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Special thanks to...

Mark Smith for providing the main basis of this walkthrough.
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[edit] Introduction

"Unfinished Business" provides TWO EXPERT LEVELS of Lara's dramatic return to Atlantis - Lara has discovered the existence of a ruined segment of the alien city, allegedly containing a hive of surviving creatures guarding an alien hatchery. In this new adventure she must destroy the aliens before they invade again!

[edit] Atlantean Stronghold

If you remember that big long ramp you were sliding down at the very end of the original game then you will recognize your starting location at the beginning of this level as you finish the slide. Proceed forward and jump over the pit then head to the boiling lava and jump over it. Grab onto the ledge and pull up and head to the right to claim SECRET #1: 4 boxes of shotgun shells. That was easy!

Jump back over the lava and head to the pit and drop down. Head up the ramp to the right. A boulder will start to roll towards you but it will fall in the pit before it hits you. A running jump will send you over the long pit with the boulder in it and you can enter the next room. Ignore the creatures to the left - they can't hurt you from behind the wall. Grab the medkit hidden in the alcove behind the small lava pit, then head into the next room and kill the demon which attacks.

Lots of shotgun ammo is to your left and back behind you. Now head to the edge which overlooks the huge area below. The large tower structure has a ledge on the right side. Drop down onto the ledge then pull up into the top of the tower. Jump across the middle of the tower so you land on the ledge about halfway down. This triggers a pair of demons which you can easily shoot as they circle the tower. You can climb back up one level for a better shot if necessary.

A medkit and shells wait for you at the bottom of the tower, so do a safety drop from the middle ledge to avoid damage from the lengthy drop and get the items. Head to the opening that overlooks the large sloping surface with the four square holes. Jump out towards the left corner of the building. A boulder will come rolling down the hill so get out of its way fast and jump up to the path above! Grab the shotgun shells.

Follow the path until you can jump up to the ledge that circles this cavern. Make sure to avoid another boulder trap as you land. Now make an angled jump towards the square pillar and get some more shells then take out the attacking demon. More shells and a medkit wait for you below and another pair of demons are waiting to move in. When you have the items and the demons are dead you can now enter the sloped structure.

Do a safety drop into the hole then jump down to the lower ledge then jump across the two pits and collect a pair of medkits. Now go to the shaft which is to the right of the rock ledge and drop off and hang from the edge. Shimmy to the right before dropping to the pyramid below. Kill all three demons and get all the items which consist of six boxes of shells and a medkit. Two of the demons will hatch from the green pulsating pods on the wall while the final demon waits for you to grab the shells by the pyramid.

Head through the large door and run down the passage with the dart trap until you reach the stairs. Go down and kill another demon and continue into the next demon-infested hall. Three demons are frozen along the walls and will not wake up unless you take the items they guard. Unless you are going for a perfect item or kill score leave these guys alone. Go to the bottom of the stairs and flip the switch and take the shells before heading up the stairs. Flip the switch at the top to wake up one of the demons. Uzi's or magnums work nicely as he comes up the stairs towards you. If he is still alive after than then drop off the landing and finish him as he is coming back down the stairs. Repeat this process by flipping the remaining switches to activate the other two demons. When all three are dead you can take the items they were guarding; 2 magnum clips and 6 boxes of shells.

Head back up the stairs and get the medkit (if you haven't already) and flip the two switches by the membrane to open doors in other parts of this level. A pair of demons guards a medkit, 2 magnum clips, 2 Uzi clips, and 4 boxes of shells in a small room to the right. Kill the demons and load your backpack before heading back up to the room with the pyramid. Go to the new door and kill the demon along the way.

Head up the ramp then climb up onto the ledge then turn and jump to grab and pull up to another higher ledge. Jump to the next ledge and over a lava pit then go up to the left and kill the demon at the top of the ramp. Continue on until you reach the next room where you can get a medkit then jump some lava to get 2 boxes of shotgun shells.

Return to the bottom of the ramps and head up the right ramp and jump into the opening at the top. You land inside a room with lots of flying darts and a pair of demons. Kill them then take a swim to find a pair of switches which open an underwater door. Swim through the door and follow the passage to obtain SECRET #2: medkit, 4 boxes of shells and 2 magnum clips. Before you leave the area you will also find another medkit and 2 boxes of shells under the water (not part of the secret).

Once you are done swimming you can continue out of this room and into the next smaller area. There is a switch in this room but ignore it for now and instead, go to the room to the right of the switch where you will find a pool and another switch. Flip the switch to release 4 demons who will attack from the previous room. Kill them all then dive into the pool to retrieve a box of shells. Return to that first switch where you will find another passage you can follow to another switch. This switch opens a door nearby which leads to a pair of medkits.

Now go back to that first switch and flip it to open a pair of doors which hides a pair of demons and a total of 8 boxes of shotgun shells. There should be one last switch you haven't flipped back in the pool room. Flip it now to open a door back to the main cavern from the beginning of this level. A switch in the bottom of the pool will open the door at the top of the steps. Go through the door and kill the demon then head left and kill another demon.

Four magnum clips lie in the bottom of the pool so dive in and get those before flipping the left switch to open a tunnel which leads to some shotgun and Uzi ammo. Climb out of the water back by the left switch then climb up the two ledges on the left to find another switch which opens a door above. Jump the gap to your left and pull up to find some shotgun shells on a ledge next to you. Return to the ledge with the switch and climb up the opposite wall to retrieve a medkit.

Jump over to the ledge with the door and enter to find a room full of spikes and other useful inventory items. A jump to your left should put you on a large ledge. Go up the slope and jump up to the ledge to retrieve the medkit before dropping back down and doing a running jump to the ledge with the magnum ammo. Drop and hang off the edge of this ledge then drop and grab onto the crack just below the edge. Now shimmy to the ledge on the right and drop down to get more magnum ammo.

Pull up onto the next ledge and drop down on the other side then drop to the clear spot in the room below and walk through the spikes to obtain another medkit. Flip the switch before walking back to the clear spot in the spikes. Dive in and follow the underwater tunnel, making sure to get the magnum clips and shells located in the tunnel. Flip the left switch in the next room then dive down and head through the door on the right which opens by itself. Return to the spikes and exit the water and walk through the spikes to your right.

Climb up to the first ledge then turn left and climb to the next then jump into the small alcove then turn and jump back to the ledge. Jump and pull up to the ledge on the left and continue until you see a large stone bridge. Jump to the bridge then do a running jump over the large chasm and kill the demon. Shotgun and magnum ammo are your rewards for this encounter, but they also trigger a second demon as you are picking them up so kill him too. Jump back to the bridge and head for the alcove to the right.

Pull up to the ledge and head for the lava tube. Jump past the two lava jets and get the shotgun shells. Now head back down the lava tube and pull up onto the concealed ledge on the right and enter the tunnel. Follow it to the ledge with a spectacular view of the main cavern.

Jump to the next ledge and kill the pair of flying demons who are coming in for the kill. Grab the shells and the medkit before doing a flying leap to the small ledge with some magnum clips. Jump to the large platform and make a note of the arrow carved into the stone. That is your guide to jumping into that hole in the top corner of the sloped structure. A running jump should send you sailing into the hole for a triple-scream fall before you splash into the water below.

A Centaurian patrols this area so climb out of the water and eliminate him before heading through the door and down the hall. Flipping the switch at the end of the hall will end this level.

[edit] The Hive

A medkit and magnum ammo can be found when you start this level. Continue forward and grab all the Uzi ammo - don't worry - the demons won't wake up....yet. Move on and flip the switch inside the short hall then return to the chamber with the ceiling full of boulders. Move slowly so you don't get too many boulder coming at you at once. Move into the room then jump right then back left to dodge the first volley of rolling death. When you have dodged your final boulder you should be able to find a wall with a pair of switches.

Flip the switch on the left then kill the demon which attacks through the door you just opened. Head down the stairs and into the new passage. Time your run past the steel blades and gather up the 4 clips of magnum ammo at the end of the hall. Return to the main room and flip the remaining switch to open a door opposite the one you opened earlier. Naturally, another demon is released, so kill him before proceeding down the hall.

Dodge the flying darts and the crushing steel blades and grab the medkit. Now jump out into the darkness and slide down the ramp. Angle your jump to the left so you are sliding forwards. You can do this sequence backwards but you will be doing a lot of "blind backflips" if you do. Jump to the next sloping ledge before you reach the end of the first then slide down that slope and jump to the third slope. Now you begin to jump back and forth between two slopes which are angled towards each other with deadly lava in the middle. Just keep jumping back and forth and slowly steer each jump towards the right. You will make your way down to the right where the slope is flat enough so you won't slide back.

A demon moves in from the left so take care of him before advancing into this lava chamber. Two more demons will appear as you make your way through this next challenging section. Kill them as soon as you are in range. Head to the ledge on the left and jump over the pit and get the medkit. Now head to the large pit in the middle of this area and jump down onto the ledge in the pit. At one end of this pit is an area with lava and several sloped rocks. Drop to the lower ledge then slide down the ramp, jumping at the last second to grab onto the opposite rock and pull up. Here you will find SECRET #1: a medkit (at least it's a big one).

Now repeat the sequence of jumps to get out of this area. When you are back to the ledge in the main pit you can do a running leap to the far side of the pit and pull up out of here.

Now head back to where you first entered this area and look out over the lava. Two gold doors are on the opposite wall and several sloped lava pillars will assist you in reaching them. For now, jump to your right over the lava and follow the path to the top then jump out to the stone in the middle of the lava and get the Uzi clips. Jump to the next lower column and get more Uzi ammo then jump to the rock on your left. This opens the door on the right which is on a timer, so quickly jump back to the previous rock then back to the walkway and follow it around to the left until you can do a running jump over the lava and grab and pull up to the doorway and enter. For the record - the left door is just a decoy. It is very difficult to open and there is nothing inside but a switch to let you back out.

Inside the next room, drop off the top ledge and go right, then forward, then right, and climb up to the ledge. Turn and jump to the middle ledge and kill the pair of demons which hatch as you land. Jump over the pit and grab and pull up the next ledge and head up the stairs to kill the Centaurion who is guarding the hole which leads to the room below. Grab the Uzi ammo from the stone then slide down the ramp to the underground lake.

Several demons lurk around the edge of the lake and will shoot fireballs at you as you swim around. You need to get out of the water fast so you can fight back, so find the low platform over to your left and climb out of the water. Open fire and kill the first demon before jumping to the big black rock. Now jump to the slope and slide down backwards and grab on. Shimmy to the right and pull up to the ledge and kill another demon who attacks from the right. Dive back in the lake and head to the other corner where a demon is probably there to greet you. Kill him then take the magnum ammo. With all three demons out of the way we can now safely go on a treasure hunt.

Being to explore all the underwater corners of the lake. Items are located everywhere including some directly under that central rock structure. When you are done exploring you should have added the following items to your inventory: 5 medkits and 2 Uzi clips. Now head for the ledge along the far wall where three more demons will come to life when you get close enough. Kill all three, then climb up to their ledge and drop down into the pit they were guarding to retrieve ten (yes 10!) Uzi clips. Climb back out of the pit and drop another pair of demons then jump to the tall rock pillar to claim some magnum clips.

Still not enough stuff? Okay - swim over to the black ledge and get out of the water. then jump to the sloped section of the central structure. Jump again to reach the next higher ledge then jump and grab to pull up to the top ledge. Follow it around to the side and get the Uzi clips before continuing to the top. When you reach the barrier, you can climb up and over it to retrieve a pair of magnum clips. Now return to the water and get out on that black ledge again then turn and jump to the large black rock then jump to the ledge on the left and get the Uzi ammo. Finally, go to the large door and flip both of the switches to open the two doors leading to the next deadly chamber.

As you enter the room, a pair of Centaurians come to life and attack. Run, jump and flip about madly as you fill these bad guys full of lead. Use the central columns as protection and lead them in circles as you backflip and fire continuously. Clean out the room, adding two medkits and 6 clips of Uzi ammo to your growing collection of items. Now flip all those switches in the center of the room to open some doors leading out of here.

The switches release another demon which you can easily take care of. The next room has three pods which will release another pair of demons and a Centaurian. When you have emptied the room of all the creatures you can take a swim down to a switch on the right which opens a door on the left. Swim inside to get a medkit and a lot of Uzi ammo (8 clips). Now return to the main pool and flip the left switch to open the right door. Take a big breath before entering this next area. The small maze of underwater tunnels leads to a switch which opens a tunnel leading back to the main lake with the large central structure. Before leaving the ares, make sure you collect the 4 Uzi clips, 6 boxes of shells and the medkit from the various corners of the underwater maze. Now take the tunnel back to the main lake, exit on the ledge in the far corner and jump back to the center structure and make your way inside.

The doors in the center of this structure are now open and you can enter and kill another demon. Climb onto the ledge by the door then drop down and jump to the next ledge where a medkit awaits. Head down the hall and collect all four boxes of shells. Continue down the hall past the first door and down to the last which opens automatically (a very bad omen).

Eight mummified demons surround this room - two on each wall and there are 14 boxes of shotgun shells lying about. The demons won't wake up until you step onto the central platform to collect the last 8 boxes of shells. And then only certain demons will wake up depending on where you step on the main floor. If you try to just leave this area, all eight will swarm you and it's all over! Instead, kill them as they come at you - using the Shotgun of course - and when the attacking demons are dead, move around to wake up another one (or two) then run back to the central block and shoot them from there. The central block is the safest place to attack from - just make sure you don't run or get knocked into the lava pits scattered about the room. When all eight are dead you can safely leave this room and return the door you passed earlier which is now open.

Head down the new hall and enter the large chamber with a pair of switches an several pods waiting to hatch. Move around until the pods hatch and kill the demons, then flip the switches and run through the timed door on the other side of the room. WHOA! Eight pods line the walls of this room and a Centaurian is galloping around the middle. When he is no longer a problem, cross this room (yes, the pods are empty so stop worrying) and drop down the ramp at the far end to collect the medkit and Uzi ammo.

Climb up the ramp and take care of the four newly hatched demons. When they are dead you can flip the switch and run like crazy for the door at the far end. It is on a very short timer so waste no time in getting through that door. Once through the door, you will start sliding down a steep ramp. As you reach the bottom, pods will explode on each of the walls and you will fall into the pool below. Find the passage on the right wall and swim out of this level...

You've just taken care of all your "Unfinished Business".
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