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Music Catch 2 is a Flash music game developed by Reflexive. It can be played online for free on Kongregate, here, or bought as a download version from Amazon. Compared to the free online version, the download version contains more songs and lets you play with your own music (the online version lets you pick a music by URL but not on a local folder).


The aim of the game is to score points by collecting greenish/blueish shapes.

  • To increase the points per shape, you can increase your multiplier (combo) by collecting yellow shapes.
  • Hitting a red shape will make you lose half of your current multiplier.
  • Collecting a purple shape will attract all good shapes (green, yellow, purple, but not red) to you for a few seconds.
  • Collecting a pulsing color shape (it blinks in purple and yellow, usually no more than one appears during a level) will turn all current shapes (even the red ones) to yellow.

To score the maximum amount of points, you should focus on increasing your multiplier, which means:

  • Catch as many yellow shapes as possible.
  • Catch all purple shapes.
  • Avoid all red shapes. Hint: it's much better to miss a yellow shape than to catch that yellow at the cost of hitting a red! Also, hitting one or two red shapes at the beginning isn't to awful as it doesn't make you lose a lot of yellow shapes.
  • Catch the Yellow madness (pulsing color) shape. If you miss it, you can just restart the level.
  • Considering all those points as your top priorities, you can now use your remaining focus to try and catch green shapes.

Kongregate's hard achievement

To get the "Never Gonna Let You Down Badge" on Kongregate (scoring 5M points in "Letting Go"), the strategy described above applies. With a few optimizations:

  • You should use a straight pattern with fixed motion. The straight pattern prevents you from having to avoid the shapes several times, the fixed motion makes it easier to predict shapes movements. If those features aren't unlocked yet, play on a little bit and they should unlock soon.
  • It's possible to obtain the achievement even if you get hit once or twice by red shapes, as long as you manage to limit the amount of yellow shapes lost (catching most of them back, getting hit at the very beginning, etc).
  • You have to get the most out of the Yellow madness. Determining if you got enough out of it is hard to evaluate, but after your first try, if you managed to avoid all red shapes and collect most yellow ones, the missing points to reach 5 millions will be directly proportional to how you screwed up the Yellow madness.


Music Catch 2 - Configuration for hard badge.png Music Catch 2 - Purple Power.png Music Catch 2 - Yellow Madness.png Music Catch 2 - Big Multiplier.png

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