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Picture posting

source demo

[[File:Call of Duty 4 - Wounded.jpg]]

so, what you see is, that the File:Call of Duty 4 - Wounded.jpg will be displayed without any changes.

Actually, that form of posting pics is bad, because many pics are to big... So we have to make it smaller,
by simply adding for instance |200px after the [[File:Call of Duty 4 - Wounded.jpg.

200px means that the pic will get a fixed width of 200 pixels (and the height will be adjusted proportionally) the result should look like this

Call of Duty 4 - Wounded.jpg
[[File:Call of Duty 4 - Wounded.jpg|description|200px]]

so, what we did now is simple adding a description to the pics, when you drive your mouse onto them, it will appear a description instead of the file information.
so, it will appear with a width of 200 pixels (height'll be adjusted proportionally) and with an extra description, and it'll appear like this

[[File:Call of Duty 4 - Wounded.jpg|thumb|200px]]

so, the next changing will add a thumb to your pictures, with this source, without description, by mouseover over picture file information will appear and no text at the bottom

as said it will appear in 200 pixel resolution, with a frame and no description and should look like this

Call of Duty 4 - Wounded.jpg