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Capitalism Plus is a business simulation game developed by Enlight Software and published in 1996. The player runs a company which can produce raw products (mining, farming...), process them in factories and sell them in department stores. Although this is ultimately the most profitable business model, it's not necessary to run a vertically integrated enterprise: one can choose to focus on only a single area, for instance running only farms or a chain of department stores.


[edit] Cheat codes

[edit] Get lots of money

To get $100,000,000 in your company's account, type $$$***$$$ during the game. Note that if you're on a non-QWERTY keyboard, you'll need to press the QWERTY equivalent keys (see QWERTY layout).

[edit] Discover products

To discover new products without spending R&D on them, type ???***??? during the game. The same remark as above about non-QWERTY keyboard layouts applies.

[edit] Screenshots

Capitalism Plus - Menu.png Capitalism Plus - Department store - Purchasing socks.png Capitalism Plus - Department store - Sales configuration.png Capitalism Plus - Television station.png Capitalism Plus - Manufacturer guide - Sweater.png Capitalism Plus - R&D on sweaters.png Capitalism Plus - Company financial overview.png

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