Dreams of Deception

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Dreams of Deception
Developer(s) Seed Gaming
Designer(s) Trent Seed
Platform(s) PC (Windows)
Genre(s) Role Playing Game
Mode(s) Single player (with AI bots)
Rating(s) ESRB: Rating Pending
Media CD-ROM
System requirements Windows XP/Vista, 1.0 GHz single core CPU, 512 MiB RAM, 1 GiB hard disk space
Input methods Keyboard, Mouse

Dreams of Deception is a computer game currently under development by Seed Gaming. First announced on May 15, 2007, Dreams of Deception is being developed for concurrent release on Windows XP, and Windows Vista. Originally scheduled for release on October 15, 2007, Seed Gaming has announced on their website that the retail release of the game will be pushed back to February 5, 2008. As of March 4, 2008, Seed Gaming has stated that Dreams of Deception will be released this year, but the official date has been once again pushed back. On July 8, 2008, Seed Gaming has confirmed a 2008 release on November 12, 2008


[edit] Game Description

The "Dream World" exists. It’s a place between worlds; between dimensions. Up until now, the citizens of the Thoros Islands have lived in perfect tranquility. Each of the four gateways to the dream world were in perfect balance, until Galfar and his followers intervened. The Lorsh, Perin, Turrad, and Serus gateway orbs have been taken and it is up to you to recover them. With them taken, no one is safe, even while in their sleep. Our health, mental and physical, is correlated to the way we sleep and the occurrences that follow. With this new disturbance, no one is safe, not even you! Within the world of dreams, the soul is free. The blind can see, and disabilities can fall away to reveal new strengths and weaknesses. You must focus your mind to become the great warrior within your dreams and save the world from total chaos! When we dream, sometimes it seems real. What if it is? [1]

[edit] Gameplay

Dreams of Deception is taking on a more classic graphical appearance for everyone who remembers the original great games released on the Super Nintendo Console. Though 2D, Dreams of Deception's fantastic storyline, along with many fun puzzles and side-quests during the game, make it an instant classic. With the graphics done by Lead Graphic Designer: Matt Westwell and the game play developed and created by Programmer: Trent Seed, Dreams of Deception is bound to enter your list of favorite games.

The player must travel around the Thoros Islands to restore peace and balance to the world.
The Thoros Islands
Among these islands include Jadefort, Eldport, Axton, Birchinn, and Byham. On each island, the player will meet a variety of characters, including Master Ferrand, Julcar, and an assortment of other citizens. Galfar, the evil mage, along with and his minions, will constantly be in the player's way from obtaining peace and tranquility for all of the Thoros Islands. Defeat the enemies, gather the orbs, and defeat Galfar, once and for all!

[edit] Goal of The Game

Galfar, a powerful wizard, is threatening the existence of the main character's home world, the Thoros Islands. He is not only attacking the world physically, but with a mental and spiritual aspect as well. The "Dream World" exists. It’s a place between worlds; between dimensions. Our health, mental, and physical is correlated to the way we sleep and the occurrences that follow. Within the world of dreams, the soul is free. The blind can see, and disabilities can fall away to reveal new strengths and weaknesses. Galfar is able to tap into this spiritual and mental world because he has taken the four dream world gateway orbs. If an individual dies in his or her dreams, the body does not continue to live. You must travel the world, regain the orbs, and defeat Galfar before his hostile methods go too far.

[edit] Main Characters

[edit] Master Ferrand

Master Ferrand is a wise and powerful wizard who helps the main character free the world from Galfar's tyranny by showing the player his true power.

[edit] Julcar and Astra

Julcar, father, and Astra, mother, are the main characters parents that aid you along your perilous journey.

[edit] Yepal

Yepal was the previous savior of the Thoros Islands. He was able to prevent Galfar from disturbing the gateway orbs and was able to defeat him. A thousand years have past since Galfar's reign of terror, and it up to you to save the world, now that Yepal is gone.

[edit] Galfar

Galfar is the evil mage who distorted the connection between the dream world and the real world. You must face off with Galfar to prevent the destruction of the Thoros Islands.

[edit] Lerin and Cether

These brothers were born on the northeastern island of Byham. As your cousins, you will need to protect them when Galfar's army marches to their neighborhood.

[edit] Terminology and Concepts

[edit] The Dream World

The Dream world is a very real world that exists in a neighboring dimension. It is only accessible while asleep or through one of four dimensional gateways. This is the world that Galfar is using to unleash a new reign of terror over the citizens of the Thoros Islands.

[edit] Gateways

There are four gateways that keep the connection between the dream world and the real world in balance. Special individuals are able to travel between these dimensions, one of whom is Galfar.

[edit] Gateway Orbs

Each gateway has one gateway orb that powers the stabilization of the dream world. The four orbs the player will come across in the game are the Lorsh, Perin, Turrad, and Serus gateway orbs. Without the orbs in their respective places, the dream world is vulnerable to Galfar's evil army.

[edit] The Thoros Islands

These five islands make up the player's home world and the terrain that you will journey. The five islands are known as Jadefort, Eldport, Axton, Birchinn, and Byham. Jadefort is the main character's home village.

[edit] Development

Preceding the actual game development, Seed Gaming researched the concept of a "dream world." [2] Seed Gaming is creating a link to SUNDS (Sudden Unexplained Nocturnal Death Syndrome), and other dreaming aspects such as repetitive dreams and nightmares. No one ever "dies" in their dreams, but wake up before it happens. Dreams of Deceptions shows why and what might just happen if you do "die" in your dreams.

[edit] Development team

[edit] References

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