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Here is the text walkthrough for Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace PC version.


[edit] Introduction

The basic mission structure of Phantom Menace is linear, but you are free to explore the levels however you like. This makes for very open-ended gameplay and also presents a challenge in writing this solve. While the following text will detail the location of objects and mission objectives and outline strategies for defeating the bosses and other enemies, please feel free to explore on your own. This guide should only be used if and when you get stuck or lost.

There are 11 chapters or missions (actually 10 since Level 8 is about 5 minutes long) taken from the main events in the movie. You will vist some familiar places from the movie and get to explore some of them in much greater detail than the movie had time for. While this game is centered around combat and action puzzles, there are many conversations and chances to interact with characters from the movie.

So if you are ready, prepare for your great adventure, and May the Force Be With You.

[edit] Level 1 - Trade Federation Ship

After the opening movie and dialogue between the two Jedi ambassadors you will be in control of Obi-Wan. Poison gas is already pouring into the room so you need to make your way to the door pretty fast. You can talk with the droid if you want for some humorous dialogue. Draw your lightsaber and exit to the hall that is already filling with combat droids.

Use your Force Push to knock down several droids giving you and Qui-Gon time to kill them all without taking too much damage. Remember that your saber can deflect incoming fire and send it right back causing just as much damage to the enemy.

Search the rooms to either side and press all the Handprint switches. Some just turn on monitors with pictures of the queen but others reveal useful items. You should find a Blaster down one hall and a Thermal Detonator and Full Health in the other area.

Continue down the main hall and take out some more droids then enter the round room in the corner to open the main door back in the hall. A Full Health is across the hall which you can grab before following Qui-Gon through the big door. He will let you make the decision of which way to go. To the left is a large dispenser of Destroyer Droids and another droid preparing to release them. There is nothing of value down this hall so just go right.

A battle droid will attack from the side room. Kill him and use the switch to open the door across the hall. Rush across the hall and kill another battle droid to open the main door. A Full Health is in the circular room in this area if you need it. Follow Qui-Gon into the next area.

Destroyer droids will roll into the intersection about the time you arrive. Qui-Gon will deflect a few shots then tell you to run. Head right down the hall and into the narrow opening into the dark hall. Continue down this narrow hall until the floor drops out and sends you sliding into the air ducts. Follow the obvious path and you will exit out into the hangar area where your ship explodes sending chunks of metal bouncing off the catwalk. Turn and enter the next section of air ducts.

The ducts are patrolled by robots who have tazers which will cause significant damage. They will only zap you if you get in their way so avoid running into them head-on. Make you way to the right and continue to the back of the ducts until you at the switch near the large fan. Press the switch then retrace your steps to the previous duct area. A door will have opened and a new droid will come rolling out. When he is clear, enter this new room to find a new switch. Flip it to open another door which is outside this room. Exit through the door and proceed straight and make the first right and go through the door. Both of these doors are on timers but unless you encounter droid problems you should have plenty of time to get through each before they close. If not, just flip the switch to re-open and reset the timer.

You should be in a dark narrow hall on the other side of the fan at this point. This hall leads to an intersection. Head left to fight a few battle droid and get yourself a Full Health then return and go the other direction. As you walk over a grate you will fall through to the next level where several droids will start firing on you. Deflect their lasers as you advance down the hall to the 4-way intersection. When the immediate danger is gone you can head right where you will find some crates and a pit. A Neimoidian is monitoring the power console, but he shuts the blast doors as you arrive.

Down in the pit are several battle droids receiving orders from their commander. Resist the urge to use that Thermal Detonator. It will kill all the droids, but it will also kill the Neimoidian (even through the blast doors) and you will miss out on a valuable conversation. Drop down or take the elevator and kill the droid then use the switch to open the door. Talk with the Neimoidian and you will figure that you need to destroy the power module located to the left. A few blaster shots or swipes with your saber with take out the unit and plunge the area into darkness.

Take the elevator out of the pit and return to the intersection and head directly across into the cargo area. The elevator on the left will take you to the ledge above where you can safely clear the floor below. Watch out for the large spider-droids who shoot powerful lasers. Back on the floor, a Small Health is located on the crates to the right and you can head to the rear to get a good view of the launch bay where assault troops are loading onto transports. Return to the elevator and enter the dark passage at the top.

As you exit onto a tubular catwalk above the launch bay you will meet up with Qui-Gon who is in another shaft across the way. After you are done talking with him, continue to the end of the catwalk and find the elevator. The panel to operate this lift is hidden so take the side passage until you reach the deadend and go left. Press the button then head back and go left to press another switch. This moves a section of tube into place allowing you to access another switch. This tube is on a timer so get to that switch fast and run back before you are forced to repeat the entire process. One last trip down the first passage (this time it's a right turn) and press the switch to open the passage back to the lift where the lift controls are now accessible.

When you reach the bottom of the lift, head right and you will have a few more encounters with some battle droids. If they start to gang up on your or get you in a crossfire the Force Push will always buy you some valuable time. Fight your way to the final platform and access the lift control panel to ride down and meet Qui-Gon and stowaway on one of the landing craft.

That's it for your adventures on the Federation Trading Ship. See you on the planet surface.

[edit] Level 2 - Swamps of Naboo

The swamp is infested with battle droids on the ground and in the air. Make your way carefully across the water and follow the perimeter of the lake until you reach dry ground. You will come across your first batch of droids near some wreckage. Kill the droids and take the Blaster. Follow the path around and to the left and head up the incline for your first meeting with Jar Jar Binks. After a brief conversation he will run off and you will need to follow.

When you reach the next clearing you should spot a stone column with a Thermal Detonator on it. A double-jump will land you ontop of it. Jar Jar is nearby calling to you from the top of another rock. More battle droids are nearby guarding a Full Health. You need to slide the square piece of wood over to the lower ledge. The dark trench shows the path to push the log. When you have destroyed the droids and reached Jar Jar he will run off again.

Continue around this upper area and jump across some logs to keep up with Jar Jar. As you are walking across the third log you can spot Jar Jar down below to the left. You can jump down now and pick up the Thermal Detonator from atop the rock, or you could continue across the log and fight more battle droids. Trees will start falling forcing you down a certain path. These trees will also do considerable damage if they fall on you. You will eventually come across a wrecked Battle Tank with many droids moving around underneath it. A Force Push should knock down a bunch of these droids and give you enough time to reach the Full Health near the rear of this tank. You will probably need it before moving on down the path at the front of the tank which ultimately leads you to Jar Jar.

Continue through the swamp and wade through the shallow water. A Small Health is nearby to the right when you enter the water. Keep following Jar Jar and move quickly past the pack of creatures who are more aggressive when encountered in large numbers. Get past them and into the water and over the next log. A Full Health is nearby in a small clearing to the right.

Fight some more battle droids and follow Jar Jar to the top of the next series of ledges. When Jar Jar flees from the Maccaneks you will need to follow him.More trees will fall in this area so be careful and always be ready to jump back or turn sharply. You will soon come to a small rock with a Small Health. Turn right to reach the next small lake that has some large fish in it. This fish will attack you if you are in the water longer than a few seconds. Jump across the ledges to reach the other side then climb up and jump across to the side ledge using the log.

Talk to Jar Jar and he will run off when the battle droids coming swooping in. You can jump up and grab the vine and shimmy across the gap or you can do a running double-jump. There is a good chance you will get shot off the vine if you try to shimmy but if you do get shot down it is just a short trip back to the ledge (via the lake with the big fish) and there will be no droids flying by on your second trip through this area.

Once on the other side you can drop down to the ground and follow Jar Jar. There is a pit and a moveable log. Use the log to jump to the side of the pit and claim the Full Health, then jump back down and push the log into the pit. Pull and push the log until you can use it to climb out on the other side. Move to the high part of this ledge and jump out to grap the vine and shimmy right to the far end where you can drop down into the narrow canyon.

Jar Jar is waiting for you at the end of the canyon and so are a squadron of battle droids and two big crates which have destroyer droids inside. Jar Jar will create a distraction giving you time to make a dash for the Heavy Repeating Cannon. Depending on your current health you may want to go for the Full Health which is just beyond the cannon. Get behind the cannon and use it to unleash devastating laser fire on all the droids. You can swivel the cannon left, right, up and down so clear them all out before continuing down the path to the right.

There will be a few droids in this area you may have to take out yourself before you actually meet up with Qui-Gon and Jar Jar. AFter a brief conversation you will all take a swim as you head for the hidden underwater city of Otoh Gunga.

[edit] Level 3 - Otoh Gunga

This level is one of my favorites. You get to explore the mysterious underwater city of the Gungans in much greater detail than the movie had time for, and you even get to use your Jedi Mind Trick on a few unsuspecting citizens. After the movie and initial conversation with Qui-Gon is over you are free to move about.

Exit to the rear of the throne room and go to the room to the left to get some Gungan Energy Balls. Then return and go to the right. Talk to the Gungan who will tell you a bit about Jar Jar then enter the bubble and press the switch that looks like a bulls-eye. The bubble will detach and transport you to the next area.

Exit into the next domed room where guards block your path. Remember that Qui-Gon said NOT to hurt any of the Gungans so you shouldn't use any weapons. If you kill even a single Gungan then all others will attack you on sight. The guards will not let you pass, so you need to move them using your Force Push. Sometimes a fallen Gungan is very hard to get past if he falls back into the tunnel. I recommend using the Force Push on the Gungan who is NOT blocking the exit. When the other Gungan comes to attack you simply run around him and down the hall. They will not pursue you past their assigned patrol areas.

Enter the next area and you will see Jar Jar being taken away on a bubble transport. The guard at the door will talk to you and tell you that you must take the long way to the detention area. He will give you a special pass to help you get past some other checkpoints. Move along to the next area. Two white columns will rise up allowing you to jump to the other side. If you fall a third column will bring you back to the top but watch out for the Gungan guard who will zap you with his Tazer Staff. A pair of guards block the exit on the opposite ledge but a Force Push will clear you a path.

Take the next transport bubble to the next area and follow the glass tube to a water-filled room. A Gungan will talk to you but he has little to say that you probably already haven't heard. Various columns will allow you to cross this area if you can perform a flawless series of jumps. A Blaster is on a higher column to the right. Feel free to go for it if you want. I was happy just to finally make it across to the other side after about 15 minutes of jumping and swimming. The easiest path is to jump straight out to the first two columns doing a single running jump to each. As you jump from the middle column turn in mid-air and land on the column at the 10 o'clock position and immediately double-jump to the final ledge. Each column will start to sink about one second after you land on it, so you need to be fluid with your movements and jumps. It may sound easy but I know people who have given up the game at this point. Be patient.

Continue down the double-wide hall and claim some Gungan Energy Balls from both the right and left side passages. Then take the transport at the end of the hall to the next area. This room has a ramp that spirals up around the outside. Press the switch to the right as you enter then run up and around the ramp and into the tunnel. Keep running until you exit the other side. The entire tunnel you just ran through is on a timer. If you miss it you will have to return and press the switch to reset the clock.

This next room has a door guarded by a Gungan. Talk with him and show him your special pass. Then use the conversation option which is purple. This indicates a Jedi Mind Trick option which will work in almost all of your future encounters. Even if it doesn't, it's still fun to try. The guard will let you pass and you can enter the next area.

The door to the right is locked. Head down the hall to the left and find the red switch which is currently behind an active forcefield. You need to lower the forcefield by flipping the four switches at each of the corner computers. The switches are high off the floor so you will need to push and pull the block around to climb up to each switch. When the forcefield is off you can drop down and flip the switch then return to the previous room and go through the door which is now open.

Drop to the floor of this next room and push the box over to the central column. Climb up and press the switch to open a timed door. Quickly climb to the top of the column and jump across to the ledge and go through the door before it shuts. Talk to the next Gungan who well operate the lifts for you. Head to the next transport bubble then go left to the detention area. Go down the ramp and talk with the head Gungan. Use the Jedi Mind Trick option to have him release Jar Jar. Go into the bubble with Jar Jar and talk to him until he leads the way out of this area.

Head back up the ramp and out the other exit where you will meet up with Qui-Gon. Enjoy the movie as you head through the treacherous depths of the planet's core.

[edit] Level 4 - Gardens of Theed

Your main objective of this level is to simply reach the palace. This would have been a whole lot easier if that battle tank hadn't just taken out the main bridge across the river. Qui-Gon and Jar Jar fall into the abyss with the bridge rubble leaving you in charge of saving the day.

Some game designer actually thinks you are going to try to make that series of jumps across the stone pillars, but if you want to finish this level before Episode 2 comes out you had better just dive off the right side of the railing and swim to the top right corner and exit onto the stone steps. Head up the step to the higher lake and jump in. Swim against the current so you don't get swept over the falls and make your way to the ledge.

The large fish in the pond will attack. You can either avoid them or kill them from the safety of dry land. Make your way to the wall with three waterfalls and head up the stairs. Make your way across the ledge jumping across the waterfalls until you reach the dead end. Across the water is a switch mounted to the railing. Shoot it to activate the bridge then continue until you reach the bridge protected by the forcefield. Shoot another switch on the left to get past this obstacle and continue into the next area.

There is a brief movie showing the transports invading the city.

You'll meet up with some soldiers who are fighting off a small army of battle droids. A short dead end path to the left leads to a group of soldiers and a Light Repeating Blaster. Battle Tanks are blocking the main streets in this area so you will need to make your way through the hedge maze in the garden. Grenades and Thermal Detonators work great if you can find a good cluster of droids; otherwise the repeating blaster makes a great strafing weapon. Just move side to side in the street and mow down the droids as they come at you.

You will eventually come to a pair of guards who are injured and hiding in the top-left area of the garden. Fight off the droids that are attacking them and talk to the injured guard to get some valuable information along with the password to the security gate up ahead. When you reach the gate, tell the man the password and he will let you pass.

Continue along the path until you reach the lake with another dangerous fish. Head up the nearby stairs and press the button to fill the area with water allowing you to swim to the next set of stairs. Climb up and go past an underwater switch and press the next available button to lower the water. Go back down the stairs and press the switch on the right (which was just underwater) to extend the nearby bridge.

Head up the stairs leading to the new bridge and keep going past it. Press the button to open the windows in the balcony then push the nearby bench until you can jump into the window. Inside is a small arsenal which would have been more useful a few minutes ago but we will still take it. Gather up the Thermal Detonator then shimmy across the rope to the next balcony and get the Proton Missile Launcher and Small Health.

Return to the bridge you passed by moments ago and head across it. Shoot the switch across from you to access the next bridge. Cross this bridge and avoid the landmine. Head around the corner and you will come to the original battle tank that took out the bridge in the beginning of this level. Dodge the laser fire from the tank and make your way to the high ledges on either side of the double gates. Use the block to access the switch on the left - shoot it quickly and grab the Small Health.

The switch on the right can be activated by jumping then either firing your blaster or doing a Force Push at the apex of your jump. When the final gate is open you can enter the city and exit this level.

[edit] Level 5 - Theed City

This is a challenging level in which you must escort the Queen to her ship. The Queen is pretty tough and can take lots of damage before dying but I will outline a strategy where she will be totally safe for most of the level. There are also a few side-missions you will be asked to complete during your primary mission so it will be better not to have the Queen tagging along for these. Of course you can always feel free to ignore my advice and escort the Queen through the entire level.

Follow the Queen and she will lead you into the garden. Near the back is a large stone statue that needs to be moved to allow access to the stairs and upper ledge. The trick is to move the statue only enough to allow you to pass. Leave the Queen here in the safety of the garden until you clear the path ahead and return for her. Note: It is possible to go too far ahead and have the Queen get killed, but I will be sure to stop you before that happens.

Head up the stairs and along the ledge to a stuck door. Jump across through the broken railing to the next balcony and back into the room on the other side. You can open the stuck door from this side to allow the Queen through now or later. Head down the stairs and take care of the droids patrolling this area. In a nearby house a woman has lost her child and she asks that you find him. Naturally being a good Jedi, you are sworn to help everyone so go get the kid who is in the nearby building and send him home to his mom. There is no reward for this quest except the warm fuzzy feeling you get for doing a good deed.

You will soon arrive at a large courtyard with a tank at the opposite side. Run forward and to the left and head up the stairs. Take out any battle droids you encounter. You will encounter a wounded man asking for water. Nearby is a broken railing that lets you drop down and take a small path leading to some stairs. Head up the stairs to a room with Water, Personal Shield and a Naboo Fusion Coil. Don't take the shield until you have given the man the water. The switch on the wall opens the door leading back out to the street where the man is waiting for his water.

Head across the bridge to the right of the man and climb through the window. There should be all sorts of cool computers and screens and even some R2 units rolling around. Make you way through these rooms until you reach the area behind the battle tank. Continue past the tank and up the stairs. Circle around to the detention area and talk with the prisoner. Set him free and get a Thermal Detonator for your good deed. The prisoner will head up the stairs to the top of a tower overlooking the forests of Naboo. Make a mental note of this location as you will need to find him on a future mission.

Now return to the rear of the battle tank and shoot the droid running the control box. He will explode and the tank will move out into the courtyard. Press the red button to unlock the courtyard gates then head back up the first set of steps that lead you to detention cells. Instead of doubling back and going to the cells, jump over the wall and down into the street where an R2 unit is working inside a small alcove.

Slowly move up the street and kill any battle droids you encounter. A few sniper droids are in the upper windows across the street. Kill them all now so it will be safe for the Queen to pass. Whatever you do - DO NOT turn left and head up this street without the Queen or it will be GAME OVER. This is the "point of no return" I told you about earlier.

Instead, you can turn right and go through the gates (that you opened with the red button behind the tank) and enter the courtyard. Dodge the tank and it's laser blasts and make your way back to the Queen. She will either be in the garden (if you chose my method) or at the last scripted waiting point. She will stop from time to time and ask you if it's safe to proceed. If you have cleared out the battle droids between here and the R2 unit intersection then just tell her to "follow you".

You will soon reach an area with stairs leading up and a street leading into a gauntlet of droids. The Queen suggests that you go up the stairs and I heartily agree with her. Go up the stairs and across the bridge into the next building where you can score a Proton Missile Launcher and Full Health which is inside the cabinet on the right. Exit down the short stairs at the end and get ready to rumble.

The Queen will go hide down into a lower section but several destroyer droids will roll into view and they will target the Queen. Defend her and use the Proton Missiles to take out the droids. It takes about two shots but if you can hit them before they bring up their shields you can usually use one missile then follow up with some blaster fire and save your missiles. Clear the path for the Queen then lead her to the next area.

Head up the stairs across the street from the locked door that requires the red passkey. At the top of the stairs is a small home with a nasty old lady. Being a good Jedi, you can't kill her but you can certainly borrow the much needed Full Health she has stashed in the back room. Exit through the window onto the ledge and go right until you reach the rope leading across the street far below. Shimmy across and drop to the ledge and enter the door. Press the Red Button to open the blast doors.

Once the Queen is through these doors have her wait while you clear the path ahead. Jump over the raised bridge and into the boat in the river below. You can talk to the owner if you want but you really only need to go through the door into the small room. Take the Blaster to the left of the stairs then go up the stairs and nab the Small Health. Shoot the switch across the street to lower the bridge then return and escort the Queen across the bridge.

The Queen will stop again and you can move ahead to clear out more battle droids. Take out the droid who is manning the gun turret first to save yourself lots of damage. When the area is relatively safe, return for the Queen. Talk to the soldiers in the lower area and have them move on to clear a path to the hanger. Enter the room nearby and talk to the man who will unlock a door outside and to the right. Inside is a Seeker Droid and a Blaster. The seeker droid will hover around you and randomly fire his lasers at nearby targets.

Continue down the stairs and avoid the large open area to the right. It is full of battle and destroyer droids and has nothing of value. Go to the hanger on the left and eliminate any droids in this area. Return for the Queen and escort her into the hanger. When you reach the far side of the hanger you will meet up with Panaka, Qui-Gon, Jar Jar, and the rest of your crew. Climb aboard the cool metallic starship and get off this planet.

[edit] Level 6 - Mos Espa

This is one of my favorite levels. There is lots to do and very little fighting unless you get caught up in a Jawa gangwar. Keep your weapons put away and watch your step and you should stay out of trouble. The city is divided into four main streets which have weird symbols for names but are also conveniently color coded, so I will refer to them by their colors.

After you have landed and fought your way past the deadly Tuskan Raiders you will enter Mos Espa on the Red Street. The Black Street is on the right and further down the Black Street you will find Blue Street. Further down Red Street and to the left you will find Orange Street. I know it all sounds confusing but the city is small and you will eventually stumble onto everything you need, even if you ignore street signs and my solve.

There is a lot of stuff you need to do and no particular order in which you need to do it. You will probably spot a small boy ahead of you running away. That is Anakin and he is leading you to the encounter with his mother. Chances are you will get sidetracked before you reach her so let's deal with the mini-quest you will be asked to accomplish while traveling down Red Street.

You will find an alien "mother" who's son is being held captive by an evil captain. She asks that you rescue him and being the good Jedi you are, you say "of course". She directs you up the stairs where you get into an argument with a sentry door. Don't get too pushy or a pair of laser cannons will come out of the front porch and toast you where you stand. An alternate route is required and the rope leading across the street and over the open balcony sure looks like the ticket.

Head to Orange Street and immediately turn left and go up some stairs and into a house. If the owner is there use your Jedi Mind Trick option to calm him down then exit out the other side of his house onto the narrow ledge. Circle around and use the rope to shimmy over to Selbuba's house. Talk to the girls then head up the stairs. Move forward and grab the Blaster then quickly dodge to the right to avoid the gun turret which is coming out of the floor next to you. Move out onto the next ledge and go forward to the rope. Shimmy across and drop onto the balcony.

Ignore the droid and keep your distance from the lady in the corner or she will blast you. Take out Greedo's cousin out on the other balcony with your newly acquired blaster then turn and finish off the lady before she shoots you in the back. Look down over the rail where you just killed the green alien and spot the sparking generator. Shoot a couple round into it to destroy it and open the door at the left end of the narrow alley.

Continue around to the backyard and find a pair of cages. One cage has the alien boy and the other has one mean alien. Talk to the boy and open his cage. About this time the other alien breaks out of his cage and you must kill him before the frightened alien boy will leave his cage. Your best strategy is to get ontop of the boy's cage and fight the alien monster with your saber. The alien will almost never make any contact with you so you will take minimal damage and eventually kill him. If you want to finish him off faster you can always switch to your blaster when he is out of lightsaber range then switch back when he moves in for the attack.

Once he is dead, you can send the boy off to his mother. Follow him out through the door and around to the front of the house and talk with "mom" to get your reward; a Repulse Booster. If you haven't already followed Anakin to his home, you had better do that now otherwise the rest of the quests will make no sense.

Follow Blue Street around until you come across a huge green beast. To the right are a bunch of Jawas making some kind of illegal deal no doubt. Keep your distance or you will get caught up in a battle you really don't want to be involved with. Padme is also in this area and she wants to talk to you. Apparently Jar Jar has run off and she also has heard rumors about Anakin Skywalker. When you are done getting your next assignment, head down the street past Padme. You will enter the slave quarters and make a left turn where you will meet Shmi standing outside Casa De Skywalker.

Talk with her a moment and she will take you out back where Anakin is working on his pod racer. He will take you to Watto's shop, but of course you must follow him through the junkyard shortcut which proves more challenging than a marine obstacle course. Actually the junkyard isn't too bad. Avoid the droids driving the large junk-smashers and climb up the boxes and jump over to the beam. Anakin will always be nearby cheering (or is it jeering) you on.

Head across the beam and the grating will collapse and you will fall into a large area below. To the left a junk-smasher will crash through the rubble so head right and the wall will collapse. It appears you have foiled an attempted break-in by some Jawa's. They will retreat to the desert and you are safe unless you follow them outside. But you are a Jedi Knight so go ahead and follow them outside. Avoid their lasers and claim the Full Health and a Fuel Converter from the areas around the exterior of the junkyard. Return to the hole in the wall. The junk-smasher is probably gone by now so you can continue into the junkyard. Move the box in the center of the next area toward the top of the screen where you can jump onto a box made of mesh. Once you are over this final obstacle you can make your way to Watto's shop.

You can talk to the man out back behind Watto's shop if you like but he has little information you need. Go talk to Watto and try to get the T-14 Hyperdrive unit. No luck. Trade your Naboo Fusion Coil for a pair of Fuel Converters. You will have to barter to get TWO of these converters so don't take Watto's first offer. The converters will appear in the shop and you must walk over them to actually add them to your inventory.

Leave the shop through the front door. There is usually a pesky Jawa standing in the doorway but a Force Push usually gets him out of your way. Talk to Anakin who will tell you he needs a Servo Control System and a Mass Coupler. You now get to run all over town and start trading pod racer parts. Before you leave this area you can talk to Padme who will assign you another mini-quest of finding Jar Jar. You can also talk to the two blue dancing girls who will inform you that Jabba the Hutt will be more than happy to loan you money you need to bet with Watto on the pod race, but that's the next level.

You can get the parts in any order you choose but here is how I did it. Go back to the slave quarters on Blue Street where the boys are playing and an alien will tell you that his house is being ransacked. He asks you to help and rescue his friend inside which of course you do. Climb up the steps and enter the house. Kill all the bad guys and save the shop owner. He will offer to help you in any way he can but it turns out he doesn't have any of the parts you need. He will end up giving you an Engine Binder as a last resort.

When you leave his shop you should be near the big green beast with the Jawas across the street. Go around the corner to the left (back toward the slave quarters) and enter the first door on the left. Inside is Jar Jar with the keyboard-playing elephant creature from Jaba's palace. Talk to Jar Jar and tell him to meet you back at Watto's shop. Scratch off one more mission objective.

Go to Black Street and enter the cantina (it's the only thing down this street). The alien at the center of the bar is reasonably friendly. Mention Anakin and then talk about pod parts. If you have the Engine Binder and Repulse Booster from your two mini-quests then you can trade them both for the Servo Control System. If you can't make this deal then use your Jedi Mind Trick option to make him accept Republic Credits and trade 500 credits for a Fuel Converter. Don't mess with anyone else in the bar or you will likely get caught up in a fight. There is one cool guy who will wander in and talk with you. He is on Tatooine to hunt dragons. Talk with him long enough and he will give you a Dragon Tooth, but I never found any use for it.

You now need to go to Blue Street and find the merchant at the corner who is "Slashing Prices". Talk with him and trade a pair of Fuel Converters for the Mass Coupler. You should have at least two Fuel Converters at this point assuming you got them from the following locations:

- 2 from Watto but you have to drive a hard bargain - 1 in the desert after the Jawa's broke the wall in junkyard - 1 from Merchant behind green pod racer. Will trade for Hydrospanner (you can get Hydrospanner from Watto's shop) - 1 from behind Barbo's shop. You have to get permission to go behind store and kill a person to get it

There is also an alternative location for obtaining the Servo Control System. Barbo (a 3-eyed alien) has a shop next to Watto's. If he isn't at his shop he is over by the stairs as you enter Orange Street. He will trade a Fuel Converter and a Repulse Booster for the Servo Control System assuming you rescued the alien boy and have the Repulse Booster. As you can see there are lots of ways to get all the parts you need and you can't really mess anything up.

When you have all the parts and you've found Jar Jar then return to Watto's shop and talk to Anakin. Now it's off to the races...

[edit] Level 7 - Mos Espa Arena

This level isn't too long but it has two big tough bosses you must fight. When you enter the arena go to the upper right and talk to the blue dancing girl. Use your Jedi Mind Trick option to get her to take you to see Jabba. She will head up the stairs, so follow her up and around and down and use the switch which turns the stairs into a ramp and dumps you into Jabba's Gladiator Arena. The money you need to bet Watto is lying on the floor. Go get it and listen to Jabba's conditions for getting the money. You can argue all day, but in the end you are going to be fighting a big monster in a few seconds.

Strategy for beating this guy is simple. First, stay away from the spikes around the edge of the arena. I died at least a dozen times before I figured that one out. Use your Force Push to put some distance between you and the monster or push him into the spikes. Do a lot of jumping attacks with the lightsaber and make sure to do the double-tap attack for that downward thrust that does extra damage. The monster moves slow so try to get behind him and slash away. If you get really desperate you can use some of your other weapons, but I think you will find them more useful on the next big encounter.

Once Jabba's champion is dead, you can exit through the opening in the wall (don't forget the money if you didn't already get it) and enter the bar. Head over to the band and watch the Wookie jam on the guitar. One of the two men facing the stage is Teemto; the same guy from behind Watto's shop. Go talk to him about Watto. He's not very talkative so go to the bar and buy him a drink. Buy another drink for his friend and Teemto will lighten up and offer to go find Watto for you. Don't trust him - follow him when he leaves and keep on his tail, even when he tells you to "stop following him".

You will find Watto on the balcony where you can finalize your bet. Return to the bar and head around to the other side to the stairs leading down to the pod racing track. Note: If you were here earlier this stairway was blocked by a big alien. Hop the wall and find Anakin who is yelling about somebody stealing a part from his pod racer. A suspicious blue alien is running off so chase after him. He will lead you on a big chase around the area, past a Tuskan Raider, through a work area, and finally up some stairs leading above the race track. Enter the room on the left to find the blue creature breathing heavily and saying "he doesn't have the part". Move the obvious panel on the back wall to enter a sunken room.

This room has a Small Health which you will probably need while fighting the boss in the next room. Climb up and cautiously enter the next dark room. The boss is standing there in the middle of the room and what you can't see are the three gun turrets which are below the floor. Two are on either side of you and one is behind you in the door you just entered. The boss also has a personal shield which makes it tough to do lots of damage all at once.

You have two options; if you didn't use all your weapons in the gladiator arena just stand in the doorway and fire all your weapons at the boss. You may still have to finish him off with your lightsaber, but you will have done most of the work from the relative safety of the doorway. If you are out of regular weapons or just want the "Total Jedi Experience" then fire up that lightsaber and try to get the boss to attack you while you stand near one of the three gun turrets. This way you can slash him once then follow up with a second slash to take out the turret while the boss turns on his shield. Run to the next turret and repeat the process until the boss is dead and you can claim the stolen Pod Racer Part.

Exit back to the walk above the race track and just hope the railing to drop down next to Anakin. Give him the part and the level will end and the race will begin.

[edit] Level 8 - Desert Encounter

This level is so short it can hardly be classified as a level. After you make your final farewells with Anakin's mother, leave the city and head to the upper-left and down the sandy slope. Imperial search droids are zipping around this area so you will want to draw your lightsaber and start deflecting their shots while trying to corner them and blow them up. When all three droid are gone you can proceed across the sandy flats.

For future reference, there is a speeder in the upper right corner of this area with a Full Health in the cockpit. You may find a need for one shortly, but I recommend saving it for when you are really low on health.

When you reach the mountain pass you will see Anakin briefly before he runs off then the evil Darth Maul music starts playing just as the evil Darth Maul appears on the top of the ledge and uses his powers to cause a rockslide blocking your escape. He will jump down and you must duel with him until you have lowered his health bar by half. He will block any laser fire so only use your light saber and try to mix up your attacks and do a lot of backflipping, etc.

When he runs off you can jump to the lower rock near the rockslide and push the upper rock to the side and go through the hole to reach the other side. Follow the path until you are almost to the ship. When the evil music starts up you know Darth Maul is back. The objective here is NOT to kill Darth Maul, but merely distract him from destroying the Hyperdrive unit which is being slowly towed to the ship. Try to fight him while leading him away from the ship and the Hyperdrive. If you need a quick powerup there is a Full Health near the ship. Keep Darth Maul busy until Obi-Wan gets the Hyperdrive installed and you will automatically get rescued and fly away leaving behind a very upset Darth Maul.

[edit] Level 9 - Coruscant

In this level you get to play as Captain Panaka which is pretty cool since he didn't have that big of a part in the movie. His deep (but polite) voice is pretty interesting to listen to in the many conversations that will take place in this level.

Once you are in control of Panaka go get the R-65 Heavy Blaster by the ship then head to the taxi. It will be destroyed as you approach and a patrol droid will attack. Kill it fast before it injures the Queen. More henchmen will attack from behind so kill them off as you escort the Queen to the opposite side of the air platform. Make sure to get the Light Repeating Blaster from the opposite taxi stop before getting on the transport. Tell the droid to take you to the Tourist Center.

Talk to the droid behind the counter for some information then follow the hall around and through another door where another droid will tell you about the tour and how much it costs. Seems like you need some money so retrace your steps back through the previous door and take the door to the right which leads outside to another air platform. There are two men on this platform that can solve your problem. Go talk to the man on the left (left as you enter the platform). Destroy another hovering droid then talk to the man about buying your electrobinoculars. He will give you 100 credits which may not seem like enough at the time but go head and take them. Now go talk to the man at the other end of the platform who happens to have a pair of Tour Tickets he needs to sell for "half price". What a coincidence! Make the deal then return to the building and visit the droid through the door on the left.

The doors will open but the tour transport blows up as another patrol droid flies in with lasers blasting away. Destroy it then get ready for an easy but annoying puzzle. Drop into the lower area with all the boxes. The Queen will whine about not jumping down there so you must make things easy for her. Go around to the far corner where you will find a moveable box. Pull and push it until you have it in the other corner in that half of the area where the railing is missing. Jump up and onto the ledge and enter the control room. Press the switch on the left to lower the forcefield and raise the lift. Leave the right switch alone unless you want to zap the R2 unit and have him chase you around the rest of this puzzle zapping you back.

Press the left switch once more to lower the lift then go drop down into the box area and pull and push the box which was previously behind the blue forcefield across the room and onto the lift. About this time you should be hearing a scream. The Queen has been Kidnapped! Don't worry - this is a scripted event and you can't do anything to prevent it. Once you have the box on the lift, return to the control room and raise the lift using the left switch. Now return to the box area and push and pull the box you have been using to reach the control room over to the other corner and use it to get onto the raised lift. I told you this was an annoying puzzle!

Now pull the box on the lift around and over to the pair of blue light beams. Get the between the beam then hit the switch to bring over a platform that rides on the blue beams. Climb on the box and then up to the platform when it arrives. Ride it across to the next building and drop down into the stacks of boxes. Use them for cover as you fight several men and some more attack droids. When the area is safe move out onto the bridge leading to the door. The door cannot be opened and a sniper is firing out of the window to the right. Kill him then jump onto the narrow ledge and climb into the second window.

Use the switch then exit out the window to your right and onto a new ledge. Jump the gap to the next ledge and enter a new window. Continue to the storage area where you can move the box along the wall revealing a short passage leading to a Small Health. You can push another box which is already stacked on a box to break it open and reveal some Blaster ammo. Exit this area and you enter some kind of alien trade show.

You can visit the booths and try to get some information from the various salesmen. You will learn that the Queen was taken down one of the lifts to your left. Head in that direction and take the far left lift down as you pursue the Queen and her captors. Continue through the doors down here and you will encounter a helpful person who will tell you about the seedy underground portion of the city and the password to get you through the security doors. Move on to the big door and repeat the password to enter the criminal underground.

On the other side of this door you will start encountering futuristic homeless people who beg for food or money. Just politely refuse them and you will have no problems. If you attack or kill even one of these beggers you will have to fight everyone you encounter while you are down here - not a good idea.

Continue to the Handprint switch and use it to lower the lift in the intersection. Get on and ride it to the top. Continue forward to the next switch and press it. You may get interrupted by a beggar here. Run across the lift while it is down and into the room directly across from you. There are two switches in here and you need to press them both. Press the left one first then the right and run back out to the lift and turn right and run to the end of that hall where a lift on a timer is about to go up. Turn right and continue down the hall. If your way is blocked then you weren't fast enough. Repeat the process using the switch in this hall to lower the previous lift and granting you access to the two-switch room.

Press another switch to lower the next lift and run into the room directly across from you. There are more beggars in here and a stack of boxes. Climb up and push the moveable box off to open it and get the White Keycard. Flip the switch to the left of the door to lower the lift and go to the intersection and turn right. Use the keycard on the white lock and enter the room. Quickly kill the green alien before he blasts you too bad and rescue the Queen.

Now that you have the queen you just need to get her out of this dark and dirty place. Grab the Red Keycard from the dead body of the Queen's captor then exit this room and turn right. Press the switch to lower the lift ahead and continue straight across. Use the red card on the lift console to lower the lift. Ride down and follow the passages until you reach a circular pit with a switch to your right.

This is another annoying puzzle that I will make easy for you here. Assuming that if you were to continue straight you would be going North, press the switches in this order. SE - SW - NW - NE - SE - NE This combination should move the bridge around so the Queen can cross and open the glass doors on the opposite side and move the blocks out of the way. Continue into the dark halls and ride the lift to the exit. You will need to give the password - Coruscant has lovely sunsets to open the door which leads to the final boss.

A Coruscant Mercenary is waiting for you in this room and he is practically impossible to kill. He will deflect any shots you fire as long as he is facing you. You can wait for him to retreat and put a few shots into his back before he comes after you. If you have your Heavy Blaster you can try bouncing some shots off the wall but you better have a Masters Degree in Geometry for this to work. Don't bother hiding by the sparking machinery - chances are it will explode and do more damage to you than him. You can also just lay into him with your fists and pummel him. This works if you are almost at full health when this battle begins. If you find this battle just too tough to legitimately win then I highly recommend using the cheat code "iamobi". You will turn into Obi-Wan and in about 6-8 swipes of your lightsaber this guy is dead. While I hate resorting to cheat codes, this is a totally mismatched battle. Panaka is probably already half-dead when he starts this encounter and with his limited weapons he is just no match for this boss. You do what you must to achieve the best balance between satisfaction and frustration.

When he is dead you may escort the queen to the lift and across the platforms to meet with the Senator. After a brief conversation the level will end and you are on your way back to Naboo.

[edit] Level 10 - Assault on Theed

This level will have you bouncing back between the adventures of the Queen and Obi-Wan, much like the editing of a real movie. It's a pretty cool effect but it also makes it easy to get lost in the walkthrough so I will be color coding Obi-Wan's part of the adventure in dark gold text while the Queen's text will remain the default color.

You begin just inside the city gates and Qui-Gon puts you in charge. Rally the men down the side street and take care of a few soldier droids as you make your way into the hanger. The Queen and Panaka will take an alternate route as Darth Maul appears and begins the final lightsaber duel with Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon.

The Queen and Panaka must get back to the palace which means that most of this level is exactly the same as Level 5 - only in reverse, so you should know your way around. Grab the Flash Grenades when you first start out then head down the first hall and check out the room on the left near the sunken area. The man who was in here in Level 5 that helped Obi-Wan is still here. Talk with him and he will unlock that storage room and stock you with better weapons - anything is better than the short-range tazer you start with.

Exit this room and turn right and get the Blaster and Seeker Droid then return to the main hall to assist Panaka and the rest of your escort. You will soon reach the fountain. Turn left and left again to enter the building. Kill the droid inside and get the Thermal Detonator. Head out to the courtyard and go to the opposite corner for a Small Health then proceed down the stairs.

You need to act fast because destroyer droids are going to be rolling in behind Panaka in just a few seconds and you need to clear the way for him. A good cluster of solider droids are down the stairs and to the left so use a few grenades to take out multiple targets. Make your way across the bridge and kill the soldier droids behind the Heavy Repeating Cannon. Then take control of the cannon and start blasting. Make sure to take out any destroyer droids first and try to get the ones that are going for Panaka - if he dies it's GAME OVER!

When the way is clear move down the street and turn right. More droids will appear. You can either run back and kill them with the big gun or just take them out with your regular weapons. When you reach the next gate the game will switch to Obi-Wan's battle.

The fight in the hanger is similar to the Desert Encounter in Level 8. You cannot kill Darth Maul, but you object is to get him down to about half of his health. He will deflect any blaster fire with his lightsaber so stick with your Jedi weapon and start swinging. Little yellow droids are rolling around the floor and if you can Force Push them into Darth Maul they will explode and do damage. Of course, Darth Maul will attempt to the same so be careful. Don't overlook the Full Health to one side of the hangar. You will need it before Darth Maul flees through the double doors to the next area.

Go through the blast doors and across the bridge. Take out any droids and watch out for the destroyer droid coming up the stairs to the left. Move to the sunken area just before the archway and talk with Panaka. Tell him to "rush the droids" and he will take off with guns blazing. Kill the droids and man the Heavy Repeating Cannon to take out any that remain. Head right and take the door to the left at the end and go up the short steps into the dark room. There is a Full Health in the compartment near the far door.

Cross the bridge and turn right and go down the stairs. The big doors ahead are locked so head right and go past the R2 unit and talk to the wounded soldier. Then talk to the R2 unit who will unlock the power room door for you. Enter and grab the Full Health destroy the generator then return to the big doors and enter the courtyard. Kill any droids in the courtyard then go through the arch opposite the arch which is being blocked by the purple forcefield. Turn right and go up the stairs leading to the detention cells where Obi-Wan freed the prisoner from Level 5. Go up the other stairs leading to the top of the tower (remember I told you to make a note of this location during Level 5) and talk to the prisoner. It seems he has been busy stockpiling weapons while you were gone and has quite a collection he is offering to let you use. Take the Proton Missile Launcher and the 10 Flash Grenades and return to the courtyard.

If the forcefield is still blocking the other arch then go talk to Panaka who is in the sunken area. Tell him you "are counting on him" to find a way past the forcefield and he will take out the forcefield generator with some grenades. Chances are this will all be done while you are getting the weapons from the tower, but not always. Down the street is a small army of R2 units which you need to destroy along with a couple of soldier droids. Head up the stairs to meet Panaka and continue on to the gardens. In the final room before the garden is a Full Health.

In the garden, make your your way down the stairs then up the next set of stairs leading to the men who are already waiting. Shoot a few droids and move towards the window on the balcony to end this portion of the Queen's adventure.

Continue the fight with Darth Maul until he runs across the catwalk. Try to pursue him and the catwalk will collapse and you will fall to a lower area. Make your way through the blue forcefield and through the door on the left to end this level.

[edit] Level 11 - Final Battle

This level will have you bouncing back between the adventures of the Queen and Obi-Wan, much like the editing of a real movie. It's a pretty cool effect but it also makes it easy to get lost in the walkthrough so I will be color coding Obi-Wan's part of the adventure in dark gold text while the Queen's text will remain the default color.

This level picks up with the Queen and her men just having climbed up to the upper level (remember the cool scene in the movie with the spiked cables that launch from their blasters). Head off to the right and then left to the area with three doors and a soldier. Get some valuable information from the soldier and whatever you do, DON'T OPEN the door behind him. Instead, open the doors to the right and left. There are droids inside each room that you should probably clear out first. Then go to the right door and pull and push the box across the hall into the other room so you can access the switch. Don't overlook the Small Health under the original location of the box. Go through the opening in the wall to rescue several men and obtain the White Keycard. Use the keycard on the lock then access the switch to open the door.

Go through the door and find yourself in one of those famous Imperial bottomless pit areas. Save your game often as you navigate this narrow catwalks and circular platforms. Many of the jumps are very precise and easy to miss. Kill the first droid you come to and proceed along this level of catwalks and rings. Enjoy the camera shot as it pans up to reveal Darth Maul and Qui-Gon battling above you. When you reach the final ring, kill the droid and ride the platform to the top ring and exit. Double-jump to the only ring in jumping distance and take the catwalk down to the door. Kill the droids inside this small room then use the switch to open the next door.

There are plenty of droids in this room on each of the side catwalks. Use your blaster to take them out from the relative safety of your current location. Use the switch on the left to turn on the lights then move to the end of this catwalk and flip the switch there to turn off the blue energy beam blocking your way to the catwalk on the right. Now go to the center platform where there is a box. Move around to the back of the box and flip the switch to extend a portion of the bridge a bit further down. Turn and face the switch across the gap and use your Force Push to activate that switch and extend the other half of the bridge. They don't quite connect but they are now in easy jumping distance.

Make the jump then turn right and go through the next door where several droids are waiting. A few spiral swings of your lightsaber will send their smoking parts falling to the floor. A grenade, Gungan Ball, or Proton Missile will also take out all the droids in a single shot. Note the odd-colored square in the left wall. This is a secret compart and inside is a Full Health. Press the switch to open the door and exit back out onto the rings.

Back as the Queen you have a big battle ahead of you. Use grenades and missiles and whatever else it takes to kill as many droids as possible including the ones manning the Heavy Cannons. Your immediate objective is to kill enough droids to make it to the first switch on the left which opens the door back by Panaka. Go inside and through the heavy vault doors. Zap the two droids inside and get the Proton Missile Launcher.

Rejoin Panaka in the hall and slowly advance until you can make your way into the first room on the left. You will hear destroyer droids rolling by in the main hall, but you need to stock up on weapons. Grab the Blaster and Small Health then return to the hall. Continue moving down taking out the remain turrets and droids until you reach the door leading to the hall on the left.

When you first enter this new hall you can go right to get a Full Health or you may want to save it for a few seconds. The room on the left has a blue keycard reader and the blue keycard is being guarded by a destroyer droid at the room to the left at the other end of this hall. Head down and open the door and destroy the droid. Panaka may do all the work for you. Get the Blue Keycard and return to the reader to access the door at the end of this hall.

This next room is a really annoying box-moving puzzle. Enter and turn right and kill the droid. Move down and enter the room on the right and get the box. Pull and push it out to the balcony then move it down to the break in the railing and push it over to the floor below. Make a mental note of the red card reader behind you in the corner of this balcony and the red card which is on a high ledge on the pillar next to the break in the railing.

Time to move some boxes. Move one of two boxes onto the elevator and press the switch to make it go up. Run up the stairs past Panaka who should be busy dealing with the destroyer droids that are rolling around this place. Move around to the right and move the box off the lift. Drop off the side of the lift and press the button to lower the elevator and push the second box onto the lift into the back corner. Run back up the stairs and push the other box back towards the lift so it rests ontop of the other box. Jump down to the floor and pull both boxes across the hall back to the break in the opposite railing. Now run up the stairs and go left back to the break in the railing. Jump to the boxes then to the ledge on the pillar and get the Red Keycard. Jump back to the balcony and use the card in the reader the jump over the rail and up the stairs to the door with the red switch.

Move out to the ring and get on the platform and ride down. Step off on the middle ring and double-jump to the next ring with the droid. This is a tough jump so you may want to save. Kill the droid then continue along the catwalk until you reach the final ring. Get ready to do a running double-jump to this ring but be careful. For some reason, when Obi-Wan lands he will do a somersault - don't ask me why - this is the only place he does it and if the platform isn't in the lowered position you will roll right into the middle and fall to your death. So wait for the platform to lower and fill the hole in the middle of the ring before doing this jump. Now ride the platform to the top, kill the droid, and go through the doors.

This next area has a lift and a switch. Flip the switch and quickly get on the lift and ride down to the floor. Go to the right and double-jump to the ledge and flip the switch at the right end of this ledge. Return to the floor and flip the switch to raise the lift and ride back to the top. A grate to your left should have slid over allowing you to pull a box out of the wall. Move it to the lift and flip the switch to ride down with the box. Push the box to the left toward the blue maze of energy beam. Push the box to the first intersection then over to the left. Push the box up to the far wall then climb up and into the control room.

This puzzle is not to difficult once you learn that the path you need to take is right down the middle. Flipping each of the switches will rotate the spindles in the other room and redirect the energy. If you really get frustrated then here is the solution. Visualize the control display as a clock. Set the switches to read from left to right: 9:00 - 9:30 - 3:00 - 9:30 - 3:00 - 9:30 - 3:00 - 9:30 You should now have a clear path right down the middle of the maze. Go to the other side and ride the lift up to the next level and go out the door to the rings.

Prepare for your final battle as the Queen. Kill all the droids in your immediate location then get behind the Heavy Cannon and do some real damage. Take out all the destroyer and soldier droids before proceeding to the stairs. Run to the left and right sides to bait the droids into following you back to the stairs then run back to the cannon and use it to kill as many droids as you can. Return and finish off any remaining droids with regular weapons.

Head up the stairs and to the left. Clear the droids as you enter the room and go out the window to the ledge. Follow the ledge around and kill another droid. Fire as soon as you hear him since the top-down view makes him hard to see until it is too late. Jump in the window on the right and kill a few more droids and grab the Full Health in the corner. Now go through the side door and kill a few more droid and talk to the Viceroy.

He says you have fallen into his trap, but the half-dozen droids he throws at you is nothing compared to what you've been through to get this far. A couple grenades or a few side-to-side strafes with your blaster will clear the room and the Viceroy will surrender.

Walk out to the ring and jump to the moving platform when it is lower than you. Ride it down to the ring with the catwalk extending from it and continue across the room to the final ring. Get on the lift and ride it up to the ring with the catwalk extending back towards the center of this huge area. Follow the catwalk to the dead end ring and make a double-jump that lands you on the catwalk where Darth and Qui-Gon have been fighting. Of course they are no longer here so head to the doors on the left and enter.

Make your way past the red forcefields when they are off and watch Darth Maul kill Qui-Gon. Rush into this room and begin the final battle. As always, the best strategy and weapon to use is the trusty old Jedi Lightsaber so start swinging. Darth Maul has a nasty red lightning attack and he will also toss boxes at you. There is nothing you can to do prevent this so just tough it out. On each of the upper ledges on either side are concealed compartments with a Full Health in each. Try to wait until the last possible minute before using one of these. Eventually the battle will move to the catwalk over the bottomless shaft. Just start doing all your best moves and double-tapping that attack key for the downward thrust attack. Darth Maul will eventually die (although not as graphic as in the movie) and you can rush over to Qui-Gon for a few parting words from your Master.

Enjoy the closing victory celebration and movie and thanks for playing Star Wars Episode One: The Phantom Menace and thanks for using Sinjin's Ultimate Strategy Guide.

May the Force Be With You...Always.

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