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Civilization - front cover.jpg
Developer(s) MicroProse
Publisher(s) MicroProse, Koei (SNES)
Designer(s) Sid Meier
License Proprietary
Series Civilization
Platform(s) MS-DOS, Windows, Macintosh, Amiga, Atari ST, Super NES, PlayStation[1]
Release date INT 1991
Genre(s) Turn-based strategy
Mode(s) Single player
Rating(s) ESRB: E (Everyone)
Media Floppy, CD-ROM
Input methods Keyboard and mouse


System requirements

In order to run Civilization, your PC must meet or exceed the following requirements[2]:

  • MS-DOS or Windows
  • Any PC or Pentium system
  • 640k of RAM or more
  • 3.5 MB of disk space
  • Tandy, EGA, VGA or SVGA graphics

Globally, this means that you can run the MS-DOS version on any computer with DOSBox on it.


The following civilizations are available in Civilization[1]:

Civilization Leader Capital
America Abraham Lincoln Washington
Azteca Montezuma Tenochtitlan
Babylon Hammurabi Babylon
China Mao Tse Tung Peking
Egypt Rameses II Thebes
England Elizabeth I London
France Napoleon Bonaparte Paris
Germany Friedrich the Great Berlin
Greece Alexander the Great Athens
India Mohandas Gandhi Delhi
Mongolia Genghis Khan Samarqand
Rome Julius Caesar Rome
Russia Joseph Stalin Moscow
Zululand Shaka Zulu Zimbabwe


PC cheats

Various map and save game editors are available, for the MS-DOS version, on CivFanatics.

Otherwise, the game itself contains cheat codes, but they don't work in all versions:

  • holding [Shift] and typing 1234567890 lets you see the world map, use [F7] to see lots of info about the computer opponents, and take control of some of the aspects of their cities[3]
  • if you have version 474.01 or 475.01, pressing [Shift]+5+6 will enable various cheat options in the function keys: F1 will reveal all military plans, F10 will reveal the map, F7 and F8 will provide various detailed information about governments[4]


Civilization - choosing difficulty level.png Civilization - starting emperor message.png Civilization - UI guide.png Civilization - first step.png Civilization - founded a city.png Civilization - description of the grassland terrain type.png Civilization - general advice 2.png Civilization - science advisor for new research.png Civilization - anti-piracy quiz 1.png Civilization - anti-piracy quiz 2.png Civilization - anti-piracy quiz 2b.png Civilization - building built.png Civilization - university tech.png Civilzation - discovering the wheel.png Civilization - city control.png Civilization - save a game.png



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