Impossible Creatures

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Impossible Creatures
Developer(s) Relic Entertainment
Publisher(s) Microsoft Game Studios
Platform(s) Windows
Release date January 7, 2003
Genre(s) Real-time strategy
Mode(s) Single player, Multiplayer
Rating(s) ESRB: Teen
Media CD-ROM

Impossible Creatures is a real time strategy game released on January 7, 2003 developed by Relic Entertainment in conjunction with Microsoft Game Studios. Its unique feature is that the armies used are all created by the player. The armies consist of 9 creatures; each one is a combination of any two animals from a list of 76 (51 with no downloads), resulting in 127,392 possible combinations with all official mods downloaded. Many animals possess inherent abilities to add more strategic depth to the game. There is an extensive single-player campaign as well as online multiplayer functionality with different game modes, add-ons, custom maps, mods, and scenarios.

Impossible Creatures was followed up later by a free downloadable expansion entitled Insect Invasion which added new creatures and abilities to the game. The last official add on for Impossible Creatures was released in 2004. Relic has stated that they have no further plans for the Impossible Creatures universe.

[edit] System requirements

[edit] Minimum system requirements

[edit] Cheat codes

Press [~] while playing, then type any of the following codes:

Code Result
cheat_coal(9999) Add Coal
cheat_electricity(9999) Add Electricity
cheat_buildings Add Buildings
cheat_rank Higher rank
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