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Here is the text walkthrough for Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness.


[edit] Level 1 Parisian Back Streets (Training)

After the glorious intro and cut scene of Von Croys murder and Lara’s escape Out of his apartment Lara is thrown out a window by forceful pooches that snag Her backpack from her. Guess we’ll have to store the pickups in her Jean Pockets!

The level begins in an alley and it’s raining. Lara’s voice is the narrator that will guide You through the controls and your movements as needed along the way. Go to a door where there is a sign that’s says Martin Mealett and get the chocolate bar. This is for a boost of energy 10% and non fat milk Mmmm yummy save it for later. First you need to climb onto a nearby bin and then jump and Grab the edge of the balcony and climb up. Next you have to jump across a small gap To the next balcony, and there you’ll find a ladder. Climb up the ladder and get off onto The ledge and go through an opened window. Go inside and get some goodies there. You’ll find some money a chocolate bar for energy. A cabinet is locked and we need To pry it open. Leave the apartment and climb up the ladder to the roof. On your left You’ll find some Antique doubloons another goodie. You’ll have to walk to the edge Of the balcony and jump across to the other side. Once you grabbed the ledge and pull Up go to the left and climb over a small fence and get another bar of chocolate. Hop back over the fence and walk straight to the other side. You’ll see a footing that Requires a short hop, jump across and walk the planks you’ll see a drain pipe you need to Climb up. Time is of the essence when climbing as Lara loses energy fast so climb up And shimmy to the right as fast as you can till you can let go onto a landing. After that Your energy is restored now you need to shimmy to the right watching your energy. Pull up when you are in the clear. Look for a barrel it’s in your way and you need to Move it over to the left. Once clear go over the ledge and grab the crowbar. Jump back To the roof again and go to a door you passed earlier on the roof. Use the crowbar to Pry the lock off the door and press action to open the door. Inside is your first weapon An MV-9 mm semi automatic 12 shot gun. We can go back to the apartment now by So shimmy back the way you came and down the drain pipe,turn left and jump below And back through the window of the apartment. Go to the cabinet and pry it open with The crowbar. Inside is a necklace very valuable. Go out the window again and make Your way as before back to the roof again repeating the jump,the water pipe and shimmy To the rooftop and head back to the area where we got the crowbar from. We have to shimmy left along the ledge and get to a fire escape before Lara Runs out of energy. Once there use the stealth button and hug the wall Lara will peer Around the corner. At the end of the walkway on the left near some cans is a key. By all means get it as we will need it soon. Go back the way you came until you see a Gate open, the gate and climb down the ladder to end the training level.

[edit] Level 2 Relic Apartment Block

The level begins with Lara by a door way that is barricaded by a piece of wood and police are trying to break in to get you. Pull the cabinet to the right to block the door to hold them off for a little while now head up the stairs. The police have broken through and have thrown tear gas inside. The tear gas will get you eventually if you do not find a place where the gas hasn’t gotten to yet so time is a factor. Head to the next landing and ignore the boarded doors. Go around the elevator and cross the landing around the non functioning elevator. There is a locked door apartment 21 that Lara says needs a key. We’ll be back later for that. Run around the corner and jump the gap between the stairs. Continue to climb the steps until you’ve reached the next landing. The floor which wasn’t in great shape to begin with falls apart from debris above making the gap even wider. Leap over the gap with a long jump and climb up. Look for some health pills around the corner that are good for a 20% boost woo hoo! Tastes like candy. Move next to the wardrobe blocking the stairs and go to the next landing. You find your first Health Pack and a door you have to barge with your shoulder to get through. Take a deep breath now because the gas has temporarily stopped and get some goodies in the 2 cabinets in the room. You have also gained an upgrade of upper body, some V-Packer Cartridges and some batteries and those are not for a walkman they are for a K2 Impactor battery. Leave the room and go back to the elevator landing and get another goodie some health bandages. Head for the stairs where there is a crate we need to move. Move it towards the stairs until it won’t move no further and climb up. Jump across the gap to the railings across the way, Lara will grab them climb up and proceed to a door on the right. You enter a maintenance room and wow the gas has stopped for a moment. Quickly grab 2 items. One a lift key and on the wall another set of keys to the apartment. Activate a lever in the room that starts the elevator and head towards the elevator; Do not use the 0 or 1 or you’ll be caught by the cops. You need to get to the door on the floor level with the wide gap we jumped before. Once inside get some more goodies in a cabinet and 2 more goodies in the drawers. The goodies we acquire are Vector- R35 another gun and another bar of chocolate last but not least a large health pack. Leave the room and jump the gap again and head for the elevator to the top floor where we need to go to the room where we activated the elevator "the maintenance room". Open the metal door and exit this gassy level and breathe a breath of fresh air Ahhhhh.

[edit] Level 3 Industrial Rooftops

The level begins back in the rain again but it sure beats the gas in the previous level. Lara needs to climb the block and go up the ladder to a platform with a wire above. Position yourself and jump to grab the wire. Hurry and don’t waste time as Lara’s Energy will run out and she’ll fall to a nasty demise. Along the way you’ll hit a splice In the wire and will need to use the duck button to raise Lara’s legs. Once past the splice Which is only a split second of moving let go of the duck button and resume to save time. A helicopter is now flying over head , get off the wire to the side of the rooftop and run to The boxes taking on a few gunshots from the helicopter. Here’s where it gets tricky… Look at the opening and look for the grid on the rooftop on the slope to the left. To the right is a skylight. We want to walk slowly down the sloped grid left portion all the way Down to the very edge. From here jump across to the other side and grab the ledge and pull up. Use the duck button and crawl inside the crate and grab some more bandages. Note : You have to let go of the duck button and then press action to get the goodie. Crawl out and head back to where you climbed up and turn around do a backwards Drop and press action to grab the ledge again. Let go and press action again to grab Another ledge on the way down then let go to do a nice safe drop to the metal walkway. There is a metal door that needs Lara’s shoulder to force it open. They forgot about adding WD-40 hehe. Once inside we have more goodies for the taking. Pick up the Doubloons and proceed forward to another door that can be opened easily. On the small table is another bar of chocolate eat it if your hungry. On the floor is a Large Health Pack too. Next we go through the next door. This one requires a good kick and leads to a walkway leading to yet another door. Through that door you’ll see similar balconys across the way go down a level and Walk until you reach and edge Lara will tell you she’s not ready for a jump of That distance yet. Drop down below and grab another Health Pack on the ground Then look for the garage door that’s partially open. Duck and crawl to get outside. Look around the area for some more goodies and go back to the barrel with the fire. Further down nearby is a crate with a barrel inside that needs to be pushed near the barrel That’s on fire because there is a ladder we need to climb onto. Once moved in position Climb onto the crate and grab the ladder above and climb until you get to a landing And get off. Walk through the door again and head back to the same area with the garage door. After pushing the crate Lara got a boost of abilities and can now make that long jump. Once back at that area where we couldn’t make that jump before go ahead and take a step backward and jump to the other side and grab the ledge. Shimmy left until it’s safe to climb up and go up the ladder and grab the goodie then a short hop and through a door, walk down the corridor to the right is another door. Open the door and in the distance is an area we need to jump to. Walk to the edge and hit the forward and jump button you land on the other side.Go up the stairs to another door and climb up the ladder ignoring the door on the left (can’t open it anyway) Go through the door leading to the rooftop. Once on the roof we have a few goodies To get. One is behind the small shack with the smoke stack jutting out of it and the Other is to the left of the shack that requires a short jump to the other building and Down a ladder , Pick up some bandages and back up the ladder and Jump back to where you were before and run towards the opposite building to exit this level and on to Margo Carvier’s Apartment.

[edit] Level 4 Margo Carvier's Apartmernt

The level begins with Lara ringing Margo’s bell and asking if she can come in. You will be required to ask questions and give answers and depending on those answers will decide your outcome. You need to convince Margo to give you Von Croy’s notebook. So let's assume you’ve done well and answered correctly and Margo has given you the notebook. After she has given it to you Margo leaves the apartment and you are in front of a desk. You need to get a few things in the apartment. Do not loiter around the doors are all locked except for the one we need to exit from. We have little time to waste as the police are onto your whereabouts if you do venture about the apartment poking around they will enter the apartment and you will be arrested. Immediately grab the cognac on the counter near the sink if you didn’t get the notebook the cognac is in one of the bottom kitchen cabinets. I’d make sure I got the notebook as this is the path of this written level. Ok we have the cognac get out of the kitchen and proceed to the Large Desk in the living room and grab some health pills. The doorway left of the desk with a potted plant is your exit. By now the police are well on there way so exit the door and jump through the window. Lara drops down and finds refuge and takes a well deserved sleep in the Parisian Ghetto and the end of this level.

[edit] Level 5 Parisian Ghetto

From this point on it starts to get more complicated as there are numerous paths you can take and this is the path I have taken in this walkthrough.

Lara well rested wakes at 6a.m. in a metro car. Exit the car via The only exit and turn left and go to some bums hanging out by A flaming barrel roasting some mystery meat lol! Walk up to them and start pumping them for info. They give you A little information but not much they only tell you to go to the Café Metro in the Place d’ Arcade... Leaves the bums to their warm Toasty fire and turn back to the metro car and walk up to the pipe In front of the car. Lara will climb up then jump to the top. Turn left and walk to the other end of the there is a goodie under The pipe, crawl under and get the goodie. Come back to the car Crawling back, turn around and climb the fence to the top. From here We can get some more goodies before we speak to the nice Frenchman We can see to the right-hand corner in the distance. On the grating you Are standing on turn toward the other grating at the opposite end and Take a few steps back and go for that long leap and grab the grating On the other side. Once up make your way to the right hand side toward Some fencing, you’ll notice to the left of the fence a small lip sticking out That Lara can shimmy across. Jump onto the small ledge and shimmy right Until Lara turns then bring yourself up through the gap in the fence. You’ll find 2 goodie pickups for your trouble. Now we have to head back To the grating we were on near the nice Frenchman. Carefully hang drop From the opening to avoid losing precious energy. Go back to the pipe and Up the car and climb the fence again and walk in the direction of the man Standing towards the right hand corner. Turn right and jump to land on the Platform. Walk up to the City Guide and ask him a few questions. What you ask has no bearing on the outcome he simply tells you there is A lot of creepy things going on by a serial killer dubbed the Monstrum. He suggests you go to the Café’ Metro. After the conversation there is A door nearby exit through the door and walk up to the nice lady standing There waiting for some business to come her way on such a fine morning. Janice is the lady in red and if you want as much quality info from her You need to ask the right questions. 1. Ask her if she has worked in the Neighborhood for very long. Oh? trouble? 3. What makes this café owner so Unlucky? After you find out all the dish that’s been going on in the area And to visit the Le Serpent Rouge and the latest on Margo we need to find The Willowtree Herbalist.

[edit] Level 6

To get there go to (just kidding) Look for the Le Serpent Rouge its right there around you. Go in that Direction and if you are going the right way on your left will be a wad Of cash, continue on and if you walked over the sewer plate that’s Bouchard’s Hideout, but we aren’t going there yet so pass it by. Go to the end of the street and, go left to the end (Screen Load*) as we enter certain place a screen will appear to load the next area* Go uphill and look to your right for a building with some stairs. Nothing in the first doorway so walk up to the top and enter the Willowtree Herbalist Shop. (Screen Load once again) Walk up to the herbalist dude a nice friendly Asian fellow. He tells you to find Bouchards body guard, but you’ll need Money and a password from him to get to Bouchard. We can exit the store now and next we have to find the St. Aicard’s Church. Once you leave the shop you’ll have Another screen load these load screens are helpful as they Provide clues to what to look for sometimes. In this case The load screen provides the church we are looking for. Head out of the shop and down the steps and go in that Direction bear slightly left and to the right is the building You can’t miss it.

St. Aichard's Church

Walk to the door and enter. It’s not used As a place of worship anymore it’s been converted into a Gym. Sacrilege lol! In the rear of the room is an alter push it until Lara tells you you’ve gotten stronger, now you’ve increased your Leg strength. Head over to the beefy gym dude hanging out by the Ring. Lara can make a wager here providing she has the loot to bet. I suggest saving here before you wager as you can lose and not get The watch, this way you can load a save again and replay until you Do win the wager to get the watch. Lara wants his watch so she can use it for the pawn shop later. You have a choice to make between Zak & Carl. I chose Carl and won The watch. The beefy gym dude tells you to make like a tree and get Out of here. Exit the Church I mean Gym and follow the path back Past the Willowtree Herbalist and down the street (Load Screen)

Renne's Pawnshop

Run all the way past Janice the lady in red you spoke to earlier as you Pass her things still look like business is slow. You’ll see a barricade At the end of the street the last door on the right is Renne’s pawn shop. Go through the door and the entrance is the first left down the hall Nothing is up the stairs ahead. Talk to Renne and he’ll ask you if you Are buying or selling. A select screen appears and select your items You’ve collected you can sell to build up your euros. Now exit the Building and go back to where Janice is wasting the day away, but on The bright side getting lots of fresh air.

Cafe' Metro

Opposite Le Serpent Rouge Are a set of stairs take the stairs (Load Screen and building hint) Go down the street and bear left you pass along the way a store with A red canopy, take the left after the store ahead is a street sign and If you look closely points the way left to the Café Metro which is Where we need to go next. The entrance is before the non-ridable Motorcycle too bad what a bummer. Go inside and walk up to the counter There is a recognizable gentleman who looks like he may have had too Much wine seated in the corner of the café. If you look closely it’s none Other than Kurtis Trent, he’s not in the mood for social interaction at Present so say hi and leave him be. Lara asks Pierre at the counter If he needs anything done, problems sorted out in return for his assistance In the whereabouts of Bouchard. Lara is to go to the Le Serpent Rouge and Get a small item in a non functioning light fixture and bring it back to him. He gives you the key to the place as he use to be employed there. You can Now exit the Café and wave bye bye to Kurtis on your way out he may wave Back if he’s in the mood.

[edit] Level 7 Le Serpent Rouge

Note: This is my outcome and others may experience a different one.

After leaving the Café’ Metro head back to Janice, along the way where we have found Cash many times in the corner is another wad of cash to be taken. As Lara goes to grab it Kurtis gets on his bike and takes off into the Parisian sunset. Nothing like French Roast To wake you right up again. Go to the back of Le Serpent Rouge and enter the building You’ll encounter a baddie in the office nearby. Take him out with some kicks or use Your weapons to take him out, then scoop up the snacks and goodies on the desk he won’t Be needing them anymore. Leave the office and look for a switch on the wall. It turns out the lights and you could have used it to make things more stealthy with the Baddie before, but I just saw him and wasted him right away. Go down the end of the hall And you’ll enter the club. Baddies are inside waiting to shoot you dead. You’ll have to Face them eventually but for now we want to cause a slight diversion first. Activate your stealth mode and hug the wall left and sneak up the stairs. Grab the record On the turntable and then turn around and turn on the switch near the stairs you came up. Taking the record will give us music with our flashing lights we just turned on.

Look for one and add it to your arsenal. No time to waste a baddie is at the stairs hurry and take him out quickly. Another baddie Is out there also do the same to him as you did to his partner. Walk around the stage You’ll find a goodie grab the bandages and head over to the bar. Grab the goodies On both sides of the counter two on the back and the bottle on the front. Now look for a Switch at the entrance of the bartenders area it activates a dumb waiter throw the switch. Down comes some V-Packers Cartridges take them both then leave the bar area. Head for the stairs but get ready for a baddie at the top. Walk around the catwalk upstairs To a movable block. You have to push or pull it towards the railing and line it up as close As possible to the lighting rig above, Jump and pull yourself up then walk to the center Of the room. Some rigging collapses in front of us. Jump to the catwalk on the other side. Go to the right hand corner and there is a health pack. You’ll encounter 2 baddies take Them down then look for an opening in the railing of the catwalk. Go to the edge and Wait for the lighting rig to be at its lowest point and jump towards it. Don’t have a Heavy hand on the left stick or you may overshoot the mark. Once on the rigging Take another leap to the other side of the rigging and turn left. You’ll see a part of the Rigging you can climb onto. Climb up and shimmy right and climb to the top of the Rigging. Across the way from here we can see a green cat walk on the other side. We have to make a jump from where we are to the other side of the rigging. Turn around and look ahead and jump to the ledge across the way. Turn left and Climb the ladder and left to the walkway. Turn around and look at a box on the rigging. Take note of that box because that where we have to come back to get Pierre’s Item. Turn around and to the left you see a slide. Slide down and hit the jump button the way Down to jump to the ledge on the other side. A short jump over the gap and forward To the end where some more rigging is with a pipe resting above it. Jump to the rigging And shimmy left past the pipes and pull yourself up. From here turn left and jump Down to the green catwalk near a control room door. Lara does not have the strength to Open the door right now but she will after you kick the catwalk to bring it down so we Can walk on it later. Now kick in the control room door and you’ll find a panel with Left and right switches. Hit the left switches twice and the right switches once. This will line up our light that Pierre said was the only one broken. Now we leave The control room and head across the catwalk Lara’s so graciously kicked down for us. Go to the end to the ladder again and back to the rigging with the box once again. If you threw the switches correctly you’ll find Pierre’s Trinket Box. Return to the ladder and back to the control room where you’ll encounter a baddie. Take his weapon after and a Ticket Office Key that is on the floor. Before we exit Climb down the ladder and grab a snack of chocolate. Climb back up and exit through The door. Make your way down to the street level by taking the ladder the a drop From a small opening and then a flight of stairs. Through an opening and drop to the Street. We are now finished with Le Serpent Rouge and need to find a manhole Cover for the Metro Tunnels. Note: Once in the manhole it says Bouchard’s Hideout. We are in the right place Though so don’t worry.

[edit] Level 8 Metro Tunnels

Once back on the street find the manhole cover we passed frequently where we Got many wads of cash and saw Kurtis take off on his bike. If you were near Janice and facing the Le Serpent Rouge that would be the direction to take. Drop down the manhole cover and go down the corridor and make a left to Some boxes. Jump onto the box and climb the wall you’ll notice the mortar Broken as a clue you can climb it. Go as high as you can and shimmy to the Right as far as you can until you are around the small platform and can pull Yourself up. Turn left and jump to the platform on the other side. Look up for The opening above and turn Lara to a 45 degree angle and jump towards the opening. Lara will grab the ledge, shimmy over and climb in. Use the duck button to crawl Through to the next room. Jump to the next opening and crawl through and exit. Turn right towards a gate, there is a lot of goodies and cash on the ground to pick up. Open the gate and go up the stairs and exit the park. This area should be very Familiar by now across the street is the Church Gym so turn right and go past The Willowtree Herbalist and all the back to the are where we can see Janice And where we can get another wad of cash in the corner then back down the sewer Again. Go straight as far as you can go until you reach an area with a drop below. To your right you’ll notice two small platforms and broken mortar that’s climbable. We have hang from the small ledge and shimmy left and climb down and over And enter that small alcove. There is a diamond ring we can pawn at renne’s shop After we are done. Climb back out and return to the small ledge. From there we Have to make a jump to the other side. I suggest a save here in case you don’t Make it. Jump to the area across the way pick up the goodie and climb the ladder, Make a left and kick down a door and get the large health pack. Exit the room and Return back to the ladder and back to the area we jump to before. Another save Alert here as this jump is a bit tricky also. Position yourself just right to get Back to the left small corner ledge, take the jump and climb back up then go Straight all the way through the tunnel. At the end of the tunnel on the right Is a ladder, climb up the ladder and exit to the surface and cash in our ring at the Pawn shop. Ooops forgot out of the manhole and at our favorite corner the money Fairy left another wad of cash. Pick it up and head past Janice to Renne’s. We didn’t get much for the ring must have been a cubic zerconia. Head out of the pawn shop back to Janice and go up the stairs to the left and Follow the path back to the Café’ Metro. Down the street bearing left, street sign And another left and straight ahead on your right is the shop. The bike is gone Because it was Kurtis Trents last time we were there. Enter the Café’ and Walk up to Pierre, he tells you Kurtis was asking also about the whereabouts Of Bouchard and as agreed to get to Bouchard he has set up a meeting with His ex Francine and gives you the address and password to her apartment. Her apartment is by The Church Gym St. Aicards Church. To get there exit the Café’ and bear left back where we came by Janice, Down the stairs and left down the block bear left, up the hill and past the Church. You’ll see a dude behind a gate. That’s Bouchards doorman. Leave him be for now we don’t need to talk to him. Past him down the Road look for a door with a keypad on the right. You can refer to your Items List or simply type in 15328. Now you can enter the door and head up the Stairs to Francine’s apartment. She tells you that’s Bouchard’s Hideout is In the basement of the Church. Pierre was right about Bouchard lying low! She tells you the only way to get there is through the graveyard mausoleum That’s happens to be right outside her window. What a view! Press the action Button at the window to leave Francine’s apartment and onto the ledge.

[edit] Level 9 The Graveyard

We left off the previous part at Francine’s Ledge. Turn right and jump to the next ledge, walk to the Railing and climb over you’ll see a drain pipe there climb up it Shimmy over a bit and pull yourself to the top. Now here we Have to stop and possibly a good choice to save. You have to run To the other end of the ledge because it will collapse as you are Running. Once at the end hang off the ledge and shimmy right To drop down to the balcony where a red line is awaiting for you To jump and grab it to cross to the other side and drop safely to The balcony. From here hang drop to the graveyard. There are some goodies to be had, to the right behind a headstone Is a health pack and way around the other end behind a mausoleum? Is some bandages. On your way to the bandages there is a mean old Graveyard doggie and we have chocolate but no biscuits so we’ll have To put to sleep the poor doggie with our pistol. We have to build up Some body strength before we can go after a goodie inside a mausoleum Door, we‘ll have to knock down a statue in the graveyard to get that strength To push these heavy metal doors in. In the graveyard are numerous Mausoleums, but we have two in the grave yard we can jump onto. The one we want first is on the far end in the area we got our bandages but A few mausoleums before the and across from a fenced mausoleum where We have our statue inside the fenced area. Jump onto the mausoleum and A short jump to the higher one, from there we can take that jump to the one Across the way in the fenced area with the statue. Walk up to the statue and Climb up, press action and Lara will push down the statue. It crashes and opens Our way to Bouchard’s Hideout, but before we go there we now have the strength To knock in some doors and get our well deserved goodies. Knock in the door on The mausoleum in the fenced area you are in and get goodies on the floor. Leave the mausoleum and climb to the roof and jump to any mausoleum you like Nearby and drop back to the ground. There is another mausoleum we passed earlier In a fenced area before we met the doggie. Jump up to the mausoleum next to the Fenced in one, turn and jump the mausoleum in the fenced area. Break in the door And pick up your prize. Now we have to Jump back up onto the mausoleum again And jump to the one we were on before and drop down. You now have to repeat The jumps by the other fenced area to the shorter mausoleum and the taller one, Then the long jump back onto the one in the fenced area by the statue once again. Go to the entrance we created by pushing down the statue and jump in you are now In Bouchard’s Hideout.

[edit] Level 10 Bouchard's Hideout

Ok we climbed up to are statue before and jumped in the crypt to Bouchard’s Hideout. Hurry and run down the corridor the floor is about to collapse! If you landed close to the hole Lara says she can climb this. The hole you Are curious about has two rats inside save your ammo if you desire that hole is if We fall from the pipe on the next pit so we can return to this area and climb Back up. Climb up the wall to the left of the rat hole and grab the pipe, shimmy Left until you reach safe ground. Next is yet a third pit which has water. We Have to dive in go under and onto the other side where you’ll see two jutted Sewer pipes sticking out at either end. Once again Lara will say I can climb this. Climb up to the crack and shimmy left once again and reach safe ground. Walk up to a grate on your right and get rid of the rodent behind the grate then Kick in the grate. Crawl through to the other side and get the goodie on the floor. Open the first and then the second door. This brings you back to the beginning of The level. For now let’s backtrack to the grate and crawl back through, come out And turn to the right toward a pile of rubble. Use the action button and pull back The stone in your way this clears a passage beyond the other side of the wall. Head back to the grate area and crawl through once again and through the two Doors and turn left through the rubble filled corridor and jump into the water Move across and pull up to the other side. Go to your right and go through the Opening in the wall into an area with cells in the room. Go to the doorway on The left and walk through a mutated man is on a cot moaning. Leave him in Peace, but take the health pack that’s on the ledge to the left of him against the wall. Leave the room and turn left; there is a brown door at the end of the corridor. Open the door and we finally get to meet Bouchard. It is very important to Be polite to Bouchard if you make him angry he will shoot you dead and we Don’t want that do we? When it’s response time use these three listed. 1. Easy Bouchard I lost a friend….. 2. A front obviously 3. Passports? Bouchard and Lara discuss the mutated man and the Monstrom , but the Business at hand is a business deal between Bouchard and Lara to give Renne the pawn broker some passports and that will give Renne the Message that Lara can be trusted because she is working with Bouchard And can get what she need through Renne. After the conversation pull the level on the wall near the other door in his Room and exit this room to an opened cell door which is straight ahead Last door on the left. Pick of the bar of chocolate and let’s move a block In the room. Find the movable block and push it until it is close to the Door so we can climb up to the loft above. Once up there we have to pull A switch that opens a door back in Bouchard’s room. Hang drop down and Go back to Bouchard’s room and exit through the open door that was by the Switch we opened for the cell earlier and exit to the St. Aichards Church Gym street level. Exit the gym and head back to where Janice is you should Know by now bear left and past the Herbalist etc. Don’t forget to pick up your Wad of cash that is always there when we return to that spot in the corner near The sewer. Pass Janice and go to Renne’s Shop. There Lara passes Eckhardt for the first time, but doesn’t know him yet. You’ll go into the shop and place the passports on The counter. Now that you have control of Lara again go into the nearby room and You’ll find Renne dead on the floor. He becomes another casualty of the Monstrum Killings notice the M in blood. Pick up his wallet on the floor inside is a piece of Scrap paper that has a code for the nearby door with a Keypad. Also look for a Trap door near there that’s our exit soon and we’ll have to get to it quickly. You’ll notice if you look around there are blinking thingy’s around those are Bombs. Nice security in that pawn shop! Use your item list or simply use this Code and punch in 14529 and the door will open. Inside are the items Von Croy Didn’t get a chance to pick up before his demise. Before we take all the items Be ready to push a button on the wall. After you pick up the last item the lasers Catch you red handed and you don’t have much time to get out. So pick up the items Hit the exit button on the wall and leave the room, then turn right to the trap door, Press action to open and jump down and run like hell, jump down another opening Ahead to the sewer keep on running like the wind as the bombs explode and Lara just makes it out alive. (Cut Scene) Kurtis Trent is hanging out have a smoke and watches Lara escape. It’s doesn’t phase him in the least and walks away. (Cut Scene 2) Cabal members and Eckhardt discuss their plans that once they have the final Abscura painting they can attempt once again to waken the sleeper with more Success this time around. End of this level and onto the Louve Storm Drains.

[edit] Level 11 Louvre Storm Drains

We begin this level sliding down to the lovely sewer. Hey! Lara has a new outfit! Yes there are more rats and some bother Lara and some do not. I don’t think I need tell you what to do to the one that do bother Lara. Once in the sewer turn left and pick of the candy bar, then ahead of that Go up the stairs and pick up the health pack. Come back down the stairs And head down the tunnel where you see and hear the gushing water. There is a passage with mucky water on the left with a ladder and straight Ahead in the main sewer area if your turn left is a doorway that leads to The same exact area and Lara would get to if she climbs the ladder in the Mucky water area. Turn left at the main sewer area and get the goodie on The floor and head down the corridor. In the room is a valve that Lara is not Strong enough yet to turn, there is also a rat that may bother you. Return to The main sewer room with the gushing water and search for a pipe on the wall And climb it. Take note you can walk safely around the rushing waterfall but Lara will die a nasty fall if you jump down. Now back to the pipe on the wall. Climb up and get off onto the rusty platform on the left. And walk to a switch on The wall. This switch shuts off a fan down the corridor on the right if you were Just entering the main sewer area. Lets go back to the pipe we climbed up and Climb down. Head left and down the corridor and on the right we’ll find a small Ladder and our fan that we shut off with the switch. Climb the small ladder and go Up to the fan and Lara will say she thinks she can turn the blades. Turn the blades To the right twice to make it possible for Lara to duck and crawl through the opening In the fan. After turning the blades Lara now has the strength to turn the valves. Hit the crawl button and enter the fan blade opening and pick up the goodie. Go down The rest of the way and get off the barrel, walk up to the valve and turn it to shut off Pipe number three on the control panel. One down and five to go. To the left is an alcove That supposedly had darts, but I didn’t see anything there perhaps you’ll have better luck. Lets now go back the way we came back through the fan blade and down the ladder then Left to the end of the corridor to the main sewer area again. Go right and around to the Control panel area and through the room to the right once again Lara can now shut off the Valve there. Shut off the valve and exit the way you came and head back to the pipe We climbed up earlier. Two Valves and four to go now. Climb up the pipe and back onto The platform. In the middle are an opening and a platform that goes across the waterfall. Carefully walk across the plank to the other side and turn off valve number three. Three Valves down and three to go now. This also floods the tunnels below the waterfall that Can now search the tunnels. Turn right across the walkway and pick up the goodie at the End of the walkway are rungs jump up and climb the ladder getting off at the next gantry. Go left to find another set of rungs and climb up. Go right to the end to a piece of metal Blocking your way. Lara says I can climb this it’s not for the metal grid if you look up There is a pipe we will eventually climb to get to another valve across the way but before We do walk back to the other side and walk another blank to a room across the way and Get a goodie inside and return back to this area again and back to the pipe we need To jump now. Jump to the pipe and shimmy across to turn off our fourth valve. Four down now and two to go. After this we have to make our way all the way to the Bottom surface again. So shimmy across the pipe and go down the gantries and across The plank to another gantry and down the very first pipe we climbed to the ground Below. Enter the water and dive down enter the passage tunnel and swim forward Taking 2 rights after the send right you’ll be heading upward to the surface. Don’t Waste anytime investigating or Lara will drown. You’ll find a grating you can climb To another gantry platform. Walk to the left and you’ll hear Lara say I can climb this That is because there is a pipe above you we need to jump onto and shimmy across To the plank in the middle and drop off, once off go to the end to the valve and shut It down. Five valves down now and only one to go! Go to the middle of the plank Again and look for a metal grid across the way. We need to jump to the pipe again And shimmy and drop over to there. Climb up the grid there to the top until you are On the gantry platform. Walk left to the end and you’ll see another gantry we need To jump to, to reach the final and 6th valve that will shut off the waterfall completely. From here go to the right and to the end of the ramp and jump to the other one. You’ll see a door enter it and pick up the goodie. Continue on and to the right to Another door and look for a plank to walk across in front of you. Walk across and At the gantry turn left and angle yourself for a short hop into the storm drain. When you reach the end of the tunnel here you’ll see a set of pipes in front of you This is the boiler room. Lara says she smells oil here. We need to hang drop from Here to the ramp below us. Use the look button and you’ll see it. If you go into the Water by mistake there is a ladder to get back out and simply make your way to The gantry ramp across the way. There is an upper boiler on a high ramp above Lara says the same thing at either boiler that this is the place and better refer to the Map. This is a very good time to save if you’ve made it to the boiler. If you did hang drop and went left to the boiler on the other side we are ready. Lara is going to set an explosive set for 5 seconds and the place is going to be on fire. You need to do a back flip by pressing the jump button and back on the left stick PS2 Or Back Arrow PC. When in the water head for the right-hand tunnel go straight and Take the first left and take it all the way until you reach the surface and can breathe. Wade through the water. You’ll see pipes in the way of a path in front of you so go to The left tunnel and left again until you reach the end. You can now see the result of your Handy work and we are almost at the end of this level. Hang drop down to the platform Below you and go left to the ladder at the end. You cannot climb down the next ladder Or you will fry Lara to a crispy critter. Jump past the flames and onto the platform and Climb the rungs ahead on the wall and left onto the gantry platform and take it to the end. Go to the edge of the gantry and jump to the landing below. To the left is our exit out Of the boiler you and are into the Louvre.Once through you’ll see a blue room that goes Right and left there is nothing on the right so lets go left to end this level and onto The Louvre Galleries.

[edit] Level 12 Louvre Galleries

The level begins with Lara standing at the gallery stair and says at least it's clean in here. It's important to activate stealth mode and throughout the laser area the walk button will Also be used more than the run. Turn on stealth mode to head up the stairs, there is a Camera you can avoid if you time it right and the two guards one outside and one at the Top of the stairs won't see you. Once at the top of the stairs sneak up on the guard and Punch his light out and watch him vanish into never never land. Proceed to a door and Open it. This is the laser room be careful of the trip lasers if you trip any metal cages will Come down upon you and the Guard will be right up to get you. If you do trip the wires And take out the guard you can reset the lasers again by pushing a button on the wall. With all this said and we are all prepared lets get through these lasers Jump onto the first display case and turn left there is a stone slab on the wall with a A health pack on top. Jump and grab then pull up and take your first goodie here Then turn right facing the first set of laser trip wires. (Not a bad idea to save your game here) You need to perform a running jump here to make it over and if you miss one of the guards Shows up shooting and you'll have to shoot back. Once he's put to sleep reset the lasers By pushing a yellow button on the entrance of the door and head back to the slab and start Over. If you made it to the second glass case no problem. Climb down and jump onto the Middle case and back up for a running jump over to the next case. Time your jump as the Lasers move up and down as they start to pass below the case make your jump. Once on the next case hang drop of the end of it and shimmy past the laser over the case And climb back onto the case. Jump over to the next case on the right and jump on it and Grab the ledge above and shimmy left. When you are past drop down and exit through the Door to the next set of lasers in the next room. (Cut Scene) Will show some guards Around and unfortunately we can't avoid them. Crawl under the first laser and trip the next one That will bring the guard in the white shirt coming to you so take him down and make sure you Pick up the security pass he leaves behind. In the far right corner is a large health pack and Opposite left is a door with a card reader. Walk up to a card reader near a sign in the corner Of the room Lara mentions Von Croy talked about the security pass card that Margot had. The card doesn't work on this door but it will work on the one in the next room. Now in the middle of the room go through the only door that is unlocked this is the Mona Lisa Room. Another guard in white is there lets for fun use our stealth mode around the glass cases And sneak up behind him press action and Lara takes him down with a nice punch for good Measure. On the left hand corner by the door is a glass case blocking a switch we need to Move it out of the way. After moving it this will give Lara the strength to move an even bigger case. Do not trip the Mona Lisa lasers as they will let out a poisonous gas. Go to the large case in the middle of the room and move it as close as you can to the chairs in Front of it. Go to the small glass case you moved and use your card. You have to be quick now And jump onto the big case as it is on a time and do a running jump onto the ledge over the Mona Lisa painting and crawl through the opening. Once through walk a bit and crawl through Another bit of venting climb out and find the ladder on the right side wall and climb up. Once at the top wait for the guard in the white shirt. Wait until he walks away and kick down The grid and go to stealth mode. Creep up on the guard and let Lara give him the one-two punch. Now look for an Upside down L shaped air duck against the building wall. There is a base in From of it you can climb up. Shimmy, climb up and walk when you can to the right until you Get to a metal conduit pipe above you. You have zero time to waste getting across so set Yourself up not at the beginning but a step or two ahead until Lara is willing to jump up and Grab the pipe. Immediately make your way across to the other side and off onto the ledge below. Lara will say that she is stronger now. Go to the right until you see a pipe you can climb down. You have to hang and shimmy to get to it. Half way down hang to the ledge of the window and Climb in where a guard is standing immediately go into stealth and take him down. He leaves Behind a key. You will need this key if you do not have the crowbar in your inventory. If from the pipe you try to get onto the window before Lara can grab and pull Up she will stand there for a second and float away into the air. You'll have to restart. Climb out the window and down the pipe you'll see stairs and a gate open the gate and down The stairs. Left and right are two utility doors the one on the right has bandages and with Lara's acquired strength from the pipe climbing she can now shoulder in the doors. Let's head back to the pipe we were at before where we got the guards keep but now climb to The top and shimmy right until we can get onto the walkway there. Go all the way down to the Other end where you'll see a fenced area and a gate door. If you do not have a crowbar the key You got from the guard will come in handy now. You'll have to go down the ladder and to the Right is a blue utility door. Use the guard’s key and get the crowbar inside. Go back to the Ladder back to where we were at the fenced area and use the crowbar on the gate. Climb up the exhaust ductwork and crawl through the opening and down the ladder. Go through the duct until you see an end and drop down into a storage room. You will see A guard walking by wait until he passes and go into stealth mode and take him down. A doorway with a keypad is Margot Carvier's Office and we to get the code. One of the doors Has an office filled with the usual desks and PC's but there is a round shaped glass door That will open when you get near. You may get to sneak up on the guard but if not take him Down. The PC monitors in the office have access to the offices one of which is Margot's. You can use the zoom to look around and find the posty with the code but if you can't find it The code number is 14639. Go now to Margot's office where we had the keypad and unlock the door. In the room you'll find information about the Abscura paintings just walk around and when you See the hand pop up find out all the details you can about them but most importantly get Margot's Security pass at a draw bottom right of the front of the desk. Leave the room and down the hall Left is an X-Ray room remember this room we'll be back after after the Tomb of Ancients. Leave the X-Ray room and down the other hall and use your Margot Security Pass and open the Door and head all the way down all those stairs. Go through the only opened doorway and there Are two doors but only one opens the one on the right. Unlock the door on the other end using The pass card and open it. Go through and you'll see familiar territory open the next door With your card read and go down the stairs. There is a guard there you'll have to deal with The room on the right has some nice artifacts to look at but nothing more. Head for the stairs go all the way down and open the door. Find the stairs and head down. There is a room with portable lighting lit all around. Head to either door and end the level. Next up The Archaeological Dig.

[edit] Level 13 The Archaeological Dig

The level starts at an opened fence go in and to your right. You unavoidably will encounter a guard, Take his weapon a K2 Impactor for that extra jolt. Then proceed to the room he came out of and Throw a switch in the middle of the room. You'll see some lights come on and it turns on the Air Conditioning (Cool!) Activating the switch will help any elevator we encounter later to have a good Chance of being functional also now we can leave this area. Go out the door and turn right you will Encounter a baddie so take the baddie down and take his weapon. Back up a bit because of the Baddie the distracted us we missed a door. If we exited the air conditioning room and went right And turn right around that building there is a metal door. Open the door and go up to the computer Terminal and press action. This activates a scanner. For PS2 users use the left stick and move it to The upper left hand corner and when you see the hand pop up press action to get our first Ancient Symbol Tracing. Leave this room and to the right go to the office at the very end. Inside walk up to the The computer area and look for what looks like a CD player open and grab the second Ancient Symbol Tracing. If you walk over to the far left PC you'll hear Lara find out about the Nephilim. Leave this room And draw your weapon a baddie is coming. Proceed towards where we entered this level and in the Middle of the fence is an opening with a ladder. Go down the ladder and make your way left and go Do another ladder. Find your way across some planks and hold the walk and jump at the same time For a short leap across. Go down the next ladder but come right back up a baddie with a good trigger Finger will be shooting at you. Position yourself with your weapon until you can target him and finish Him off. Now trace your way back up the scaffolding because on our way down in the beginning on our Left was an arch on the wall and a wooden platform above. We need to get to the top left portion of that Platform and make a standing leap towards that wooden platform above the arch grab and climb up. That’s a great spot once there to save your game in case you miss. Once up on the wooden platform climb up onto the walkway and go to the middle and make a left you'll see an are with a circle on the floor. Nearby is a switch that will lower an elevator to the scaffolding throwing the switch. Head back to that wooden Platform and drop down to the concrete arch below it and angle yourself for a jump onto the elevator section We lowered with the switch. You'll see on your left one of those round pinwheel things you see at amusement Parks except this one is a hell of a lot older and does something different except spin. This opens the Tomb Of Ancients and it needs some switches pull in order and some pulling on the wheel to unlock so let's have Your undivided attention. Up the stairs and to the left are switches that have to be pulled in a certain order. This unlocks and locks portions or sections of the wheel for us to line up the four proper symbols to unlock The Tomb of Ancients, Now that we know what we have to do lets do it. The four Symbols we have to line Up are on the dial for us to move them properly go to the switch area up the stairs and around the corner of The wheel they look like for wooden sticks from an episode of the Flintstones. Ignore the first lever for now And pull levers 2 & 3 & 4 to the lower position and go back to the wheel or mechanism. Only the outer Section will move now because the other three are closed. Pull that bar on the wheel until you see a Crescent moon shape line into place with the closed sections. Go back to the switches and pull lever Number 1 to the off position and pull lever number 2 to open. Go back to the wheel and find the symbol that Looks like a G or an upside down stick person and pull on the wheel and line that symbol up with our crescent Moon. Head back to the switches again and pull switch number 2 to off and 3 and return to the wheel pointer And look for the circle symbol check your inventory to be sure it looks like a ball with an outer ring. Line that Up with our other 2 we have done and head back to the switches and we now have one to go. Pull lever or switch number 3 to off and pull lever 4 and head back to the pointer and find an insect symbol and the Gizmo should unlock and open the Tomb of Ancients which is that round circle above on the upper floor where We pulled the switch for the elevator earlier. We have to now head back there so get to the elevator platform And jump to the arch from before and climb to the wooden platform above and climb to the walkway. Walk along And make a left and walk up to that newly made opening that you worked so hard to get open. Take a peek And hang drop down to Jump into the Tomb of Ancients and the end of this level.

[edit] Level 14 Tomb Of Ancients

The level begins in a tunnel area find the open and do a hang drop you'll land on a log below, and From there jump to the floor below then walk up to the cave entrance. You get a nice panoramic View of the surroundings and then you get control of Lara once again. Do you hear bats yet? Well if you don't get ready for some soon. If you look below you ask yourself hmm I see no way To get down there what do I do? Well you have to hang but you cannot drop below or Lara will Have a nice long scream to her death. Instead Lara can grab the wall and climb down to a platform Below. PS2 users will use the left stick by pulling it backwards. Once on the platform below turn To your left to a long wooden beam. This is an excellent place to save at this point in case you Happen to miss this jump. Walk to the edge and jump to the beam then pull yourself up then turn Right and position yourself for a jump into another cave opening. Look for a hole in the floor inside The cave. Carefully make your way down to the bottom some of the drops can give Lara some Damage if you are not careful. Once safely on the ground head out the opening to that broken Bridge we saw earlier from way up above at the beginning of this level. Now look behind you and You will see a sealed door. Do a running jump from one end of this bridge to the other. Once you Are on the other side turn left and look across the way to a square ledge sticking out. This ledge Has no Gargoyles on it just a platform. Jump across to that platform and turn left to jump and grab To the gargoyle platform and pull yourself up. Now hang from the ledge and shimmy left all the way Around and let go to the platform below. You are now on a rock face platform that you can safely Climb down to the lower portion of this rock face. So turn around at the middle and climb down To the lower platform and turn left again. Position yourself now to jump to the small platform in The distance below. Next is a jump to the wooden beam if you look closely there is a switch on the Wall we will have to throw once there. This will open more platforms for us to reach the bottom. So after we have made it to the beam and pulled up and thrown the switch we have a short hop To the next platform. A regular jump will have Lara falling to her death. For a hop jump for PS2 Hold the walk L1 and the circle at the same time. Next platform is a standard jump walk to the Edge and jump to the next platform. The next is slightly above and is another regular jump. Pull yourself up afterwards and the lower platform is another hop jump holding the walk button. There is a platform underneath you so hang drop to that platform below you and turn left to Your last platform and jump to that one. Before we drop down below get prepared for a Knight Waiting to slice and dice you. Be prepared to draw your weapon as you land. The Knight Cannot be killed but on your first shots at him he will be out for about 30 seconds or so giving You time to run to a small crawlspace and pull a lever to open more platforms. When you Crawl out The Knight will be waking up from his nap and you need to quickly find the lowest Platform you just opened and jump onto it. From there we can say good night to the knight he Can’t harm Lara from the platform but if you fall from one he'll be eagerly waiting to meet you Again at the bottom. If you do head for that lowest platform again and jump on also a side jump Will land you onto it also. Ok we are on the first platform turn left and jump to the next one and Jump again to the next one after that and pull up. Stay far back and jump to the next as it's just In the right spot to be a pain. If you’re successful Lara will grab and pull up there perhaps a nice Spot to save there beforehand. Two more jumps onto two more platforms and we have to turn Around and jump to platforms facing the other way. Jump to the first and jump up and pull to The second. Two more platform jumps and look for the brown platform ahead another jump. That platform we pull Lara up to another switch that opens the trap door at the bottom Where Mr. Knight is waiting for us. We have to make our way back now to a platform We can hang drop off of so do a short hop to the first and jump the next two and hang drop from The next two then jump to the ground and run to the opened trapdoor. To the left and then to the Right is a metal door press action and kick it down. Lara say that she is even stronger now. Pick up the shotgun and the other 2 goodies on floor quick because Mr. Knight is coming. If you encounter him you have a few options. You can kick him silly to daze him or you can shoot Him or you can run like the wind out of there and to a corridor on the right to another metal door. If you got to this door first Lara wasn't strong enough then to kick it down. Kick down this door And head through to a new room finally. This room once you walk through has lovely poison Darts that start flying across as you leave the hallway and enter the next room. Immediately On your right is a switch before you throw it this is a great time to save your game. Once you pull the switch it starts a 15 second timer and opens a door on the other side. You'll also notice spikes going in and out around the doorways. You have 15 seconds to Time your jumps across the spiked doors and run through the doorway on the other side. We have one more door to open and it's an easy one that leads us to our exit of this level And onto The Hall of Seasons

[edit] Level 15 The Hall of Seasons

Very Important to read the prologue for this level

You enter this level, which has 4 parts or phases to complete this level and to obtain The 4 crystals representing the 4 elements of Water, Fire, Earth & Air. The Hall of Seasons has a circle in the middle of the room with 4 quarters for each Element. Stepping on one opens three doors across the way. You have to pull a lever in the room that has the corresponding symbol above the in and above that doorway. This will open a gated door where you will exit to enter a phase of your journey. Pulling the wrong lever in the wrong room is not a good idea so always look above each doorway to be sure you match the symbol you stepped on to the room you are in. Pulling the wrong lever drops you into the basement of traps where you have to find a rope Elevator past a smashing stone and past 2 blade traps to the left to get back to the Hall of Seasons. Hope you honed your skills up to this point because they will be tested for certain. This is an extremely long series of levels and this will bring you at least to where I am at this Point and will update this portion as it's completed. Bottom line is to get the four crystals and place them in their holders and turn the four valves in the furnace room. You can take any path as long as you get the four crystals or follow mine. Our four phases or levels we will be encountering will be:

1. Neptune’s Hall 2.The Wrath of the Beast 3.The Sanctuary of Fire 4.The Breathe of Hades


[edit] Neptune's Hall

This lovely water level by the time you complete it will make you an expert at maneuvering Lara underwater. Not a very easy level to say the least, but whose knows maybe you are an expert already or will have some luck. The bottom line is to get the water crystal because if you don't you aren't leaving this level!

We enter this level in a room with a fireball throwing knight ahead of us is a large circle do not fall in yet as it Will only mean instant death. Jump across the circle or make your way around it and head for the water hole on the other side. If you get torched by the knight this will douse the flames. Make your way down through the holes and find a bladed doorway. Inside is a switch we need to pull that will fill the hole we jumped over with water. After pulling the leaver make your way back to the room with the knight and run and jump into the Hole that is now filled with water. After diving in come up for air and take a looksie around. Below you'll see a circular grating this is a door mechanism let’s for a moment explains the door mechanism as it's probably the most the important area of this level. When we reach this area you'll have to dive down to a brown round Pillar and on top is the water crystal, which we absolutely need, and below that is a switch that we really don't Need that opens a doorway above the gargoyle head containing a goodie. If you absolutely want to get the goodie Remember this. Now that we know what that circle thing is below us look for a doorway with a gargoyle head. Below it and to the Right surround by underwater foliage is a small pathway to a switch. Enter throw the switch and surface. This switch Spills out more water into the chamber and it makes it so you can get out of the water and onto the ledges giving you access to the doorways some of which contain goodies but are dead ends except for one. Now look for an Archway with an orange tint to it and inside you'll find a hole in the floor. Save game point here, as it gets difficult. This is the part I mentioned earlier that you'll make Lara a great swimmer! Jump in the waters fine and head down a corridor along the way you see arched windows that are the same we saw outside nearby here is a large Health pack. Continue forward and you'll enter a shaft make your way down and dive again by this point you'll be saying I NEED AIR!!!! Look for a round grating and swim through and surface for a small pocket of air. This is also a great save point as you will be encountering a series of blades if you pass the blades and Make it through the greats there is a place on the other side for another pocket of air. When you have your Breath dive down and keep Lara low and hug the right side of the wall and make it through the first open grating And proceed forward the final set of spikes is less forgiving so time it right to pass through and through another Grating. Turn right and up for a pocket of air. Have your breath? Dive down and continue through the passageway we enter below the area of the circle that’s a door mechanism. Continued downward and right on top of the brown Pillar is the water crystal. This automatically opens the circle above so surface and get some needed air. This also opened the door beneath the gargoyles head and our means of exit from this exciting place. Dive down through the opened doorway under the gargoyles head. This area should be familiar we are back Where we pulled the switch with the bladed door at the beginning of this level. Make your way up the holes again to the surface and head back to the doorway we entered at the beginning of this level but wait!!! By the Large hole on the floor to the left is a goodie grab it before we leave and exit through the door and dry Lara off Completing this part of The Hall of Seasons and Neptune's Hall.

[edit] The Wrath of the Beast

You stepped on the earth symbol didn't you! That was the stoned shape one with a line under it by the way. Our goal is to find the earth crystal and return to the hall for the next phase of the journey.

You enter this room with a statue on the opposite end (Cut Scene) show the statue crumbling and taking the majority of the floor with it. When we get control of Lara when you take a step forward the floor in Front of you collapses as well giving you a subtle hint of what we are in store for. To the left is safe to walk on for the moment Walk the path of green rock until you see an area you can turn right leading to a ramp with a gap. Do a running jump across the gap to the opposite wall. From here look for a ledge sticking out of the rock face Lara can safely walk with her back to the wall to the opposite side. Once there the ledge crumbled behind you (nice place to save since we can't go back) once we approach the edge of the walkway here the walkway begins to crumble and moves you toward the Orange pylons in front of you. You have two choices here if you look from where we are standing now across the way is the orange pylon and to the right of that a gray one and another next to it. That last One does not crumble. So that being said our options are to move forwards and jump onto the orange Pylon, which crumbles in seconds you, have to turn right and jump to the next, which crumbles, and to the next, which does not. You can bypass the orange pylon by taking a daring leap to the gray stone and Then to the stable stone instead. Ahead of you is a jump position yourself to the point of this slab and look Ahead to the set of stairs the floor section before the stairs is a stable one and the one before is not. Jump for the stone walkway before the steps and pull up and position yourself at the edge of the steps. Good place to save here. Two jumps to safety and both platforms crumble so jump and jump again forward until you reach the stable last gray platform. Great place to save here also. Turn right and jump to the next Platform this is unstable also but if you’re quick you can climb to the next one and be ok. From there position yourself for the orange platform in front of you. Once you have your feet safely planted turn around and look at the walkway leading to a door. It would be nice if we could just walk to the door but it won't be easy. As you get off the first step the walkway starts to crumble. It’ll take 2 timely jumps to reach the steps to the door where you'll see a scene of things crumbling behind you. Pick up the goodies on the floor on the door Is the earth crystal grab it. This activates a chain reaction in the room transforming it to another challenge that will test our resolve. Two cascades of water are flowing from the ceilings at each end and that’s because These Knights have swords and throw balls of fire. The object here is to throw the switches on each side of the room and both are in the middle. Once both switches are pulled it opens a door on the opposite end where we run like the wind and exit feeling warm all over. These Knights are touch you may want to stun them with a weapon to give you a second or two to throw a switch. If you Lara lights up like a torch run to one of the water spots and douses the flames preferably the nearest one. You may also have to pause and Use a health pack at some point to survive. Even inside the water the Knight keep pummeling you with Fire forcing you out of the safe zone of water and draining your energy from you. Once both switches are pulled the door opens run to it and that will bring us back into the Hall of Seasons.

[edit] The Sanctuary of Fire

Once again we re-enter the Hall of Seasons with Mr. Knight who never takes a break is waiting in the wings To get Lara. Hit the piece of pie that looks like a sunburst on the floor and go through the door with the Corresponding symbol. I'll be nice and tell you it's the third on the right. Pull the lever on your left proceed Through and turn right through the doorway before Mr. Knight can take swipes at Lara lowering her health or Energy. A cut scene ensues as you enter and the doorway closes behind you. Lara's shorts would have been Nice here as this room is way too hot! The honeycomb thingies on the floor start to crumble and flames spew All over the place setting up our obstacle before us. The bottom line here is to get the fire crystal.

After the honeycomb platforms have cooled down a bit make your way towards a pathway in the center as Far as you can go at this point. Once on that platform a few platforms sink into the lava behind us. Lara can get hit with some of the lava spurts decreasing her health so watch your meter. Take a leap and land on the 2nd honeycomb platform ahead of you and another jump to the next. Angle yourself and jump to another. Turn right to another set and one last jump to the stairs and get the fire Crystal! That was easy wasn't it? Wait until we have to make our way back! Save your game here. Make your way back to the honeycombed platforms and look for a short jump to the one on the right and another and pull up to a floating one and jump from there to another floating platform and turn left. Ahead another floating platform when landing on it raises a pathway for us. Follow it to the left and look for a few floating platforms there, jump over there and this raises a few more platforms for us. Take a jump there and get onto the walkway and make your way back to the door we entered to exit this Level and cool off! Back to the hall of seasons for our final crystal.

[edit] The Breath of Hades

we enter this room to find tall platforms that look like trees that were cut before their prime. The object here is a simple one to get the Air Crystal on the other side of the room. Proceed forward and turn right along the area we can safely walk on. The wall needs to be pushed in as a block would and inside is a switch we need to throw. This starts the wind blowing. Leave this area back to where you were and start hopping. The jumps require judgment and precision as you make your way to the other side of the room where your Air crystal is you'll find the wind blowing moving Lara and the tall platforms making it hard for you to decide when to jump. Jump to the first and jump toward your right to the next jumping to each pillar until you reach the other side. No need to tell you what happens if you miss a jump and to save your game at your Discretion. Once on the other side get the Air Crystal on the door and make your way back. I found it easier to go to the left and take a long jump to the third platform passing the first two by entirely. Jump on the rest of the remaining platforms until you reach the doorway we began this level on and exit back to the hall of Seasons. Once there and the knight as well place your crystals in the holders in the room you were possibly Wondering what it was for, but it was the only one opened prior to stepping on one of the symbols on the Circle in the hall. After they are in place you would think we could just run through the door but no!!! We have to go to the circle and step on any symbol and actually go through a wrong door and pull the lever Having us fall to the area known as the: Basement of Traps

[edit] The Basement Of Traps

The basement of traps how appropriate a name we head down to find a goodie and head on into the next area Where we encounter a lava pit we have to jump over. The next is a series of blades one nick and you’re dead. Good time to use the trusty camera and angle it above Lara to see exactly where those blades are and safely walk around them. Two more lava pits to jump and look for a door on the right and opens it. Head down The spiral stairs and open the level at the bottom that opens another door and more stairs. Once at the bottom we are in The Furnace Area In the furnace area are valves we have to turn and they are located near a sign that has a symbol like we had on the doorways in the Hall of Seasons. To the left walk along and turn left to find a valve to turn. Turn around and back to the walkway and find a ladder and head down. You'll find another ladder also and go down that one. Mr. Knight just won't leave us alone! Find a ladder on this walkway and climb up. Now you are on a round walkway look for a chain above and jump to it and make your way across to the other side and drop down. Climb up the ladder almost to the top and don't say why I can’t get off here. You have to do a back flip to the Platform behind you on the ladder. Hold the control button and press jump and the back button or left stick (PS2) and Lara will land onto that platform. Find the next ladder climb up and you'll find another valve to turn Get off the ladder and turn the valve we have two more valves to find. To get to the next we have to get to the second level of the furnace we were on the first when we found the chain. If you head back to where you came into this level you can make a long jump to that second platform. Lara will grab it and pull herself up. From here find another chain to jump up to and go across to the other side to the left is a ladder and across From it is another valve turn it. This valve starts things going a bit but we have one more valve to open. If you recall and observed a valve that was caged in around the first level of the furnace this now has been opened after you turned the valve before. Let’s climb down and get back there and turn that valve. Turning the valves starts a series of blades turning all around you above and below. From where you are you can take a leap across to the curved platform and climb the ladder and exit out the door we came in. This door was locked until you turned all your valves. Climb the stair and pull the switch one again and Head to the basement of traps and turn right and make your way to a smashing stone. Be careful or Lara becomes a pancake. Best thing to do is jump and when you land wait until the stone is down and Move Lara against it. Hold your forward button so Lara will run as soon as the stone rises. Once you pass it proceed past two sets of blades ahead. To your left is an elevator, pull the lever to the first level and collect some goodies inside the small alcove. Pull the lever again and you are back on the floor of the hall of seasons. Enter the room where the knight is waiting for us and climb the rubble he won't get you from there and jump to The nearest pillar that have risen in the middle floor where our symbols buttons were. Jump to the higher pillar as each once gets to it lowest point until you reach the last one. Climb up to the catwalk above and find the only path you can walk down to the railing and climb over. Start running right as we have some knights that'll be busting out to get us and head up a flight of stairs. Before you exit to the next floor on your left is a wall That Lara needs to push to get some strength for her next obstacle. Inside you'll find a Health Pack and When you leave there is a goodie on the floor to your right. By now the knights are close by or already there if you run they can't keep up so run out the exit of the stairway and head left. You are now on the second Landing run until you run into a gap. To the left is a climbable wall. Climb up and to the right and drop to the ledge where there is a switch pull it and a door upstairs opens. Go upstairs and push in the dark wall You'll find some goodies there. Return to the switch area again dodging the knights (just jump over them) Once you’ve climb the wall and reach the switch area Lara now has the strength to make the big climb. This is a two part climb and shimmy. Climb up the wall to the top and once on top turn Lara around and Look left for a tiny ledge and let Lara go there to regain her strength. (Save point here) This part will most Likely take you several tries to get. Look above at the ceiling you see grooves that look like a path for Lara to follow along the ceiling. You have zero time for a single pause or mistake here. Jump and grab the Ceiling it looks like brown stone with grooves follow it forward to the end and left to the edge. Lara will then Lara will then turn around and pulls herself up and climb to the top. As you are running out of energy on your Left will be a place to shimmy left and get off. Phew! That was tough. Turn left to a doorway that opens and Make your way down. This is where we encounter A Ghost called Brother Obscura . He cannot get you in The crawl position as he sweeps over you. Also a nice tip to disable him briefly as you cannot kill a ghost Is to shoot him enough times to slow him down for a few seconds. This also makes it easy to get the item You need before you can exit this room. We need the Obscura Painting number one. We enter this room And Lara approaches an alter with Latin and reads it aloud on an inscription on a sarcophagus. It says Through the spirit of the keeper hold the truth. After that you have control of Lara. Crawl along the room Ghosty can’t get you and pick up the entire boodle on the floor. Once you’ve gotten your goodies when the Ghost makes a pass get up and draw your weapon and crouch down again. Lara will be able to aim from A kneeling position. Once Mr. Ghosty or Brother Abscura floats still run to the blue lit statue and press action To get the painting. You’ll see it in the statues hands. Once you have it exit through the door we came in It opens for you automatically just like the super market. Crawl down the stairs just to play it safe! The stairs are partially filled with water. Proceed forward and they will fill completely. Now don’t panic!!! Straight ahead and above is the exit have Lara swim upward through the hole and through to the next Room. Now though you can’t see it all the way to the top to the left center is a hole. Enter it and get some Air also some bandages. Save point option here. Down down slightly below and up is our exit take it all The way and you end up back at the archeological dig. Look for a crate and a tall mesh gate. Climb the Crate and climb over the fence and exit through the double doors. Congratulations on a job well done! The Hall of Hell I mean Hall of Seasons is complete and now we head back to the Louvre Galleries And they are under siege.

[edit] Level 16 Galleries Under Siege

We start out at the dig area and we exit through the doorway and find ourselves in familiar territory. Go left and find the doorway and head up three flights of stairs and draw your weapon for a baddie. Pick up the clips he leaves behind and head upward the gallery with the artifacts has nothing There so continue up the stairs to the Galleries. We are now treated to a cut scene with Gunderson And his men in The Agency propelling into the gallery tossing gas into the area. I think we need to Find a gas mask for Lara too. Once you gain control of Lara another baddie is at the top of the stairs So take him out of the picture and pick up the goodie he leaves behind. Turn right and a left to a Door way. Good save point here, as Lara will encounter the gas as she enters and from here we need To get that mask soon! Once you enter Lara says she can't breathe and baddie is beyond the door Either use your weapon or use stealth mode to bring him down. Pick up the Mag Vega Machine Gun He leaves behind and also look for clips for it from baddies Lara encounters along the way. Proceed to the gallery with glass cases and get the baddie ahead and pick up the goodies and look out For a baddie from behind he has no goodies. Hurry through the door and find the only open exit to the stairs And another baddie that’s leaves goodies behind and hurry up the stairs Lara needs a mask soon! Baddie alert down the hallway be prepared to draw your weapon and bring the baddie down and get the goodie. Head through the door and enter the first office on the right and through the sliding doors on the right in a cabinet are the masks take one. The Official Guide says Lara can insert the Obscura Painting into The slot in the pc to find info however this did not work for me on the PS2 also it did not stop me from Completing the level. After taking the mask and all the running Lara can dash like the wind. PS2 Dash control is R2 and the left stick forward. Head out of the room the cabinet closest to the door on the left has bandages. Test your new speed when need down long corridors or hallways if you're running out of energy. Exit and turn left back to the stairs. As you re-enter the gallery area more baddies are there take them down. No goodies to be had so don't waste the respirator looking for anything on them. On your left is the door with the blinking light we saw earlier head through and on the right hand side of the room Is an exit and stairs with 2 baddies with no goodies so head down the stairs and find a door leading to a corridor. There is a bathroom on the other end if you have the time peek around and wash your hands before you leave. Your exit is nearby left of the stairs and down the corridor. A Long cut scene ensues with Lara meeting Kurtis And the baddies in pursuit. I'll let you find out the rest for yourself, but this finally leads us to Bouchard again And onto our next level Von Croy's Apartment.

[edit] Level 17 Von Croy's Apartment

Beware of the Cleaner he’s not cleaning the apartment he’s hiding in the Apartment waiting for you to make a mistake and you will encounter him After picking up goodies. I encountered the cleaner only after picking up Goodies from the area near the couch with the table and fallen chairs. You’ll be well armed here after picking up everything plenty of ammo and Health goodies as well as a Jackal walking stick and a few weapons. Bottom line is to take the cleaner down and he won’t come out until we Go where he wants us to so follow the walkthrough to draw him out. Thoroughly scour the area for goodies and the desks in the apartment for Info. Ok I think we are ready!

We end up at the scene of the crime in Von Croy’s apartment and in here we Find quite a few goodies on the floor around the room and kitchen area. If you go to Von Croy’s office area to the pc and desk you’ll find out about The Lux Veritatis and The Sanglyph an artifact created by Eckardt. One key item to find is the Jackal walking stick. There are three exits in this Area. The stairs another doorway and a door behind the spiral stairs. If we go to the alternate doorway we’ll find Lasers across the door. Lara explodes After passing through them so beware. Through the door behind the stair are more Goodies pick them up and go left up the stairs to Von Croy’s bathroom you’ll find A health pack by the shower on the wall. Head to the next room and to the desk And press action to find out about the Cabal. Goodies are also on the floor but nothing Is under the bed. If we encounter the Cleaner at this point draw your weapon and shoot Him until he runs away. You can now follow him. We head into the area where we saw The door blocked with lasers. The cleaner disabled the lasers so we can go through. On our left are more lasers I would go right and into the room. More goodies on the floor Grab them quick as the cleaner returns breaking down a wall. Shoot him again he leaves Behind more weapons and ammo. So go through the broken wall to get them and after Head through the next doorway only to find lasers left and right. Go back through the Broken wall and find the doorway in the room and find a door with a red sign over it. More goodies are inside and more lasers. Leave this area and head back to the broken Wall the cleaner made. This is a good time to scour the area to be sure you picked up All of your goodies as there are so many and the cleaner will not bother us yet. Once back through the broken wall and through the exit where we left the lasers Left and right turn Lara right and for PS2 press the crawl and L2 to perform a belly Crawl underneath both sets of trip lasers. Head down the rest of the way and turn right A brief cut scene of Von Croy’s first floor getting bombed by our cleaner and the house Is on fire!!! The fire extinguisher doesn’t work and the fire exit is locked! The cleaner Is waiting but we have to get the Large Health pack first so jump the stairs that have Been split by that the blast and get the goodies and head back to the stairs and jump Across. Head back down the hall on your left is a goodie and run to the doorway on Your left is a goodie. If you peer down the hall the cleaner has set the laser traps to Blink on and off trying to trap us and he’s hanging out down the other end. Time the first laser and when it goes out go through then shoot your weapon at the Cleaner this time his lights are out for good. A cut scene has Lara going to the cleaner Who has his cell phone ringing. Guess who it is? Bouchard asking if Lara has been Taken care of. Lara tells Bouchard he’s next on her list and he scrams the scene in his Limo. Lara finds a card in the cleaner’s pocket and says it’s time to head to Prague. Ending this level and onto The Monstrom Crime scene.

[edit] Level 18 The Monstrum Crimescene

We enter this level to inclement weather it is snowing and Lara isn’t dressed for it but We won’t have to keep Lara in the cold for long. Look for a red car with a man standing By it and press action. This man is a reporter named Luddick. Hope you have cash to get Info from him or else you’ll have to find it from other sources along your way. When it’s question time ask the one you’re watching…. I gather Visely….. Keep Talking ‘til… All of them? To get the most from the conversation and your euros. Opposite the car and Luddick is an alleyway with two men and a doggie. We need to Erase them from existence then find a steaming manhole cover. We can’t get into yet Because on the opposite side of Luddick and down that alleyway is another baddie and A hammer we need to get beforehand. Once we have that and checked around for the Goodies head back to the sewer grating down the alleyway we were before we can open It now and jump in. Follow the sewer to an opening the wall on the right and head up the Stairs and down the hall. You’ll end up meeting Bouchard again and this time Lara Shows her tough side by smacking him and handcuffing him. Then she asks him for info And Bouchard is more than willing to give it. When its question time asks these Questions to get the most info from the conversation. Bouchard brings Lara up to date On what going on with the final Obscura painting and Ekhardt and the Nephilim. Lara decides to look in Visiley’s apartment for the final engraving. Once you have gained Control of Lara exit through the door and head up the spiral staircase and look for a Green chest. Pull or push the chest to gain another strength upgrade. This upgrade allows You to pull the chains around the stained glass window near the scaffolding. After pulling the chest look for the scaffolding and climb to the very top. Find the stained Glass windows and more scaffolding across the way, Find the edge and take a jump to Scaffolding on the other side. You’ll find a chain against the wall leave this one alone for Now. Jump to the scaffolding across the way to another chain. Pull this chain 3 times and Not anymore than that. This shows the grandfather clock face glass door opening and a Cut scene to the number three on the center of the floor. Jump back to the other scaffold Again and make your way back down the stairs and face the clock and press action. You see the clock at 12 o’clock. For PS2 users use the right directional pad not the stick To turn the hands on the clock to three o’clock and press the triangle button. This opens The center floor area to a downstairs level and Lara say now we are getting somewhere. Be careful and slowly head down the stairs also be very careful going back up the stairs You’ll notice you can easily drop off them and when you exit you must exit the side on The step before the last step. Once down the stairs you can view the cases and find out More about what you are dealing with. After you are done look for a piece of paper on The floor in front of the desk, press action to pick it up. This piece of paper has a fax Address to Carvier and the access code for the keypad behind the desk. Walk up to the Keypad and refer to your piece of paper or simply press 31597 to open the nearby Painting on the wall and where the last Obscura engraving is. Grab it and head up the The stairs remembering to be careful and not fall off at the top. Now we can get a Goodie if we want or exit through the door. If you head back to the first chain we left Alone earlier by the stained glass climbing the scaffolding once again we can get a Health pack by pulling the chain 4 times opening a hutch against the wall revealing the Goodie. Get the goodie and head back down and exit through the door back to where we Left Bouchard handcuffed. Where is Bouchard? Hmm find the doorway in the room You’ll find Bouchard in a closet, he falls to the floor dead as a doornail and Lara is Startled and points her weapon at him and says what’s going on here! He drops some Keys we need on the floor pick them up and head down to the basement via the stairs Nearby and look for a red door where we will use the keys. Upon exiting you will see Luddick the reporter. Approach him and press action He is willing to give Lara the pass Code to the Strahov Fortress for the full story soup to nuts and Lara agrees. He also has A gas gun weapon but it’ll cost you 800 Euros hope you saved your money. Lara says we’ll talk in the car and we have a brief cut scene. When we gain control of Once again we have ended this part of this level and have entered the Strahov Fortress.

[edit] Level 19 Strahov Fortress

Lara enters a factory building with trailer boxes in the area. One is opened ahead with a Health pack inside go and get it. Exit the trailer and approach one of the garage doors to Watch a cut scene of a magnet above moving along a tram. We have to get to the upper Level here so look for a trailer Lara can jump up to and face the higher trailer and jump To that one also. Turn around and you should see an air conditioner covered by a wired Covering. We need to position Lara facing the air condition and take a few steps back To be able to make a running jump to the air conditioner across the way. Once in position Make that running jump then grab and pull up to the air conditioners ledge. Turn right And move Lara against the wall and make another jump to the open area across the way. Lara will give you a subtle hint that she doesn’t want to bring attention to herself here And good reason too we have to get three guards below one is in a small room. The guard In the small room has a low security pass we need to get also the guards drop ammo that Will come in handy later for our Mag Vega so pick them up after you take them down. Stealth is very very important here as this is the best way to get the guards from behind Without drawing attention to the others blowing our cover. Will all that said we should be More than prepared to continue. Move yourself to the edge of the ramp turn Lara right And make a short jump to the catwalk and engage stealth mode to not attract attention. Once there make your way all the way around to the ladder way on the other side we’ll See crates below if you look down from the ladder opening. Once at the ladder you’ll Find it’s broken and Lara has to drop down. Take note of this because we have to return Here to get back but not by this ladder. Once on the crates drop to the ground once again Engaging stealth mode and take Lara all the way to the other side past some long pipes. Beyond the pipes is a nice place Lara can hide, a protruding crate sticks out and Lara can Wait for her first victim to pass. Once the first guard passes and turns around walk up and Press action to bring him down and take hi clips he leaves behind. Now go to the end of Pipes and Lara can climb inside use the camera and look around for your other 2 guards. One is walking around and he other is inside the shed or small room. Once you have your Guards in site leave the pipes and go stealth to the crates and make your way around To the right and along the wall getting closer to the shed with the guard inside. When you Get to the shed stop and hit the crawl button and R2 to perform a commando crawl Around the shed so the guard can’t see us through the windows. Right before the steps to The shed we can see the guard with the look button and camera. When the guard is facing Away from Lara get up and engage stealth mode and bring the guard down and pick up The low-level security pass. The next guard is kind of slow at this point in a fog but still Stay in stealth mode and sneak up on the final guard and pick up the clips he leaves Behind. Now we have to find our way back to the crates where we jumped off the broken Ladder entering this area. Unfortunately since the ladder is broken we can’t get up this Way so turn around to the other crates and turn Lara around and jump to the railing and Climb up. Now on the catwalk again find the ladder and climb up and make your way to A door and open it, inside we’ll find the swipe card thingy and use our low level security Pass we got from the guard to get inside the door. Stealth is the way to go here but we’ll Have no choice really except to use a machine gun or whatever weapon of choice to get The baddies. To best prepare you for what is ahead you gun turrets above and guards On the catwalk and one directly above you in a control room as you enter the door with The swipe card keypad. Have a weapon ready and stealth mode and enter the area and Head forward until you encounter a guard and take him down another is on the catwalk Do the same and finally go to the control room area where we entered and get the bad Guy above in the room. Pick up the goodies left by both men and climb up to the control Room where you disable the guard. Inside are controls but before we touch them pick Up his weapon on the floor. Press action to throw the switch activating the electro- Magnetic crane in the garage. Leave the room and find the ladder we passed along the Catwalk where we disabled the guards and climb up the ladder. Head left and make your Way to a set of stairs and head down. A cut scene shows Lara disabling the turrets with The magnets and that’s one less thing to worry about. Now we can safely head down To the garage area all the way down below. Head back down the ladder where we Entered this area and climb down the ladder to the garage and locate a green door. Inside are blue lasers and a nice little doggie he also has a buddy doggie we’ll see also. This area can be a bit confusing so let’s go over what we have to have Lara do and make It as simple as possible. We have crates in the area a bunch of them by the fence and The doggies and above the crates is a deadly gas if Lara gets on whiff of the gas she is A goner. On the other side of this area are two stacked crates if you approach them Lara will say she is not strong enough and if you walk up to the crates by the fence Lara will say I can climb that and she is referring to a pipe above. What we need to Do is get the strength upgrade to move those stacked crates on the other side so we Can push them up to the nearby air conditioner and shut the valve controlling the gas On the side of the boxes. If you have absorbed all that info we are now ready to push And pull some crates. Two single crates are in the room one looks like the other crates And the lone crate on the left the odd looking crate is just there to fool us and waste our Time so leave that one alone. Push the matching lone crate to the right all the way up To the fence and then push the crate into the other crates against the fence. If the doggies Are bugging you waste them now or you’ll have to deal with them once over the fence. What we need to do now is get that high crate somehow against the fence so Lara can Reach that pipe above it’s not the pipe with gas coming out it’s a thinner pipe that’s Bracketed to the ceiling. When we are ready Lara can grab it and tuck her legs to the pipe And make her way across and drop down. In older games of TR the crates would move One way, but in this new game they can move half way or partially and we’ll have to do This in order to get the proper position to move the top crate up to the fence to get the Strength upgrade. Go around to the back of the boxes and climb the lowest one against The fence if you got rid of the doggies they won’t bite Lara when she is against the fence. Watch out jumping to a high box or the gas will get you. Once on the crate in corner Against the fence walk to the 2nd crate and turn Lara around to pull as far as she can The crate toward her. Now jump on the other side and push that crate we pulled up To the fence. Go back behind the crate to the low crate by the fence again and pull That crate towards Lara as far as you can once again. Now jump on the other side Of that crate Lara just pulled and push it as far as you can to the wall. You will now Have to jump on top of this crate and pull it towards Lara as far as she can back Toward her. Now jump on the other side of the high crate we just pulled and push It right against the fence and this gets Lara her strength upgrade. With Lara’s new Found strength we can push those 2-stacked crates in the area to the air conditioner And jump to it and pull up. There is a valve there press again to have Lara shut off The valve shutting down the gas on the left side where our stacked crates are against The fence. Climb to the top crate and line Lara up to the pipe hanging above and Tuck her legs to grab the pipe (TRIANGLE BUTTON PS2) once past the fence Drop down. If you got the doggies before we don’t have to deal with them now. Ahead to the left is a ladder, climb up the ladder and activate the switch. You’ll See a cut scene of a saw cutting a piece of ductwork that we can enter next. Jump from the control switch area onto the track and climb up on top of the duct And make your way to the saw on the end. Lara can hang and drop and hang again To climb into the ductwork. Just hold down the action key while dropping. Once inside the ductwork crawl your way through and once you’re at a certain area A cut scene kicks in of Luddick Gunderson and Eckhardt. Poor luddick won’t be Able to spend those 800 Euros from Lara. When we get control of Lara again the Camera control is a bit tricky but make your way to the end where we have our Opening and Lara see guards walking below. You can use stealth here or your Weapon of choice to get rid of the guard he leaves behind a security pass pick it Up we need it for later. To the left are lasers we’ll deal with those later. Head to The door with the swipe card key in stealth and swipe the card. A guard is inside We’ll have to take him out of the picture. Pick up the clips he leaves behind and Go to the control area where we see some computer stuff. A cut scene kicks in Of Lara saying she has to shut off the security system she also finds out why They need so much power. Two more guards are hanging out in the cafeteria Here in the next room either stealth them quietly or use your weapon to take Them down and pick up the clips they leave behind. In one of the cabinets Are bandages and on the tables are goodies for the taking. Once we have Everything lets use out pass and leave the room. Ahead and to the left is a Room where can we use our pass and inside is crispy Luddick still smoldering From the hand of Eckhardt. We can’t do anything for him but we can get the Goodies in the cabinet and on the table is a gun. Leave this room and lets get Ready for our lasers. I chose the commando crawl but you can choose from two options to pass them. On the other side is our exit the green door. We can shoot at a nearby spool sending it through the lasers or we can Commando crawl under the lasers and setting off the mines as we pass. Either way once on the other side turn left and head for the green door with The swipe card key to end this level and head onto the Bio Research Facility.

[edit] Level 20 Bio Research Facility

Once through the door we enter the bio area to a greenhouse with a fountain in the middle With gargoyle heads sticking out from it. Approach it to greet the keeper of the green House or the man with the green thumb Dr. Grant Muller. A cut scene kicks in and he Tells Lara the master plan and that people do not last long around this place. After the Thrilling and enlightening conversation from Muller we can have a looksie around for Goodies but be careful of some of the more interesting plants that can snap or spew gas. After you’ve had a nice browse of the place head back to fountain and press action to Pull on one of the gargoyle head to open a secret passage. To the left of where we came In a gargoyle of stone was moved to open an area we need to get to and pick up some Goodies and throw a switch. Go inside the passage until you find a ladder and climb To the top. You’ll find some goodies on the platform and a switch on the wall at the end. Throw the switch that opens a door outside and leave this passage back to the green House. Across the way with a floor with green tile is a door. Head for that door and push In the button. Once inside creepy critters are coming to get Lara we have two options Here. One is to waste our ammo or we can find a pipe we need to climb and simply Forget about these mutant thingies that want to snap at Lara. Regardless how you want To do this the result is the same we need to get to the pipe and climb up. The save your Ammo way is to head down the stairs left and use Lara’s dash and run like the wind to The other side finding a set of stairs on the left and make your way to the top. Turn left and don’t waste time as these mutants are coming to get you! If you are quick 2 goodies are there on the ground in the middle of the walkway is a pipe. Lara can jump To it grab on and make her way across and drop to be on top of the incubators. Find the Valve nearest you from this point and turn it, this releases the fluid in the incubator Chambers. This is a great save point as you have a broken walkway and we have a tricky Jump to make. If you time your jump right you’ll land across the other side of the ramp And make it to the other side of the platform where you’ll find another valve. Turn this Valve that opens a secret passage from the bottom of an incubator cylinder below, We have to finally brave the googlies below and the one that is waiting below near the Valve you just turned. If you go to the ladder and go down as far as you can go you can Look down and see the cylinder on the right below has an opened bottom. Check your Health here as you will lose half of it by falling below. The other way is to go back the Way we came and shimmy across the pipe to the other side again. Let’s say we do it via The ladder it’s easier and we can run to the cylinder and escape the mutant that’s waiting. Drop down from the ladder and drop down into the opened cylinder below and to the Right. You’ll fall into water so look for the doorway ahead and pull Lara out of the water. Enter the doorway and you’ll see water below. We have to have Lara dive in and Swim through a partially opened grate and once inside there is a creature we have to Avoid and find a Ladder we can climb up quickly. There are 2 ladders one closer where You’ll encounter a guard and one further away. I chose the closer ladder and encountered The guard and had Lara dispose of him properly. The top of the stairs has goodies gather What you find and when you’re all done searching for goodies on the ramps look to the Other side across the way where there is a pipe and some gas coming out. We need to Have Lara shut the gas off on that pipe. If you get as close as you can to that pipe on The walkways and look below left the small ladder below has a walkway and a large Pipe with a valve on it. You can safely jump across the other side to the ramp without Jumping into the water, as the creature cannot be eliminated so save your ammo. Jump to the ramp and then a jump to the pipe and get the goodie. Shut off the valve And the gas shuts off across the way. Jump back to the platform and make your way Down the stairs to the grassy area where the guard was if you got up from that ladder Earlier. In the corner are some vines Lara can climb and shimmy to the top. Start Climbing until you can pull Lara up to the area where there is a door we cannot open And opposite a Ladder Lara can climb. Climb the ladder to the platform and shut throw The switch there. This activates a ramp making the platform longer so Lara can make The shimmy on the other side, which happens to be where we have the pipe that had Gas coming out until we shut the valve earlier. Make your way down the ladder and Back down below and take the stairs until you reach the broken portion of the walkway And jump across. There is a narrow ledge Lara can walk on then get to the pipe climb up And shimmy left until Lara reaches the platform and can pull up. Save your game here In case you run out of energy on the climb. Turn Lara towards the ivy on the wall and Climb up all the way and turn and shimmy until Lara reaches the platform extension We created by throwing the switch. Once on the platform climb down the ladder and Throw the switch to open the door nearby. Enter into a new area with large moving Vines. Climb down the ladder and up the stairs we need to stop the vine creature blocking Our way through the door. Once up the stairs you find a lever we cannot use yet and five Valves that we need to turn in a proper order and we have to turn only three. There is A table Lara can move with a map displaying what valves to turn with symbols. If you Want to make it easy on yourself simply turn the first, second and fourth valves only. After you do throw the lever that fills the pipes with radioactive goo that kills the plant Thing and allows Lara to safely go through the door on the other side. Enter this door And beware of a guard lurking in the area. We have to get his pass from him so sneak Around to position yourself to either get him by stealth or to shoot him when you can Minding also a guard lurking above. Once he’s down get his pass he leaves behind. Now climb up to the garden area with all the lovely bio plant life and find the ladder And climb up. Now once on the platform we need to take the stairs that leads to a locked Gate and make a few jumps onto the blocks ahead. Good point to save as if you miss You will slide into the pool below or hit the ledge below and die. Walk up to the first Platform and then a short hop to the second by holding walk and jump. Do the same A walk and jump for a short hop so Lara can safely slide down to the next block. From here if you are patient you can draw your weapon to get the guard above. If you didn’t take out the guard from the blocks you will after the jumps. With him out of the way we can finish our jumping in peace from Lara getting shot. Now a standard jump to the next then from here position Lara angled left and jump To the opened railing and pull up. If you didn’t take down the guard do so now If you did earlier a ramp nearby will collapse soon but it has already if you took out The guard earlier. Lara cannot make this jump yet across the gap. Find the shorter Gap that Lara can jump leading to a large health pack and Lara’s upgrade for the long Jump. Now jump back to where we were and back to the area that collapsed or the long Gap that looked impossible to make before and do a running jump to the other side. Make your way until you find some ivy at the end near the railing and climb up to The next platform above. You will see it has a broken portion and Lara can shimmy. A cut scene will show you Boaz and the gang. Ekhardt is not happy with Boaz hmm. Climb up on the platform for the cut scene then take the card and the goodie that’s there. Save goodbye to the security guard corpse and make your way back to the vinery. We now need one more pass and have to make our way back down. Go back To the gate that was locked before and make your way as you are now on the other side Of it can open it and head down the stairs. You find as you reached the end another long Gap across the way with another platform and a ladder on its side. Make another long Jump and get the goodie on the platform and climb down the broken ladder as far as you Can then let go for the rest to safely drop below. Nearby the bio shrubbery is our 3rd pass On the ground. From there head to end for an opening and once inside our 3 receptacles For our security pass cards. Once we use the three cards it opens the door to Lara’s left. Make your way through the door and down the stairs. Do not go across the path yet that Has steam but turn Lara left down the stairs where you’ll find green gas in the area. Don’t hang around there too long and locate a drop to water and find the ladder and Climb out. There is a movable block pull it twice back and under an opening above. Have Lara hop on the block and jump to the hole and pull up. You’ll find lockers with Goodies inside and a door that is jammed. Forget the door and make your way back Through the water and the gas and back to the walkway with the steam and head through The door on the other side. Push the switch and go through the door and take the next Door on the left. We now meet Kurtis Trent and another cut scene. Lara and Kurtis have A brief conversation about the painting and he decides to leave her locked inside for We now end this level and will have control of Kurtis for the first time and in the next Level called the sanitarium.

[edit] 20-21 Sanitarium & Max Containment

[edit] Sanitarium

Lara is taking a rest trapped in the room and we now have control of Kurtis Trent for the First time. He has for the most part the same controls as Lara so figuring things out will Not be difficult. Kurtis has powers he uses when needed that kick in automatically as You will see as you go through the level. The level begins with Kurtis near an arched Doorway. You have to hang drop and grab to the next one and make your way down. Pull Kurtis up at the doorways and walk around to find goodies on the floors on some of The levels. After you make your way to the bottom you’ll see a trapped door, press action To open it and Kurtis jumps down. Find your way to a ladder and another and look for a Platform across the way. Have Kurtis jump to the platform pull up and go through the Double doors. Tip here is to have your weapon drawn as the zombies can creep up on you But with your weapon drawn Kurtis’s auto target will kick in to alert you of danger. Head through the door and take down the zombie and head through the area the zombie Came from. Once you enter a short cut scene kicks in and we see a guard getting dragged Away. Proceed through and pick up the goodie by the guard an opened door on the right Has a man inside approach him and press action and he will tell Kurtis why all the crazy Things are going on inside the sanitarium. Once you’ve found out about the proto head Out the door and to a gate with a keypad. Kurtis uses his farsee ability to find the number Of the keypad in the distance and it also is in your inventory. Press the code Kurtis found On the keypad to open the door if you missed it in the cut scene it is 06289. Enter and take down the zombie behind the gate. Enter the gate and down the hall to Another and take down the zombie with Kurtis’s gun. Find the white double door and Enter and take down another zombie. Ahead to the left is an open room with a zombie in Orange shoot the orange clad zombie and the other behind the screening and pick of the Chocolate bar and clips on the cafeteria floor. There is there is also another door here With a pad but we can’t access it yet so head out of the cafeteria and head left down the Hallway to a set of double doors get any zombies along the way they can surprise you. Inside are some clips on the floor and by a researcher dead on the floor is a swipe card Pass for our door. Ignore the dead Proto Nephilim in the room and head back to the Cafeteria and find the door to use the pass card. If you got the zombie before you will Not have to encounter the zombie inside the next room and simply take the stairs. Look around there is a large health pack on one side and a gap on the other. After taking the health pack jump the gap and head to a control console. There was Supposed to be a door with numbers next to it and I did not see it along the way but Fortunately I happen to know the code hehe . Press action at the control console and Press 38471 to open a set of double doors below. You can hang drop from the gap and head to the door with the green flashing light above it. Cut scene of the proto beast In a lab looking for a muchie poor guy. We get control of Kurtis again and in the hall To the right is a grill we need to open. Open the grill and crawl inside and when Kurtis Can stand jump to another vent and crawl in and exit on the other side to the lab area. Nothing here but a bunch of sanitarium stuff so find a similar grill to pull in the lab. Once inside crawl through again until Kurtis can stand and jump to the vent above and Crawl through. A cut scene once again of the Proto Nephilim chomping away at a meal Of Sanitarium Guard and leaves when he has had enough. Jump down and we’ll see a Fan spinning and to the left some clips on the floor pick them up and move away from The fan as far as you can and shoot the canisters until they explode. This lets a ladder fall To the floor leaving an opening to a platform where Kurtis can jump up and shut off the Switch to the fan. Crawl now under the fan you shut off and find another duct. One inside Crawl through and make your way to the next level the maximum containment area.

[edit] The Maximum Containment Area

We enter this area with Kurtis as the playable character and we need to head through the Gate and open a door on the left. Inside is a control panel and another keypad that we To find the code for later lets leave this room for now and head to the other side near A hall with a pool of poisonous watery goo. There is a goodie on the other side so Line up Kurtis to the edge of the walkway and make your way shimmying left and drop To the other side and get the goodie on the floor and make your way back the same way. Now head back to the area we were before ignoring the off ice for now and head through The gate and through a double door. Go right down the corridor and a cut scene with kick In of Kurtis’s farsee. He will see a sanitarium corpse on the floor with numbers on his Back 17068. When we have control of Kurtis once again head back to the office with the Control panel and use the keypad to open 2 cell doors we passed earlier. Go back to the Cell where Kurtis used his farsee and once inside wait for a mutant to come and shoot It until it falls then pick up the pass card on the floor. Around the hallway you’ll find A blinking swipe card device use your card to open the door. Once inside near a door With a red light over it and to the right are some Borax X clips pick them up and leave The room. Take the hallway to the left and shoot the mutant that’s coming soon. A guard is making some noise underneath a blocked gate nearby. Make a right down That corridor and another right and one more to reach a lab area. A cut scene kicks in Of the proto nephilim past you also you may encounter another mutant to shoot Down. Leave the room and turn right and find the open Kurtis can crawl through. Make your way past the dead guard the was another proto nephilim meal and head Down the corridor and down the spiral stairs. Make your way to a checkered floor And through another door and look on your left for an opened door. This is The proto nephilim chamber. Make your way along the gantry until you find a ladder And climb to the top. Make your way towards the control room and head left across the Ramp up to the proto nephilim chamber door that has been broken open and jump and Pull Kurtis to the top. I experienced lack of camera control here so use the look button To find a broken gantry ramp across the way and line Kurtis up to jump across to grab It and pull up. Take the gantry to the end and jump to the other side. Now find a duct And have Kurtis jump up and crawl in. Crawl through the ductwork and fall to a few Drop and make your way to the opening. There is only one exit and the other paths Have gratings blocking them so use your look button to check as you go. Once at The ducts exit drop down and climb the ladder to the top you’ll find next to another Corpse another access pass card pick it up and also a chocolate bar. Find the button On the wall to open the door and exit. You’ll find we are in familiar territory once again And soon we’ll be encountering the proto nephilim. Exit the room and take the hallway Left until you find the door where we can use our pass card. Before we use our pass card Lets discuss how we are going to beat the Proto Nephilim. Kurtis has plenty of ammo But you’ll need to watch your health there is a large health pack in the room if you need It. We have to keep shooting the beast and have him fall four times and if you are Successful a cut scene will follow of Kurtis killing the proto nephilim with the crystal Shard. Make sure you keep running around to avoid the beast from attacking you he Jumps to the ceiling for a breather then comes back sometimes just keep shooting him Constantly until the cut scene kicks in. Now that we are prepared enter the room for A cut scene of the beast looking for another meal. Ok lets say you killed the beast and The cut scene with the crystal shard going into the proto nephilim killing it has passed. Now find the switch in the room you can’t miss it. It has all the pipes surrounding it. Throw the switch opening the room where Lara was trapped and once again another Cut scene of Lara and Kurtis discussing plans and realize it’s best to work together But takes separate paths. After the cut scene this ends our level and have control of Lara Once again. Wasn’t Kurtis fun to play? It blended well with the story and made a nice Change in my opinion. It wasn’t overdone and didn’t over shadow the main character. Well enough of my opinions and onto our next level The Aquatic Research Area.

[edit] Level 22 Aquatic Research Area

We now have control of Lara once again and can now leave by pressing the button On the wall. Enter trough the opened door and ignore the ladder to the right and instead Turn Lara left to hang drop to the ground below. There are gun turrets on sensors in the Area and we need to avoid them. You now need to use the commando crawl by using The crawl and walk buttons together. On the other side to the left is a small opening to Crawl through and once inside locate the valve on the large pipe. Turning this valve Releases a blue fog in the area disabling the gun turrets in the area. Have Lara turn the Valve and wait until the gas has fully filled the room before Lara leaves where she is. Once the blue fog has filled the room it is safe for Lara to leave the valve area and now We need to find a pipe to climb on the wall. Climb up the pipe and shimmy right to Another pipe and climb up and shimmy right until Lara can pull up to the ledge. Now hang drop to the platform below and head down the corridor and to the right. Be careful here as there are more gun turrets Lara’s auto aim will kick in to give you a Subtle hint. You can go down the corridor a bit and then shoot the canisters until the Explode disabling the gun turrets. At the end of the corridor enter the door by pressing The button and climb the ladder inside to the top. Follow the path until you reach the Aquatic facility a console ahead of you is a clue you are in the right place. If you look Closely at the console the levels are low and we need to raise the levels. Unfortunately We have another of those underwater mutants also. If you go toward the right of the stairs And look below you’ll see a steal cage and that’s where we dive, as the beastie cannot get Lara from behind it. Opposite the grating fence is a broken window we can swim through And to the left is a switch to raise the power to the console above. Tip here if you are low On air return back to the top for air if you need it you can always return. One the switch Thrown reverse roll to turn Lara around and swim through the door ahead with the Yellow and black stripes ahead and up another door of the same color go through and Swim upward to a small opening and head to the top and pull Lara up to get dry. Inside along the left walkway is a health pack, pick it up and head out the doorway by Pushing the button on the door panel. On the opposite side is another opened door with Black and yellow stripes head over to it and inside and press a button on the wall to open The door to the next area. Inside are two switches left and right. Push the one on the right To bring up the elevator and then press the one on the right to activate a security camera In another area. Go inside the elevator and push the button and head down to the lower Level. Turn right to a doorway and head down passing a control panel Lara is passing The underwater control area. Pull the switch energizing the facility to full capacity and Return back to the surface the way you came back up the elevator and through the room. A brief cut scene will follow after you return to the surface showing things turning on in The area. Make your way right up the stairs to a new area with a big bowl on a platform. This is the underwater creatures feeding bowl we need to fill it with chum so we can Make him happy and won’t bother Lara. Completing this task also give Lara another Upgrade. Pull the big bucket away from the platform and onto the conveyor area you Will have to go on the other side of it and give it one more push to get it in place. Once in place a yellow switch on a pipe to the left of the bucket will bring the bucket to The other side. Have Lara throw the switch and watch the bucket go to the other side like Magic! Once the bucket is on the other side Lara has to push the bucket as far as she can Into the room ahead. One it’s in and under the shoot we can put yummy chum inside. Find the switch on the left side inside the room and throw the switch filling yummy chum Into the bucket for our little friend below in the water. Now we have to do everything in Reverse. We have to pull the bucket back onto the conveyor and press the switch on this Side to bring the bucket back to the other side near the platform. Once the bucket is in Place Lara will have her upgrade and we can push the button there to send the bucket Back near the platform on the other side. Watch it go to the other side like magic! Now Lara has to finally push the big bucket with the yummy chum for our friend below In the water so he can have his supper back into the platform just the way we found it. Now we have to find a way to get our big bucket to our underwater friend below. Make your way downstairs and to a platform near a control room with crates. If you Stumbled upon it before you’d notice the ladder was not accessible before but is now With all the power restored in the facility. Climb up the ladder and push either yellow Button on the console to activate security sensors and shows you a switch and a room Wetsuits in it depending what button you pushed. Exit this room not by the ladder but The doorway in the room it leads to a ramp that’s broken at the end. There is a pipe to Climb and without the upgrade Lara would have never made the distance. Climb the pipe And shimmy right to another and climb up quickly and left around the ledge and shimmy Left until you can drop to a platform below. On the end of the platform left is a switch That will bring us our ride across. Push the button and get on quickly the driver doesn’t Wait for Lara for long. On the other side approach the automatic door and enter then head Left to throw a switch. This switch shows a cut scene of yummy chum for our friend to Munch on and now he will no longer be interested in our Lara. Turn around and head to A door on your left and push the button to open the door. One more button and a baddie On the other side of the door waiting for you. Have the machine gun ready to gun him Down after you push the button to open the door also a good save point here. Assuming you took out the bad guy after pushing the button to the door. In the cabinets On either side are clips inside get the clips and make your way back to the research Facility. The right side the facility when you are back at the automatic door is the Side we need to go and dive into the water and throw switch number 1. Before you Dive in The underwater buddy creature is not as hungry but would like desert so don’t Waste time swimming around. Dive in and press action on switch number one. This Open a passage on the other side but you’ll need to come up for air first. Take a quick Breath and dive back in and head through the opening and head upward. Once there A cut scene kicks in of Lara taking a wetsuit and putting it on and then she presses a Button that fills the room with water. A quick save here isn’t a bad idea if you aren’t A good swimmer at this point. Once you have control of Lara throw the lever on the wall In the room there is a 2 above it and dive down into the water and head back into the Facility and find the hole we opened passage 2 and take it to the end. Ending this level But not the underwater adventure as you will as Lara enters The Vault of Trophies.

[edit] Level 22 The Vault of Trophies

Yes Lara is still under water and it’s going to get even harder at least it was for me so I It’s easier for you with this walkthrough. To prepare for this swim always use the few Places above where you can get air and as you get closer to where you need to be save Your game as you go. The objective here is to find a wall you need to kick down and find Two statues with the names Limoux and Vasiley and pull the levers behind there statues. With all that said let’s get swimming you’ll find you are swimming in a current which It even harder. Swim down the corridor past the 2 sets of blades and further ahead is a Stone opening you need to enter on your left. Prior to reaching this opening was an air Pocket a place to get air remember it if you need to backtrack. Enter the stone passage And find a wooden pillar past it on the left is another open head down there to find the Wall. Kick it down and backtrack a bit you’ll find another air pocket above nearby. This is a great place to save if you’ve found the pocket of air. With the wall open the next Step is to find the two statues with the names Vasiley and Limoux. The names are on the Back of each statue at the bottom of the base. When you enter the statue area turn right The third statue is Limoux and behind it is a lever pull it to watch a statue move into Place. This is a great time to head back to the air pocket through the wall as you are Running out of air so find the air pocket and another great save point here. The seventh statue on the right is Vasiley so head back as before and pull that lever to Watch the statue move in place and start an electric charge that opens an area above. If you’ve been watching your air during this time it’s almost gone but is holding steady Until you get control of Lara again. You have enough time to swim to center of the room To the top and get Lara some badly needed air. A cut scene kicks in of Lara removing her Wet suit and we are finally back on dry land. Head through the opening to a large Slamming stone. Position yourself in front and dash past it before Lara becomes a Pancake. Ahead is a lever on the right side of the wall this raises platforms similar to What was in the hall of season’s levels. The platforms are timed to crumble in three Seconds with exception to the first platform in front of you. Position Lara to the edge And hold the walk and jump button and watch a bunch of platforms crumble. Turn a Little to the platform right and another walk and jump for a short hop to the next but Hurry and jump to the stone platform ahead as you have three seconds. Once on the Stone platform the next jump is tricky, as you have to use your best guess for a standard Jump. The best way is to find the edge on the right and take a step back and jump to the Platform farthest away and closest to the exit. Jump to the platform and another to the Entrance and back on safe ground. The entrance ahead has two knights in a library the Trick here is to know where you are going and to disable them both for 15 seconds with A good weapon and do what you have to do. Disable the 2 knights with your weapon and Head right and throw the lever at the end of the room this gives Lara another upgrade to Pull a chain on the opposite side from where you are and reveals some bandages behind A bookcase but leave those for now. Lara needs time to pull that chain so have the Follow you out of the room and into the cave area you came from. They get lost and Don’t bother you at least they didn’t bother me. Go to the chain on the left side of the Room near a yellow tapestry. Pulling the chain raises the tapestry and reveals a wall that Lara can climb. Climb up the middle portion of the wall that looks like a cross and Shimmy right until you can climb up onto the ledge and pull Lara up. From there look up. You can jump to the grating and move across to drop to a small platform across the way. This lines you up to jump and grab the main center beam and move to the platform across The way in the center of the room opening another bookcase and revealing the 5th Obscura painting. Where you pulled the first switch against the wall is the painting and Opposite from there are the bandages grab them both and look for the fire place and Crawl through to a hole in the floor and leaving the 2 knights behind. Great save point As we have a fairly long swim. Jump in and make rights when you can and look for the Opening that has a brown color. This ends the level and a cut scene kicks in with Lara Making it to the surface and meeting Eckhardt face to face. He has Kurtis Trent prisoner And says if she gives him the 5th painting they both can leave. Gunderson and Muller are Also there and Eckhardt is not please with Muller for failing him. Remember Kristina Boaz getting eaten by the mutant plant earlier on? Well she’s back and she looks like a Female version of the Scorpion King. Lara and Kurtis watch as Muller is devoured by Boaz. Lara is then hoisted to safety and tosses Lara the two shards. This sets the table For the next level Boaz Returns.

[edit] Levels 23-24 Boaz Returns - Lost Domain

[edit] Boaz Returns

Yes Boaz has returned into a lovely creature that spits goo from the front and four pods 2 on each Side. I must have restarted 50 times but once I realized what to do it was easy. The key is simply To run around and shoot on one side of the creature taking out one side of the pods and then run Around the other side and do the same until the creature goes down. If you do that it takes very Little ammo and maybe less than 2 minutes of shooting PS2 users can aim by using the square Button while shooting or else you will do a roll when you are not. Once the creature is down Kurtis Can easily finish of Boaz as she comes out with wings by shooting repeatedly until she's finished. What of Kurtis Trent? Hmm we'll have to wait and see. Just remember like Forest Gump Run Kurtis Run!

[edit] The Lost Domain

You slide down and enter the level ahead and a series of platforms make your way to the other side To a lever on the right in the corner of the wooden platform on the other end. Once there pull the lever And climb to the bridge on the other side is a large health pack. Head out of this tunnel to find a lever And across the way a series of stoned ramps. You now have your upgrade that will allow you to make this. The key here is not to simply run across but to use your dash key and jump. If you time it correctly Lara Will safely land on each platform and run across to the exit. Without using the dash key you'll never make The timed 15-second door on the other side. This will most likely take you a number of tries but once You get the hang of it you'll say wow that was so easy. Once on the other side the door behind you Closes and we face some more platforms and a door on the other far end of the cavern. If you want to you Can hop the platforms but you will run into some nasty blades at the stairs on the other side that’s up to You. If you do immediately hop back and then retrace your hops back to where we are now. There is a Lever we have to pull to disable the blades that come down from the steps on the other side. At the Entrance to your left there is a ladder jump to that area and climb the ladder to the top and go to the end Of the ramp. Standard jump to the ramp across the way. Now we have a slide jump and the camera here May be tricky so be careful you want to save beforehand just in case. Once on the ramp by the lever Pull it to disable the blade then hang drop from there to a platform below. Lara with all her upgrades Can make a jump to the stairs grab and pull up if you angle yourself right. Walk up the stairs and flames Surround the symbol on the door and unlocks and opens the door to Eckhardts lab ending this level.

[edit] Level 25 Eckhardts Lab

We slide down a ramp but if you do not jump to your left before the blades Lara is dead. Once on the stone ledge Lara can make the long jump across the way avoiding the second Set of blades and taking some slight damage on her energy. A doorway ahead has 2 knights Which I did not encounter until I pulled a lever in the room. Enter the room and go to a desk In the far left corner and pick up Alchemic Phial number one and nearby is a health pack too. Pull the lever in the middle of the room to open the trap door in the center then find a ladder Near the entrance you came in and climb to the top and make your way around to the place Holder for phial number one. Continue around the catwalk you are on and back step from the Railing to jump on top of the cage in the center of the room. Inside are two more Alchemic Phials The last two we need. Once Lara is on top of the cage drop into the opening and remember this Area as it is our only way out and a great save point before you pick up the phial as after you do The cage drops into the acid bath. Pick up the phial and climb up the cage shimmy left and pull Lara back on top of the cage to safety. A small ledge not accessible before now is so have Lara climb up and crawl inside for phial number three our final one we need. Now we need to Get out of here. Lara can climb the walls here but cannot pull herself out you will have to do A back flips at the edge to land back onto the floor in the main area. Once back let’s waste no Time using our last two phials and placing them in their holders. Climb the stairs in the room To place phial number two, then head down the stairs and head for the pool in the other room And place phial three in the holder on the wall. This starts a chain reaction and now you can Have Lara jump into the water to get the crystal shard sitting on a base at the bottom. Now surface back to the top and go through the newly opened door and follow it sliding to yet Another door. Once you open this door a cut scene kicks in with Eckhardt busy doing his thing. Once you have control of Lara the best thing to do is duck as he using all his powers to try to Kill Lara. You can’t do anything to him at this point so save your ammo until he starts to make Three clones of himself. At some point the three clones will run to the center circle where you Are that is when you start shooting at them and move as close as you can shooting Eckhardt until A cut scene kicks in of Lara stabbing him with one of the three crystal shards. Repeat this process Two more time and on the third the cut scene will show Joachim Karel who all along was the Ring leader a Nephilim himself a shape shifter the one who killed Von Croy. He stabs Eckhardt With the third shard to kill him and offers Lara a chance at joining him. Of course Lara refuses And now Lara becomes his next target. If you’ve made it this far it’s a great save point don’t Worry about ammo you won’t need it. Find the slumped Eckhardt and grab his glove this is What will kill Karel but not on him we have to now find a button on another pillar similar to one Eckhardt is lying dead against. Push the button to lower a ladder nearby and climb up. Move The platform to another ladder and climb up again. One more ladder to find and climb up. On this platform all you have to do is find a spot to jump towards the sleeper. Do not worry About grabbing anything as a cut scene will automatically kick in of Lara hanging from the Sleeper and using the glove and ending the reign of the Nephilim. Lara finds Kurtis’s weapon And only to wonder if he’s alive or dead and will ever see him again. She exits the lab and You have successfully completed this wonderful game The Angel of Darkness congratulations!

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