Dead to Rights 2

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Dead to Rights II
Developer(s) Widescreen Games
Publisher(s) Namco
Platform(s) PlayStation 2,Windows, Xbox
Release date April 12, 2005
Genre(s) Action
Mode(s) Single player
Rating(s) ESRB: M (Mature)
PEGI: 16+

Dead to Rights II is a third-person shooter video game, developed by Widescreen Games and first published by Namco in April 12, 2005. It is a prequel to Dead to Rights. It begins with the story of Jack Slate and Shadow before the events of Dead to Rights. There was also a PSP prequel called Dead to Rights: Reckoning released June 28, 2005.


[edit] System requirements

[edit] Minimum system requirements

[edit] Plot

A reputable judge uncovers a citywide crime syndicate, and is kidnapped. The judge was a friend of Jack's father, so the cop is obligated to send a few hundred men to their graves in order to make things right. Before long, all hell breaks loose, so Jack and his K-9 cohort Shadow must take on a powerful mob in the fight of their lives to break the city’s spiral of betrayal and corrupt. In the end, the judge is murdered and although Jack gets the killer, goons of a high-ranking Russian crime lord named Blanchov get the judge's files. Jack's girlfriend Ruby is murdered by Blanchov and although Jack never retrieves the files (they were likely Hennesey's files from the first game), he goes after Blanchov for revenge. Jack kills Blanchov, but gets no satisfaction out of it knowing that Blanchov is just a highly placed puppet that can easily be replaced. Having lost Ruby, Jack has nothing to really live for anymore. Also he claims that whoever is responsible has him Dead to Rights as they got the files and he ended up with nothing.

[edit] Cheat codes

Action Effect
Finish game on hard difficulty. Unlock Expert mode
Beat instant action on Easy difficulty. Unlock Cabal SMG
Beat game on easy difficulty. Unlock Cabal Pistols
Beat game on normal difficulty. Unlock 50. Desert Eagle
Finish game on expert difficulty. Unlock Rocket Launcher
Finish game on hard difficulty. Unlock Molotovs
Finish game on normal difficulty. Unlock Hard mode
Beat instant action on Easy difficulty. Unlock Gallery 2
Complete game on easy difficulty. Unlock Gallery 1
Finish instant action mode on normal difficulty. Unlock Extra Adrenaline
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