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Grace Saunders is a video game character, appearing in the Alone in the Dark series of survival horror video games, originally released by the company Infogrames in the early 1990s. The series was revived in the 2000s by Atari, and there were also two Hollywood movies released, that are loosely based on the games.

Grace Saunders differs from the majority of other survival horror characters, in that she is not able to use firearms or other similar means for defense, but instead depends on stealth. Grace Saunders only appeared in two iterations of the series.

Grace Saunders is often compared with the main character Kevin in the hit 90's movie, Home Alone.

Character history

Alone in the Dark 2

Grace Saunders had her first appearance in Alone in the Dark 2 as a supporting character to the main character, Edward Carnby, who also was one of the two main characters in the original Alone in the Dark, along with Emily Hartwood. The game allowed use of either two characters.

Grace Saunders was captured by a band of pirates and was being held captive in a mansion called Hell's Kitchen in a cot guarded by a clown looking thing, where she was to be used in a sacrifice. She was taken there by One Eyed Jack; a much feared pirate, who serves as one of the two main antagonists. Carnby was hired to search for Grace after his friend Ted Stryker did not return. As seen in the intro, Stryker was killed by the inanimate clown. Carnby later finds Stryker dead beneath the mansion.

After Carnby is captured later on, Grace is playable for a brief period of time, where she has to use her wits to get by the pirates guarding the mansion, as well as the pirate ship and surrounding gardens. Grace (being an eight-year-old girl) will be instantly captured by the pirates if they catch up to her.

She makes cute noises and can do a dance. Her teddy bear can be used to lure a baddie into a trap in a room, but this trick only works one time only. Grace can also eat a sandwich (already in her items) to boost her HP.

In the end, Carnby and Grace escape from One Eyed Jack in a boat, after being sucked into a whirlpool after a battle aboard his ship.

Jack in the Dark

In the much smaller game Jack in the Dark, Grace Saunders is the main character for this miniature adventure, in which she uses her puzzle solving skills to save Father Christmas from a mob of angry toys, who have taken over a store on Halloween, called The Little Shop. Edward Carnby does not appear and it's the only game to date where Carnby is not the main character.

Grace carries around with her a broomstick and a teddy. However, neither can be used to "fight" the toys. The main enemy toy is a Jack-in-the-Box, who is obviously copied from and based on One Eyed Jack. The game at times does not feel like a traditional horror game, as there is no actual combat.

Jack in the Dark was released in 1994 as a sort of tie-in game. It can be completed in just a matter of minutes, if you know what to do. The floppy came in a gold foil wrapping with the Jack-in the-Box on the front. The game is now a free download, but it can also be found on the CD-ROM version of the original Alone in the Dark from 1992.


Near the beginning of Alone in the Dark 3, before players take control of Carnby, a man named Greg Saunders can be heard talking to Carnby on the telephone about the disappearance of the film crew. It is not known if he is related to Grace or not. Although it is possible that he is her father.


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