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Depict1 is a Flash platformer developed by mirosurabu. It can be found on Kongregate, here.




One of the most tedious part of the game is to figure out the controls, even though figuring them out is meant to be part of the game. So, here they are:

  • C: move right
  • L: move left
  • J: jump
  • K: shoot (you need to pick up ammo, first, and it's properly limited, ie if you pick 2 bullets you can only shoot twice)
  • Space: suicide (not really useful, actually)

Truth or lie?

Here are some various truths or lies (the ones most tedious to figure out):

  • time limit: it's a lie, when you reach the time limit it keeps counting but in negative numbers
  • spikes: they don't kill you - in fact they're not spikes they're ammunition
  • "use the spring to jump higher": it's a lie, in fact the spring will destroy the floor below (so you'll likely wall through the floor). In the level where the spring is introduced, in fact you can just jump the whole gap in one jump (it's not super easy, but really, it's just a normal jump).
  • green buttons on the floor: semi-truth: walking on them will indeed make some blocks appear or fall down. Usually this will be helpful, but sometimes they'll drop over your head (avoid them but stepping away quickly).
  • high jump boots: lie, they in fact make you jump lower... but this is useful!
  • "The End": in the level called "The End", jump to the top-right to reach the hidden path to the exit. Then keep moving right (there's a fairly large section where you won't be sure if you're moving during maybe 5 seconds, just keep moving), until the end of the level (no need to jump, etc, just move right, and fall through the floor/roof when needed).

Other hints (partial solution for the hardest points)

  • When a bullet is stuck in a wall, you can use it as a platform.
  • "Missing piece": this level is a bit harder than usual to figure out, so here's a screenshot with the last part of the solution. You need to push both green buttons, then fire a bullet to the last block that appeared (where the character is standing).
  • "Symmetry": one of the walls is unexpectedly breakable near the end, see the screenshot below.
Missing Piece partial solution
Symmetry hard to guess breakable wall
  • "Deception": this level looks a lot like the first ^^. To get the bad ending, go to the beam. Then to get the good ending, go close to the beam (don't touch it), then step away and wait until it disappears (might take around 10 seconds). Then you can go past it (just walk right, once again there's a hidden path in the wall). At the end of the level, you'll face your dark self. He will do everything you do symmetrically. To defeat him, jump over the gap (over the gems), and while in mid-air shoot him (you should have one bullet left from earlier). This will break the perfect symmetry, and then it should be easy to trick him into falling, without you, into the gems.


Depict1 - Green button.png Depict1 - The spikes are a lie.png