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DOSBox is an open source MS-DOS emulator, intended especially for use with old computer games. It has been ported to many different platforms including Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, Linux and FreeBSD. Also, it's not restricted to running only games: in theory, any MS-DOS or PC-DOS application should run in DOSBox. Part of its code come from VDMSound[1].

Key features

  • CPU emulation
  • Graphics emulation
  • Sound card emulation
  • Ability to record video (CTRL+ALT+F5) (using the ZMBV codec) or capture screenshots (CTRL+F5)
  • Shell (emulate the DOS shell, so you can use commands like dir)
  • Network emulation
  • Can be configured using a plain text configuration file



  1. VOGONS :: View topic - Is the latest version of VDMSound 2.1.0?