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Patrician 3: Rise of the Hanse

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Patrician III: Rise of the Hanse is a real-time strategy game focusing on economy, trading and politics (but also with some combat aspects against pirates). It was developed by Ascaron and published by Encore in 2003 for Windows. It's considered as the third game in the Patrician series, although it is actually no more than the international English release of the previous game in the series, Patrizier 2, combined with its expansion pack, Patrizier 2: Aufschwung der Hanse.


No cheats codes are available in the game, but a couple of trainers were created.

+3 trainer by DEViANCE

The +3 trainer by DEViANCE was created for the unpatched (1.0) version of the game, but it also works on the patched (1.1) versions. It provides the following options:

  • 1: lots of money (14+M $)
  • 2: unlimited buyable weapons (stock doesn't deplete, which means that you still need to have at least one weapon in stock for this to work)
  • 3: unlimited buyable resources (like for weapons, stock doesn't deplete but you can't buy resources that have zero stock)
  • 4: desactivates the cheats

To activate the cheats, unpack the trainer in the game's folder and use the trainer's "run game" button to launch the game. Then just press the corresponding numbers (not on the numpad). The trainer can be downloaded here: Patrician 3 plus 3 trainer by DEViANCE.rar (more info)