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Developer(s) Piranha Bytes[1]
Publisher(s) Deep Silver[2]
License Proprietary
Version 1.01[3]
Platform(s) Windows, Xbox 360
Release date Windows:
US 2009-09-28[4]
INT 2009-10-02[1]
Xbox 360:
FR 2009-10-01[5][1]
NA TBR 2010-02-23[6]
Genre(s) Action RPG
Mode(s) Single player
Rating(s) ESRB: M (Mature)
PEGI: 16+
Media 1 DVD-ROM
System requirements 2GHz CPU, 1GiB RAM, GeForce 7900 with 256MiB VRAM more...
Input methods Keyboard and mouse / gamepad

Risen is a fantasy action RPG developed by Pluto 13 GmbH (under the label Piranha Bytes), and published by Koch Media GmbH (under the label Deep Silver).

System requirements

According to the Deep Silver Community forums[7], to run this game your PC must meet or exceed the following requirements:

Minimal system requirements

  • Windows XP
  • a 2.0 GHz CPU
  • a graphics card with DirectX 9.1, Pixel Shader 3.0 and 256 MiB of VRAM (GeForce 7900 or ATI 1800)
  • 1 GiB of RAM

Recommended system specifications

  • Windows XP or Vista
  • a 3.0 GHz Dual Core CPU
  • DirectX 9.1 graphics card with Pixel Shader 3.0 and 512 MB (GeForce 8800 or ATI Radeon HD 2900)
  • 2 GiB of RAM


PC cheats

To enable the console, type "minsky" during the game and hit Enter. Then open the console by pressing [~] and you can use the following codes:

  • god: god mode (invincibility)
  • teach [skill] [lvl]: teaches a skill to the chosen level. Here is a list of skill codes:
    • Alchemy, Smith, Prospect, Lockpick, Acrobat, Pickpocket, Sneak, Scribe, Mining, CombatBow, CombatCrossbow, CombatAxe, CombatSword, CombatStaff, Dex, Hp, Str, Int (Wisdom), Lv, Lp, Magiccircle, Magicfireball, Magicmissile, Magicfrost, Maxhp, Maxmp, Protblunt, Protedge, Protfire, Protice, Protpoint, Xp
  • teach all [lvl]: teaches all skills to the specified level
  • invisible: invisible to NPCs (they'll see you if you hit them, though)
  • give [item] [amount]: gives the specified amount of a specific item. For instance to get 5,000 gold type give It_Gold 5000. Here is a list of item codes, sorted by category:
    • Gold: It_Gold
    • One handed weapons: It_1HS_BadSword, It_1HS_Sword_Bronco, It_1H_Club, It_1H_Cutlass, It_1H_Katana, It_1H_Knife_Hunting, It_1H_Mace, It_1H_Mace_Lordly, It_1H_Mace_Spiked, It_1H_Machete, It_1H_Obsidian_Dull, It_1H_Obsidian_Hot, It_1H_Obsidian_Raw, It_1H_Obsidian_Shaped, It_1H_Obsidian_Sharp, It_1H_Rapier, It_1H_Saber, It_1H_Sickle, It_1H_Steel_Dull, It_1H_Steel_Hot, It_1H_Steel_Raw, It_1H_Steel_Shaped, It_1H_Steel_Sharp, It_1H_Sword, It_1H_Sword_Lordly, It_1H_Sword_Rusty
    • Two handed weapons: It_2HS_DonsGoldSword, It_2HS_DonsGoldSword_Part, It_2H_Berserk, It_2H_DemonBlade, It_2H_Obsidian_Dull, It_2H_Obsidian_Hot, It_2H_Obsidian_Lizard, It_2H_Obsidian_Raw, It_2H_Obsidian_Shaped, It_2H_Obsidian_Sharp, It_2H_SoulDrinker_Dull, It_2H_SoulDrinker_Hot, It_2H_SoulDrinker_Raw, It_2H_SoulDrinker_Shaped, It_2H_SoulDrinker_Sharp, It_2H_SoulDrinker_Tip, It_2H_Steel_Dull, It_2H_Steel_Hot, It_2H_Steel_Raw, It_2H_Steel_Shaped, It_2H_Steel_Sharp, It_2H_T, ItanWing, It_2H_TwoHandedSword, It_2H_TwoHandedSword_Rusty
    • Bastard swords: It_BS_BastardSword, It_BS_Obsidian_Dull, It_BS_Obsidian_Hot, It_BS_Obsidian_Raw, It_BS_Obsidian_Shaped, It_BS_Obsidian_Sharp, It_BS_RuneSword, It_BS_Special_01, It_BS_Steel_Dull, It_BS_Steel_Hot, It_BS_Steel_Raw, It_BS_Steel_Shaped, It_BS_Steel_Sharp, It_BS_StormWind_Dull, It_BS_StormWind_Hot, It_BS_StormWind_Raw, It_BS_StormWind_Shaped, It_BS_StormWind_Sharp, It_BS_StormWind_Tip, It_BS_T, ItanSword, It_BS_Tra, ItorSword
    • Axes: It_Axe_Beard, It_Axe_Berserk, It_Axe_CrowsBeak, It_Axe_Light, It_Axe_Lumberjack, It_Axe_Ogre, It_Axe_Sledgehammer, It_Axe_StoneCutter, It_Axe_T, Itan, It_Axe_T, ItanHammer, It_Axe_Waraxe, It_Axe_Warhammer
    • Staves: It_Staff, It_Staff_Blade, It_Staff_Blade_Alvaro, It_Staff_Branch, It_Staff_Combat, It_Staff_Druid, It_Staff_Novice, It_Staff_Spear, It_Staff_T, Itan, It_Staff_T, ItanScepter, It_Staff_TwoBladed, It_Staff_WarSpear
    • Bows: It_Bow_Bone, It_Bow_Cole, It_Bow_Gnome, It_Bow_Horn, It_Bow_Hunting, It_Bow_Long, It_Bow_Poacher, It_Bow_Short, It_Bow_T, Itan, It_Bow_War
    • Crossbows: It_Crossbow_Guard, It_Crossbow_Hunting, It_Crossbow_Small, It_Crossbow_T, Itan, It_Crossbow_War
    • Amulets: It_Am_Amber, It_Am_Antimagic, It_Am_DEX, It_Am_Diamond, It_Am_DonPlacebo, It_Am_DonsRelict, It_Am_Emerald, It_Am_HP, It_Am_Lizard, It_Am_MP, It_Am_MP_Small, It_Am_Prot, It_Am_Prot_Fire, It_Am_Prot_Ice, It_Am_Prot_Magic, It_Am_Prot_Small, It_Am_Ruby, It_Am_Rufus, It_Am_STR, It_Am_STR_DEX, It_Am_Sapphire
    • Rings: It_Ri_Acrobat, It_Ri_Amber, It_Ri_Antimagic, It_Ri_Axe, It_Ri_Barry, It_Ri_Bow, It_Ri_Crossbow, It_Ri_DEX_Small, It_Ri_Diamond, It_Ri_Emerald, It_Ri_HP_Small, It_Ri_MP_Small, It_Ri_Monastery, It_Ri_Nelson, It_Ri_Prot_Blade_Impact, It_Ri_Prot_Missile, It_Ri_Ruby, It_Ri_STR_DEX, It_Ri_STR_Small, It_Ri_Sapphire, It_Ri_Skeletonlord, It_Ri_Sneak, It_Ri_Staff, It_Ri_Sword
    • Armor and clothing: It_Armor, It_ArmorPiece_T, Itanlord_01, It_ArmorPiece_T, Itanlord_02, It_Armor_Don, It_Armor_Don_El, Ite, It_Armor_Don_Fighter, It_Armor_Don_Hunter
    • Runes: It_Ru_Telekinesis, It_Ru_Inferno, It_Ru_Illusion, It_Ru_Light, It_Ru_Berserker, It_Ru_Speed, It_Ru_Open
  • give all: gives 100 of each item (NB: this will bug some quests)
  • time hh.mm: sets game time to hh:mm
  • spawn [entity]: spawns the specified entity
  • time scale [X]: sets the time scale to X. Default: 1.
  • firstperson: enables first person view (NB: this may create some bugs)
  • set [variable] [value]: can be used to modify any variable to the chosen value
  • help: outputs the console help
  • list: lists console commands
  • goto [case-sensitive NPC name]: teleports you to the specified NPC
  • edit PC_Hero: opens the player editor
  • setqueststatus [status]: set the status of the current (?) quest. Possible status: open, run, cancel, close, succeed, fail.


The entire text walkthrough can be found here: Risen/Walkthrough.


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