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Moto Racer

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Moto Racer
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Developer(s) Delphine Software International
Publisher(s) Electronic Arts
Engine custom
Platform(s) Windows, PlayStation
Release date PC: 1997 (US)
PlayStation: 1997 (US)
Genre(s) racing
Mode(s) Single player, multiplayer
Rating(s) ELSPA: +3
Media 1 CD
System requirements PSX, Windows 95 or later

Moto Racer is an arcade style motorcycle racing game released in 1997 by Delphine Software International for the PC and Playstation. It features both dirt and street bikes, and a variety of tracks.

Cheat codes

When the game ask for your name, enter one or more of the following :

  • CDNALSI to have access to all tracks
  • CESREVER reverse the courses
  • CTEKCOP to ride pocket bikes

Hexadecimal hack :
Edit file /data/list.bpt

offset 10 from 03 to 02  Enable Pocket Bikes as option on Main Menu
offset 14 from B0 to B1  Enable Reverse Tracks option on Main Menu

No CD fix

Here is a tutorial that explains how to disable the CD check in Moto Racer :

There are 6 different versions out.  The version on the CD and two upgraded "polygon"
versions and now 3 "Full D3D" versions.  There is a slight difference in some of the versions
with the first edit, while the second set of edits are common to all three just at different

You will find 74 1B, 74 1C, 74 1E or 74 1F (but not all 4 byte sets) by version...

Edit moto.exe
CD=Original version off the CD
P1=Polygon version 1
P2=Polygon version 2
320=Full Direct3D version 3.20
321=Full Direct3D version 3.21
322=Full Direct3D version 3.22
Search for: 74 1B   at offset 464,188 322 version ONLY
Change to : EB 40

Search for: 74 1C   at offset 5,754 320 version ONLY
Change to : EB 41   at offset 363,674 321 version ONLY

Search for: 74 1E   at offset 235,256 P1 version ONLY
Change to : EB 42

Search for: 74 1F   at offset 23,240  CD version
Change to : EB 43   at offset 554,088 P2 version

Search for: 75 22   at offset 417,089 CD version
Change to : 90 90   at offset 420,881 P1 version
                    at offset 262,113 P2 version
                    at offset 379,329 320 version
                    at offset 269,153 321 & 322 version

Search for: 74 0E 85 F6 75 0A  at offset 417,109 CD version
Change to : 90 90 90 90 90 90  at offset 420,901 P1 version
                               at offset 262,133 P2 version
                               at offset 379,349 320 version
                               at offset 269,173 321 & 322 version

Polygon version P1 Dated Sep 3rd, '97 in readme.txt
Polygon Version P2 Dated Sep 18th, '97 in readme.txt
Full D3D version aka v3.20 Dated Jan '98 in readme.txt
Full D3D version aka v3.21 Dated May 30th in readme.txt
Full D3D version aka v3.22 Dated Jul 9th in readme.txt