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The Recreational Software Advisory Council (RSAC) was an independent, non-profit organization founded in the USA in 1994 by the Software Publishers Association as well as six other industry leaders in response to video game controversy and threats of government regulation.

The goal of the council was to provide objective content ratings for computer games, similar to the earlier formed Videogame Rating Council (VRC) and later Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB). The official aim was officially stated by the RSAC to protect children from potentially harmful content while preserving free speech on the internet

The council formed RSACi in 1995 which was a branch which rated websites.

RSAC no longer exists. In 1999 it was folded into ICRA (formerly the Internet Content Rating Association), which is part of the Family Online Safety Institute. As for the RSAC system, it was phased out and was replaced by the ESRB system.

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