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Europa Universalis III
Europa Universalis 3 front cover.jpg
Developer(s) Paradox Interactive
Publisher(s) Paradox Interactive
License Proprietary
Series Europa Universalis
Engine Clausewitz Engine[1]
Version 1.3
Platform(s) Windows, Mac OS X
Release date NA 2007-01-23
EU 2007-01-26
Genre(s) Real-time, grand strategy
Mode(s) Single player, multiplayer
Rating(s) PEGI: 12+
Media 1 CD-ROM
System requirements Pentium 4 1.9GHz, 512MiB RAM, 128MiB VRAM, PixelShader 2.0 more...
Input methods Keyboard and mouse


System requirements

Minimum system requirements

You must have the following minimum system requirements[2]:

  • Intel Pentium or AMD Athelon 1.9GHz processor or equivalent (the faster the better).
  • Windows 2000 or Windows XP (home/pro/media edition). Vista should work correctly, too.
  • 512MiB system RAM. At least 1GB RAM is highly recommended for Windows XP.
  • A graphics card with 128MiB video RAM and full hardware support of the Dx9.0c library including PixelShader 2.0.
  • A mouse with scroll wheel is highly recommended.
  • High speed internet connection is needed to play multiplayer games.

Systems that only barely meet the requirements may experience some performance limitations and may need to disable some graphics features.


Cheat codes

Press ALT + 21 (on numpad) to open the console. You can then use the following cheats:

  • spy: gives you 5 spies (NB: there is a limit of 5 spies, so for instance if you type this cheat while having already 4 spies, it will only add you one)
  • diplomat: gives you 5 diplomats
  • colonist: gives you 5 colonists
  • merchant: gives you 5 merchants
  • missionary: gives you 5 missionaries
  • cash: gives you 5000 ducats
  • stability: sets your stability level to 3
  • prestige: boosts your prestige
  • invest [tech] X: invests X ducats in the chosen technology (see list below). Note that as you increase your technology levels with this cheat, leveling up with require more and more cash because "your technology is [a lot of] years in advance". Yet you should avoid to use cash amounts higher than 1 million, as it may result in a bug giving you a negative advancement.
    • government_tech
    • land_tech
    • naval_tech
    • production_tech
    • trade_tech
    • country_morale_tech
    • current_tech
    • ledger_goverment_tech
    • ledger_naval_tech
    • ledger_production_tech
    • advisor_arrived_tech

File edition cheats

Better fabricate claims (In Nomine)

In the In Nomine expansion, the Fabricate claim spy action was stripped from a major function: it doesn't make the target province a core province for your nation[3]. To enable it again, open (in the game folder) the file common/spies.txt with a text editor, find:

fabricate_claims = {
        cost = 100                      #costs 100$ ducats  (inflation modified)
        difficulty = 2          #2/10
        prestige = -0.1         #lose 20 prestige if discovered..
        badboy  = 1             #small badboy increase if discovered.
        capital = yes           #can only be done in a capital
        ai_will_do = {
                factor = 1

        effect = {
                add_casus_belli = THIS

and replace it with something like:

fabricate_claims = {
        cost = 1                        #costs 100$ ducats  (inflation modified)
        difficulty = 2          #2/10
        prestige = 0            #lose 20 prestige if discovered..
        badboy  = 0             #small badboy increase if discovered.
        #capital = yes          #can only be done in a capital
        ai_will_do = {
                factor = 1

        effect = {
                add_casus_belli = THIS
                add_core = THIS

Note that in this modification we also reduced the cost and removed the prestige and reputation loss when discovered: these "improvements" can be used with versions anterior to In Nomine, too. We also made the action available to any province (used to be capital-only in In Nomine).

Game tweaks

Playing in windowed mode

The windowed mode isn't officially supported[4]. Yet you can toggle it either by typing "fullscreen" in the cheat console (see the cheats section above), or by modifying settings.txt in the root folder of the game: find fullScreen=yes and set it to no (or if the line doesn't exist create it and set it to no).


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Official gameplay preview Longer, fan-made gameplay video

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  2. Europa Universalis III Forum - *** PLEASE READ FIRST! *** - Paradox Interactive Forums
  3. Fabricate claims on the Europa Universalis III wiki
  4. WIndowed Mode - Paradox Interactive Forums
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