Interstate '76

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Interstate '76
Interstate 76 front cover.jpg
Developer(s) Activision
Publisher(s) Activision
License Proprietary
Series Interstate
Engine MechWarrior 2
Platform(s) Windows
Release date 1997
Genre(s) Vehicle combat
Mode(s) Single player, multiplayer
Rating(s) Examples: ESRB: T (Teen)
Media 2 CD-ROMs
Input methods Keyboard, mouse, wheel, gamepad, joystick

Interstate '76 is a vehicle combat game developed and published by Activision in 1997. The most noticeable features compared to other similar games are an advanced damaged management system (damages are counted separately for every part of the car, i.e. front/right/rear/left chassis/armor, engine, brakes, suspensions, each tire, each weapon) and a parts management system in trip mode, where the player has to chose which parts to keep, fix, equip or trash.



The game is set in 1976 in an alternate time line, during an oil crisis. Jade Champion, Taurus and Skeeter (their mechanics) are a group of auto-vigilante fighting against auto-villains (aka "creepers"). During a mission (shown as the game prologue), Jade gets killed and asks Taurus to find her brother, Groove. Taurus mentors him during the first missions, then he gets wounded and will remain in the van with Skeeter for the rest of the T.R.I.P., leaving Groove (the player) completing various missions alone.


  • Groove Champion
  • Taurus ("Stampede")
  • Skeeter
  • Jade Champion

Car equipment


Weapon Turret available Rouns/min Range (m) Speed (m/s) Weight (lbs) Ammo
Slug Throwers
30cal Machine Gun Yes 600 150 900 32 2000
50cal Machine Gun Yes 400 300 1200 47 4000
7.62mm Machine Gun Yes 200 500 1500 91 4000
20mm Cannon Yes 60 150 400 69 350
25mm Cannon Yes 50 300 600 89 300
30mm Cannon Yes 45 500 800 150 250
HADES Cannon Yes 38 600 600 160 200
SPP Pods
FireRite Rocket Yes 120 1000 300 94 60
AIM-Nein Missile
(NB: heat tracker)
Yes 30 2000 900 169 15
DrRadar Missile
(NB: radar-guided)
Yes 12 3000 200 208 10
Cherub Missile
(NB: radar-guided)
Yes 12 4000 200 217 2
Flamethrower Yes N/A 40 N/A 40 800
Gas Launcher Yes N/A 35 N/A 60 700
Napalm Hose Yes N/A 30 N/A 102 600
Pyro-Tomic Yes N/A 30 N/A 120 500
HE Mortar No 60 100 20 70 80
WP Mortar No 50 100 20 89 70
Cluster Bomb No 40 100 20 109 30
EZKill Mortar No 30 100 20 123 40
Oil Slick N/A N/A N/A N/A 46 2000
Fire Dropper N/A N/A N/A N/A 70 2000
Land Mines N/A N/A N/A N/A 60 25
Blox Dropper N/A N/A N/A N/A 139 10
Car-E-Racer N/A N/A N/A N/A 80 5
Hand Held
Car-E-Racer N/A 45 70 300 0

Other parts


Special Function
Radar Jammer Invisible to radar
Nitrous Oxide 50% increase to current acceleration and 20% increase to top speed. Lasts 15 seconds. 3 charges.
Blower 25% increase to current acceleration and 10% increase to top speed. Lasts until removed or destroyed.
X-Aust Brake Cuts braking distance in half
Structo Bumpers Double value of current front and rear chassis reinforcement
Curb Feelers Prevents you from scraping your vehicle against curbs (useless?)
Mud Flaps Useless (here for the fun)
Heated Seats Useless (here for the fun)
Cup Holders Useless (here for the fun)


Engine Horse Power Weight (lbs) 0→60 mph Top speed (time/speed)
261ci 6 cylinder 225 398 9.5s 17.5s / 87mph
305ci V-8 300 459 7.0s 14.7s / 96mph
432ci SHO V-8 425 550 5.5s 13.5s / 111mph
595ci V-10 576 678 4.7s 11.4s / 134mph


Suspension Lateral acceleration Weight (lbs) Off-Road Damage


Stock 0.70g 70 0%
Sway Bars 0.82g 75 10%
Coil Overs 0.93g 82 20%
EtherX Rally 0.99g 91 45%


Brake Braking (70→0mph) Weight (lbs)
4-wheel Drum 250 feet 25
Disc & Drum 220 feet 29
4-wheel Disc 170 feet 34
Aircraft Brakes 120 feet 39


Wheel Weight (lbs)
13in Stock 84
14in Rally 89
15in Kragers 93
16in Billits 103


During the game, hold CTRL + SHIFT and type the chosen code:

  • getdown: all enemies will attack you (i.e., they won't wait until the script that triggers them happens, they attack straight away), and when you die (can be from enemy fire but also by falling or by suiciding using CTRL+ALT+X) you'll pass the level (in T.R.I.P. mode only). You will have access to the normal salvage (i.e., depending on who you killed), and your vehicle part will be as damaged as when you died. So this may be a good idea to die by falling or placing the car upside-down, as this will only damage your weapons instead of the whole car parts if dieing from enemy fire. If you are quick enough, you can also activate this cheat right after your car exploded.
  • thirdnostril: increases radar range
  • freelance: hear Taurus' poems
  • wiggleburger: ?

Surviving extreme falls

When falling from a very high altitude, the vehicle will explode on impact. It's possible, although unreliable, to avoid this by pressing F12 on impact.

T.R.I.P. Unlocker

Gas Bandit published his saved games, there is one saved game before each mission of the T.R.I.P., with good salvaged equipment (so this is a better way to load a specific mission than skipping them using the getdown cheat)

Hidden vehicles

In non-T.R.I.P. mode, you can obtain special vehicles by picking a specific model and giving it a specific variant name:

  • Tank: make a Phaedra Rattler variant named "knat"
  • Helicopter: make a Phaedra Rattler variant named "retpocileh" as the variant name.

(note: in case you didn't notice and have trouble remembering the codes, the variant names are the name of the vehicle you want to obtain spelled in reverse order)

Most common problems

The manual doesn't indicate system requirements. As an old game the issue is compatibility, not power. The game doesn't work well on modern OSes. released a version modified to work on Windows XP and Vista in February 2010[1].


Interstate 76 - Groove and Taurus.png Interstate 76 - Groove and Taurus 2.png Interstate 76 - Skeeters van.png Interstate 76 - TRIP scene 3 - 2.png Interstate 76 - TRIP scene 3.png Interstate 76 - 1st person fighting with rockets.png Interstate 76 - 3rd person fighting.png Interstate 76 - Car destroyed.png Interstate 76 - UFO (TRIP S12).png Interstate 76 - 2 cockpit views.png



Introduction cinematic

Gameplay: the first mission

External links


  1. Interstate '76 Arsenal on Good Old Games

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