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Developer(s) Lionhead Studios
Publisher(s) Microsoft (PC,Xbox), Feral Interactive (Mac)
Series Fable series
Platform(s) PC, Xbox, Mac
Release date autumn 2005
Genre(s) Role playing game
Mode(s) Single player
Rating(s) PEGI: 16+
USK: 12
Media 1 DVD-ROM
Language(s) German
System requirements more...
Input methods keyboard + mouse, Xbox controller

System requirements

Minimum requirements

  • OS: Windows 2000,XP,Vista
  • A 1.4GHz equivalent
  • DirectX 9.0c or later
  • 256 megabytes system RAM
  • 3 Gb of available hard disk space
  • graphic card with 64 Mb RAM and with Shader 1.0 support or later
  • 32x speed CD-ROM drive
  • directX 9.0 supporting sound card
  • keyboard + mouse


Main handling

a young boy, has looked, how his village get attack by bandits. His father get killed as he tried to rescue his family, his mother and sister got kidnapped. After that the boy meets a man called Maze, which invites him into the guild of heroes. There he spend the next years with fighting and magi training, till he is ready, to get collided with the problems with the problems of Albion. He get expired about from his sister, that his mum is still living and got captived in a cell. that jail is watched by the villain knife-jack, who is wanting to get the control of Albion.

the young hero tries to rescue his mother out of the "bargate-jail" in the north of Albion. As it was a success, he got trapped by knife-jack, which don't let them to walk away. Now the hero himself is jailed, and had to wait a whole year, till he is able to save him and his mother. In return for her mother gave him a seal, with which he can communicate.

At the end of the XBox version, he had to fight against knife-jack. Is knife-jack dead the player had to dicied if he murders his sister and earns the sword of infinity, or to let her alive and forget about the sword.

in the PC version of the game "Fable: the lost chapters", the story don't ends up there. In the continue the player finds out the dramatic truth of knife-jack.

character processing

The character processing is the most important thing at Fable. The player controlls the hero, who changes after the time more and more. For example that he begins to get older. When he ate to much cake, he is going to get fat. But when the hero wears heavy weapons and eats normally, he is turning into a bodybuilded one. Different hair styles and bards does change the handling of the character (even the people) too. The hero can even get tattoos.

The character get even more popular when he solves more and more missions. He can even at a particular popularity level make a step dance. The character can have relations and even sexual activties.

===Good - Evil system=== (doing that later)





Game tweaks

Most common problems






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