Duke Nukem 2

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Duke Nukem 2
Developer(s) Todd Replogle
Allen H. Blum III
Stephen A. Hornback
Randy Abraham
Robert Prince
George Broussard
Tom Hall
Scott Miller (programmer)
Jason Blochowiak
Publisher(s) Apogee Software
Series Duke Nukem
Platform(s) MS-DOS
Release date INT 1993-12-03
Genre(s) Platformer
Mode(s) Single player
Rating(s) OFLC: G8+
Media Floppy disks

Duke Nukem 2 is an MS-DOS platform game developed by Apogee Software and released December 3, 1993. The game consists of four episodes (of 8 levels each), the first available as shareware. Not to be confused with the second episode of Duke Nukem 1, it is the second Duke Nukem game, following the 1991 Duke Nukem debut and being followed by Duke Nukem 3D in 1996.


[edit] Gameplay

Duke Nukem II is a side-scroller like the original, except with many new features and more interactivity. The player's goal is to proceed through the levels, taking advantage of the weapons, health items, and power-ups.

The game is very similar to the original, with improved graphics, sloped surfaces and the notable ability to fire upwards and downwards.

[edit] Weapons

Weapons are found in green crates and look like round coins with one of four letters on them:

  • Normal Weapon (N): A short blast that is effective against many types of enemies. The default weapon for the game. (Ammo = Infinite)
  • Laser (L): A blue laser that shoots through multiple enemies on-screen, and is slightly more powerful than the default weapon. It can even shoot through walls. (Ammo = 32)
  • Flamethrower (F): A flame like weapon with lots of ammunition and when shot downwards, double functions as a jetpack to reach otherwise unreachable heights. (Ammo = 64)
  • Rocket Launcher (R): The most powerful weapon available. Except for bosses, this will kill most enemies in a single shot. (Ammo = 32)

The weapons and ammo are carried with Duke Nukem to the next level.

[edit] Cheats

  • Duke Nukem II Full Health: For full health, press e + a + t. Note: Your score will drop to zero if you do this.
  • Duke Nukem II Random Weapons and All Keys: Press n + u + k for a random weapon plus everything you need to complete the current level. If that doesn't work, press d + u + k + m.
  • Duke Nukem II Message in Shareware Version: In the shareware version of Duke Nukem 2, press G+O+D together for a message about ordering the full version.

[edit] Secret bonus

Complete the indicated tasks to unlock a secret bonus.

  • Destroy all cameras in the level.
  • Complete the level without losing energy.
  • Find all weapons.
  • Pick up all items.
  • Destroy all cannons in the level.
  • Destroy all bombs in the level.
  • Destroy all crystal balls in the level without touching them.

[edit] Bonus points

If you collect the letters "N", "U", "K", "E", and "M" in the correct order, you will get 100,000 points. If you collect all those letters, but out of order, you will only get 10,000 points.

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