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Welcome to the help center... not much there for the moment. It would be silly to redo all the awesome manual that they have on MetaWiki, so you'll only find basic editing help here. For the big, great manual on MetaWiki, see metawikipedia:Help:Contents.

A few short how-tos for the lazy

More detailed help

  • Wiki4Games:Sandbox: the sandbox, a place to test your editing skills, you can edit it as you want (it's not an article, just a place for everyone to do tests), but be aware that your changes won't last long!
  • Help:Wiki syntax: basic syntax guide, everyone not familiar with MediaWiki syntax should read it
  • Help:User pages: what is a user page and how to create one
  • Help:Pictures: some basic syntax about pictures
  • metawikipedia:Help:Contents: an extensive MediaWiki syntax guide

And if you need more help, you can still ask to an Administrator, or to any active user, who can be contacted via their talk pages.