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Developer(s) Power Hosts Technology Limited[1]
License Proprietary, free2play
Platform(s) Browser game
Release date 2011
Genre(s) Real-Time Strategy, MMORPG
Mode(s) Multiplayer
Language(s) English
Input methods Keyboard and mouse



Castlot is an RTS based around a storyline. Players experience the story as they complete quests. Players take the role of the main character in the story and live the events of their choice of faction. Each story is specific to that faction, although the quest coincide so players can get the gest of the game-play.

Interaction System

Shortcut Icons

  • Hero
  • Explore
  • League
  • Quest
  • Army
  • Rank
  • Depot
  • Shop
  • Friend
  • Mail


top to bottom

  • Build
  • Hide cooldown queces
  • Scrolls
  • Hide Building Name
  • Lock Buildings

Goblin System


There are 3 factions in Castlot.

Brights: led by King Arthur

Neutral: Non-playable Characters. Saxon controlled area

Darks: Led by Lord Blackmore.


Players need to complete quests to progress in the game. Completing quest gives certain rewards based on that specific quest. Quest rewards can be one or more of the following:

  • Gold
  • Resources
  • Equipment/items
  • Cards
  • Magic Potions (temporary in-game currency). They expire when their timer runs out, so don't forget to spend them. Their timer lasts 48h but is reset whenever you earn new magic potions. So it is easy to keep them for a longer time if you take care to regularly earn new magic potions.

Quest List


Buildings are essential to Castlot gameplay. Each building has its own function that without it the player cannot progress in the game. Building types are separated into 3 groups: Infrastructural, Economy, and Military.





The Bright and Dark faction each have 10 unlockable Epic heroes. Epic Heroes are used in PvP battles, exploring, and Arena Raceup (player vs NPC battles necessary to progress in the main quest-line). Each faction has their own set of heroes specific to that faction. Heroes are born with Talents and War Talents.

Talents: skill bonuses; talents affect troop to which that hero is equipped. There are 16 talents in the game: Raid, Pursue, Annihilate, Hold, Patrol, Aggregate, Trick, Feign Defeat, Enchantment, Menace, Pound, Thump, Block, Shelter, Strength and Fortitude.

War Talents: Magic skills; each hero is born with a war talent that when combined "activates" a magic attack. used in PvP battles and Explore. There are 12 war talents in the game: Inspire, Charge, Seige, Mist, Confine, Revive, Pray, Will, Enrage, Valor, Summon and Ban.

Combining several heroes in a battle can also activate combos, by combining their war talents. Possible combos are:

  • FuryCrit = inspire + charge
  • MistSeige = seige + mist + confine
  • HealofGod = revive + pray + will
  • CallofDragon = enrage + valor + summon + ban

Bright Epic Heroes:

  • Gareth
  • Gawain
  • Gaheris
  • Bedivere
  • Bors
  • Percivale
  • Galahad
  • Lancelot
  • Merlin
  • King Arthur

Dark Epic Heroes:

  • Geraint
  • Lamorak
  • Dagonet
  • Balemid
  • Urry
  • Lamian
  • Ector
  • Mordred
  • Vivienne
  • Morgan le Fay



There are Avalon, Goblin Plant,Stonehenge, Aether, and Jungle Mirage.


Separated into 3 areas according to faction.


  • Dyfed
  • Ceredigion
  • Gwynedd
  • Cumbria
  • Strathclyde
  • Northumbria


  • powys
  • mercia
  • East Anglia


  • Gwent
  • cornwall
  • wessex
  • Sussex
  • kent
  • Essex

The rival factions are not allowed to attacked each other unless they occupy the Neutral lands.

City Functions

  • Enter
  • Mail
  • Scout
  • Rob
  • Attack
  • Set Guard
  • Scheme
  • Bookmark
  • Exit


  • Forest
  • GreenHill
  • WhiteHill
  • Lake
  • Flatland


Grail Hunting


Truth is as clear as crystal. Kindness is as warm as sunlight. Beauty is as brilliant as stars. These three are lifelong pursuits. The Grail represents truth, kindness, and beauty. It is the symbol of eternal life. When it first arrives, the Grail stirs competition among those who crave its power. Worse still, it brings war while taking lives. Who would have thought that the Holy Grail could open the Eye of Hell on this land? It is untraceable, yet people continue to hunt for the relic due to its miraculous power. With the Grail, one can live forever and become the master of infinite power. If one located this artifact, his dreams would come true, but he could no longer have peace. By owning the Grail, he would tread the path of limitless danger.


Mysterious lights appeared in the night sky in Castlot a few days ago. That was the sign of the Holy Grail. The Grail is a symbol of God's grace. It contains infinite power and brings immortality! People have seen the sign. Leaders of both the Bright and the Dark factions are making plans to search for the Grail. Mails have been sent out to invite players to join the quest of Grail Hunting. Are you ready to embark on this journey? The Grail Hunting is divided into two stages, each of which takes 10 days. There will be two kingdoms (Cumbria and Kent saved for Miracles) not involved in the Grail hunting event.

First Stage

At the first stage, there will be three tasks: Donation of resources, which can bring Prestige and contribution points; Attacking elite players of the rival faction in Arena, which requires that players challenge players of the opposite faction among the top 200 in Arena, and the level of both players in the duel must reach Lv 20 or above; Destroying enemy footholds in the world view. Players will earn contribution points by fulfilling these tasks. The first of the two factions that finishes these three tasks will be the winning faction.

During this stage, some random events will happen to players' cities due to the progress of their faction in this activity. The winning side will have random harvest events that lead to increase of Gold, or any type of resources, or receipt of a function item. The losing side will have random loss events that lead to loss of Gold, population, or any type of resources.

Second Stage

At the second stage, players of the winning faction will receive maps for treasure hunting and get resources in the Mercenary camp daily based on their contribution in the first stage. As for players of the losing faction, they have to prepare for the assaults from the Mercenary squads. At the end of the activity, the top 5 players with the highest laurels in each kingdom by repelling these vicious enemy invasions will receive valuable rewards. The equipment will match the level of the players.

  • Top 1: Weapon *1, Subweapon *1, Mount *1, Cross Medal *50
  • Top 2: Weapon *1, Subweapon *1, Cross Medal *40
  • Top 3: Weapon *1, Cross Medal *30
  • Top 4: Cross Medal *25
  • Top 5: Cross Medal *20

Most common problems

Castlot is in a beta-like stage. Developers are constantly updating the game on a regular basis.



External links


  1. Gamasutra - Castlot: An Eagerly Anticipated MMORPG