Cyberia 2: Resurrection

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Cyberia 2: Resurrection
Developer(s) Xatrix Entertainment
Publisher(s) Virgin Interactive Entertainment
Platform(s) MS-Dos, Windows
Release date NA 1995
Genre(s) Action Adventure, Third-person shooter
Mode(s) Single player

The original Cyberia was a rail shooter that combined adventure game elements with Rebel Assault style action sequences. Cyberia 2 is essentially the same, except the 3D rendered graphics have been improved, and the quantity of in-game movies has been increased.

Cyberia 2 takes off where the original ends. After destroying FWA leader Devlin and his oribital headquarters, Zak and the Cyberia weapon crash land back to Earth, where they are picked up by an FWA team led by the maniacal Dr. Corbin.

Corbin sticks Zak in cryo-storage and uses the remains of the Cyberia weapon to create a doomsday virus known as nano-toxin. His FWA employers want the nano-toxin to put down a growing rebel movement, but Corbin (who's got something of a messiah-complex) intends to use it to kill millions and "reshape the world as we know it".

Three years later Zak is thawed out by a renegade FWA Major, and together the two of them have to find Corbin and stop his Sinister Plan(tm).


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The entire text walkthrough for the game can be found here: Cyberia 2: Resurrection/Walkthrough.

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