back to the first room and enter the door mentioned earlier. Hanoi will be watching the snake dancer.

[edit] Eisenduller's password

At the Tyrell Building when first investigating Marcus Eisenduler's murder, outside his artificial gravity lab is a large computer terminal. Click on the terminal once, and McCoy will state how someone had continuously tried to access restricted DNA information files on the Tyrell Network. Do not click on the computer again -- if you do you will not be able to eventually enter his password and the computer will lock you out. Now, enter the Grav Lab and collect the clues there including the dog collar with the name: "Rikki". Go back to the terminal and click on it. McCoy will enter Eisenduller's dog name as a password, and you will able to get a copy of Tyrell's DNA information.

[edit] Moving corpse

Once you get to the part where Zuban dumps the hot soup on you (you can dodge it by clicking on the right side of the floor when he drops the pot). he will take off running out the door. Follow him through the alley, and you will encounter an old bum digging in the trash. Do not shoot him yet. Run up to the trash and dig in it. You will find a license plate. When you get it, the bum will start to walk away. Shoot him now. His body will fall to the floor, but he keeps on moving down the ally. If you follow him back the way you came, he will somehow stand up and just keep on walking.

[edit] Infinite money

To get infinite money, load the game on easy. Now, as soon as your spinner lands at the pet store load the game on easy again. You should have infinite chenyen (money), you should be harder to kill, and the enemy will be easier to kill as well.

[edit] Walkthrough

The entire text walkthrough can be found here: Blade Runner 1997/Walkthrough

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