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Gamer dictionary

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This page lists definitions and acronyms that are useful to know in the gaming area, but which don't don't require to have their own page.


  • AFK: away from keyboard.
  • AMD: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (a computer processor brand)


  • CPU: central processing unit (computer processor)
  • CTF: capture the flag (gameplay mode)
  • CC: Clan chat


  • DM: deathmatch (gameplay mode)


  • ETA (or ETOA): estimated time of arrival
  • EULA: end-user license agreement


  • F2P: free-to-play
  • FPS:
    • first-person shooter
    • frames per second
  • FTP:
    • file transfer protocol
    • free-to-play


  • Game engine: software system designed for the creation and development of video games
  • GB: gigabyte (= 1,000 MB = 1,000,000,000 bytes)
  • GiB: gibibyte (= 1,024 MiB = 1,073,741,824 bytes)
  • GPU: graphics processing unit (usually the graphic card processor)
  • GUI: graphical user interface


  • HD:
    • hard disk/drive
    • high definition
  • HP: hit/health point
  • HTTP: hypertext transfer protocol


  • LAN: local area network
  • LMS: last man standing (gameplay mode where the last player alive wins the match)


  • MB: megabyte (= 1,000 KB = 1,000,000 bytes)
  • MiB: mebibyte (= 1,024 KiB = 1,048,576 bytes)
  • MMO (or MMOG): massively multiplayer online game
  • MMORPG: massively multiplayer online role-playing game


  • P2P:
    • peer-to-peer
    • pay-to-play


  • Q[1, 2, 3 or 4] [year]: [first/second/third/last] quarter of [year]


  • RAM: random access memory
  • ROM: read-only memory
  • RPG: role-playing game
  • RTS: real-time strategy


  • SSD: solid-state drive (a very fast kind of hard drive)


  • T&L: transform & lighting (some graphic card technology)
  • TB: terabyte (= 1012 bytes)
  • TiB: tebibyte (= 240 bytes = 1,024 GiB)
  • TBA: to be announced
  • TBD: to be determined
  • TBR: to be released
  • TCP/IP: transmission control protocol/internet protocol
  • TDM: team deathmatch (gameplay mode)
  • TPS: third-person shooter
  • Trainer: see trainer


  • UDP: user datagram protocol, faster and more efficient than TCP, but without any guarantee of reliability or ordering
  • Unlocker: see unlocker


  • VRAM: video RAM


  • WLAN: wireless local area network