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Gears of War
Gears of War cover art.jpg
Developer(s) Epic Games, People Can Fly (PC)[1]
Publisher(s) Microsoft Game Studios
Designer(s) Cliff Bleszinski
Composer(s) Kevin Riepl
License Proprietary
Series Gears of War
Engine Unreal Engine 3, PhysX
Version 1.3[2]
Platform(s) Windows, Xbox 360, Mac OS X (TBA)
Genre(s) Tactical third-person shooter
Mode(s) Single player, multiplayer, co-op
Rating(s) ESRB: M (Mature)
PEGI: 18+
System requirements Pentium 4 2.4GHz, 1GiB RAM, GeForce 6600 GPU, 12GiB free HD space more...
This article is about the game, first episode of the Gears of War series. For the series, see Gears of War series.


System requirements

Minimum system requirements

The minimum system requirements to play Gears of War on a PC are[3]:

  • Windows XP or Vista
  • 2.4 GHz Penitum 4 or equivalent (eg AMD Athlon XP 2400)
  • 1 GiB of RAM
  • 12 GiB free hard drive space
  • NVIDIA GeForce 6600, ATI Radeaon X700 or equivalent

Cheats (PC version)

Enabling the cheats

To enable the cheats, you need to edit the file WarInput.ini, located in a subfolder of the My Documents folder (normally in My Games\Gears of War for Windows\Wargame\Config\WarInput.ini). Open it with a text editor like Notepad++, and add (or modify) the following lines, which will enable the console and bind it to the tilde key:


Using the cheats

During the game, open the console by pressing [~]. Then you can use the following commands:

  • set WarfareGame.Pawn_COGMarcus DefaultHealth 99999: gives lots of HP to Marcus. The same can be done for Dom, Carmine, Baird, Minh and Gus (just replace Marcus with the name you want).
  • set WarfareGame.Weap_AssaultRifle MaxSpareAmmo 99999: gives lots of ammo to the Assault rifle. Can be done for other weapons by replacing AssaultRifle with any of the following: Grenade, SniperRifle, Bow, locustpistol, cogpistol, locustassaultrifle, shotgun, Boomer.

Game tweaks

Most common problems


Gears of war - screenshot 1.jpg Gears of war - screenshot 2.jpg

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