Prince of Persia: Warrior Within

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Prince of Persia: Warrior Within
Prince of Persia: Warrior Within PC game cover
German Microsoft Windows
Developer(s) Ubisoft Montreal, Pipeworks Software
Publisher(s) Ubisoft
Designer(s) Kevin Guillemette
Engine Jade
Platform(s) Xbox, GameCube, PlayStation 2, Windows, PlayStation Portable, Mobile phone
Release date Consoles & Windows
PAL 2004-11-30
NA 2004-12-21
PlayStation Portable
PAL 2005-12-16
Genre(s) Action-adventure game
Mode(s) Single-player
Rating(s) ESRB: M
PEGI: 16+
Media CD, DVD, GameCube Game Disc, Universal Media Disc
Input methods Keyboard and mouse, Gamepad

Prince of Persia: Warrior Within is a video game and sequel to Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, a critically acclaimed game released in 2003. Warrior Within was developed and published by Ubisoft, and released on December 2, 2004 for the Xbox, PlayStation 2, GameCube, and Microsoft Windows.

The game picks up where The Sands of Time left off, adding new features, specifically, options in combat. The Prince now has the ability to wield two weapons at a time as well as the ability to steal his enemies' weapons and throw them. The Prince's repertoire of combat moves has been expanded into varying strings that allow players to attack enemies with more complexity than was possible in the previous game. Warrior Within has a much darker tone than its predecessor adding in the ability for the Prince to dispatch his enemies with violent finishing moves. In addition to the rewind, slow-down, and speed-up powers from The Sands of Time, the prince also has a new sand power: A circular "wave" of sand that knocks down all surrounding enemies.

With the continued success of Prince of Persia, a second sequel was made, concluding the story arc of The Sands of Time and Warrior Within. Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones was released on November 30, 2005. A part of Warrior Within was done by Pipeworks, renamed as Prince of Persia: Revelations, and it was released on December 6, 2005 for Sony's PlayStation Portable. The port includes additional content including three new areas not available in the original release.


[edit] System requirements

[edit] Minimum system requirements

[edit] Cheat codes

Use a simple combo which is L-click L-click L-click E. When you have 2 weapons in prince's hand.

[edit] Kill Dahaka

I have found an easiest policy 2 kill dahaka. Use slow motion when kailina throws dahaka at the ledge and it hangs there. Kill him with slow motion. After ending any Fraction use another verry quickly. This must kill dahaka. I have ended the game more than 50 times so mail me at any problem.

[edit] Rayman Fist unbreakable

The Rayman is one of the tougher secondary secret weapons to get because of the Dahaka. It is located in the Catacombs. (Where you have to pull those three stones out of the wall to raise the central area.) After pulling the first, go to the stairway, make a right, run on two walls and jump to the bar on the right side. Swing from the bar and follow the path. (Make a quick left.) Then use the Scorpion Sword to break through and retrieve the Rayman Fist. The Rayman fist is unbreakable and has a high attack rate but does little damage. If you throw it, you lose it for good.

[edit] Pink Flamingo Weapon

To get this weapon you'll need a sword that can break walls. In the Garden Hall (Present), starting from the middle passageway at the very top of the hall, do a wall run to the rope, then a wall run to the central platform. Turn left and walk directly through the wall of rubble in front of you. You'll turn around and grab the platform you were just standing on. From here, jump across the gap to the next platform. To your left you'll see another platform with a switch. Make your way there, hit the switch, then return to the platform you were just on. There will now be a block you can climb on. From the top of the block, do a vertical wall run + jump to reach the beam above you. Walk along the beam to the right, then jump to the ledge on the far wall. Follow the ledge around to an alcove. Drop into the alcove and break the rear wall on the right-hand side to expose a weapon rack. Break the rack and you'll be able to pick up the Pink Flamingo, an unbreakable secondary weapon that does moderate damage and knocks all regular enemies to the ground with one hit.

[edit] Go as maggot man

When you reach the portal room for the second time, when you have to switch the time to the present for the first time, the Prince will say that something is wrong. You must run the switches on the wall to make the portal work correctly. Do not run the switches on the wall. Instead, enter the portal as it is and you will switch the time to the present. Save the game, then exit and load the game. You will now be playing as the maggot man. In this mode you will constantly lose life and much more health when hit than in normal mode. However your attacks will be very powerful and you are much more quicker. Note: Save the game on a different file if you wish to continue the game as the Prince.

[edit] Walkthrough

The entire text walkthrough can be found here: Prince of Persia: Warrior Within/Walkthrough

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