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[edit] The Cold War

Lara begins this icy level in a freezing pool of water. Swim to the beach with the tiger and draw the attention of the shark who is guarding the shore. When he leaves the area you can exit to the shore and grab the Flares. Kill the Tiger and the Shark then jump into the water to get the Harpoon Gun and the ammo scattered about the bottom.

Now head toward the blue ice formation and dive down to find a tunnel to the left. Inside the tunnel is Secret Gold #1 which you can claim before returning to the beach.

Move the box to get the medkit then head off to get the shotgun shells. Kill the tiger as you approach the ammo then get the shells. When you pick-up the shells a giant snowball will rumble towards you. Jump aside to avoid being crushed then head toward the wall with the pair of openings. A tiger is hiding under the nearby ledge. Kill him and grab more shells.

The flares will trigger a rolling boulder so jump to the left after you get them, then head up the path going left to avoid the hole. You will need to do some more jumping and dodging as you continue through the passage but avoid the alcove across from the door.

When you reach the end of the tunnel take the ammo then climb the ice wall. When you reach the top, head left up the slope and use your shotgun to kill some bad guys who are coming through the now-open door. Jump across the ice floe and go to the box on the left and pull it out so you can climb over it and to the other side. Now push it as far as you can then return for the second box. Move it next to the first then go through the new passage to get some ammo and climb the ladder to the next area.

Take care of any attacking eagles before riding the rope slide to the bottom. Some shotgun shells are a few paces behind you. Take them then continue along the path until you reach the intersection with a pit. Climb down into the pit and follow the tunnel at the bottom and kill the Tiger who is lurking down here.

Go to the end of the tunnel and load up on shotgun ammo and get Secret Gold #2 before returning to the pit and climbing out.

Continue on until you reach the building. Go to the end of the path where you will find a ledge. Scout out the area below this ledge then drop down and head around the corner and kill a bad guy who is moving in from the right. A quick search of the area will get you the Guard Room Key which rests in the far room.

Head to the gate and flip the switch to open the door in the next area. Head back down the trail until you reach the pair of windows in the building. Jump across to the path near the left window and go to the area behind the ledge where you dropped from the rope slide. A boulder will start to chase you so run toward the pit and do a reverse roll to grab onto the edge of the pit as the rock rolls over you.

Drop down and get the M-16 hiding in the darkness near the rock which just passed over you. Break through the window on the left and find the box in the passage below. Push it until you reveal a new passage. Continue on and make a running jump and grab to make it across the huge gap.

Jump over some ice and slide down the slope on the right where you will find the Automatic Pistols and a door leading back to the building. Enter and use the Guard Room Key to open the door then get ready to kill another bad guy who is guarding this area. Continue to the ledge for a cinematic view of the area then claim the medkit. More bad guys are below you to the left and right. You can kill them from the safety of the ledge or wait for a more personal encounter.

Slide down the ledge and kill the attacking eagles and henchman if you didn't already, then kill the tiger below and take the ladder leading down to a stash of items. If you are going for a perfect kill score then head to the opposite side of this area and climb the huge ladder. At the top you will need to kill another henchman. If you aren't interested in the "body count" then simply return to the area where you dropped into the pit and find and kill the tiger guarding the snowmobile.

Flip the nearby switch to open the door on the other side of the ramp then hop on and ride across the ramp into the next area. Dismount and get all the ammo by the door and pillar. A henchman on a heavily armed snowmobile will ride into the area when you take the M-16 ammo. He is no match for your M-16. When he is dead you can ride HIS snowmobile up to the ledge by the windows. Kill the bad guy who is lurking in this area and ride across the gap and right through the windows.

In this new area head to the left and kill another armed snowmobile rider. When things are safe you can climb the nearby ledge to enter the next area. Continue to the next area and flip the switch around the left corner. Giant snow boulders will start rolling and ice will start shattering and a new henchman will arrive on the scene.

Make your way to the room across the pool and flip the switch to access a new area back by the snowmobile. Head out of this room and look into the water to spot an underwater tunnel. Dive in and follow it to the next room. Climb out and follow the path to the left until you spot a climbable ledge. Run across this ledge as the ice breaks beneath you. Ice Monks are in this area and they are just like the Monks from the original game. If you leave them alone they won't bother you - in fact, they will even fight for you!

Continue along the walkway and get the medkit from the pillar. This triggers a boulder trap which will smash the floor below you. Jump from the pillar to the path on the right and return to the pool where this area started. The water is frozen so you can now access the items on the far ledge.

Find the icy blue ramp by the pool and slide down past some Monks. When you reach the bottom you can smash your way through the wall and get Secret Gold #3. Several henchman will arrive as you claim the final secret. Save your ammo and let the Monks do the dirty work. When the dust has settled you can search the bodies for items then exit through the passage on the right.

A Monk and a Tiger are in this next passage. The trick is to kill the Tiger and not hurt the Monk. Climb the ladder and make your way back to the snowmobile and go through the newly opened area. As you enter you can quickly kill the bad guys to either side of this area. Search and find some Flares and additional ammo and a switch which opens the next door. Clean up any remaining enemies then head back for the snowmobile.

You will want to get the Uzis before proceeding. You will take considerable damage getting these prized weapons so make sure you are at close-to-full health before finding the ledge by the path opposite the area with the switch. A pit is over this ledge and it is tricky to get down. Back-up to the pit and walk to the far left and jump to the left. When you land you will lose about half your health and start to slide so grab onto the edge as you go over. Hang onto the edge and use a medkit to get back to MAXIMUM health. Shimmy to the left and drop down losing almost all your health when you hit. Grab the medkit to replenish your health bar and grab those Uzis and extra ammo while you are down here. Exit by using the ladder to climb up to the door.

Back on the snowmobile Lara is ready for this level's big-action finish. Ride along following the tracks up the slope and turn right. Head down the slope quickly as snowballs are in hot pursuit. Get through the small opening to escape the snow and get ready to take on a pair of henchman in this next area. When they are both you can take the Shaft "B" Key and open the locked door.

Enter the small room and kill the Tiger and flip the switch before returning to the previous tunnel. Continue on foot and kill any and all evil henchmen who are lurking in the passage. As you near the exit the enemy appears in force. Automatic weapons work nicely on the small army guarding the exit. Don't miss the snipers on the dark ledges because they won't be missing you.

When the smoke has cleared you can finally approach the final building and flip the switch to open the trapdoor in the floor. Drop in to exit this level.

[edit] Fool's Gold

Start this next level by jumping into the water and swimming up to the hole in the ceiling. Two guards and a Doberman are waiting for you when you exit. Kill them and head up the stairs where another guard should just be arriving. Continue to the end of the hall and do a running leap over the pool and grab and pull up onto the ledge. Flip the switch to open a room below.

Some shotgun shells are stashed in a alcove. Taking them summons a pair of guys with flamethrowers below. Kill them while they are below you or coming up the stairs. If they make it to the top you can drop down or escape through the nearby window. When they are finally dead you can return below and search the area which is now only guarded by a lone Doberman.

In the next hall there are some boxes which you can move around. Pull the box next to the door and move it all the way out into the hall next to the stairs on the left. Go down the stairs and use the ledges to return to the room with the boxes. Take the available ammo and move the other box to reveal a tunnel with Secret Gold #1 inside.

Return to the hall and search the lower room (opened with the switch above). Go past the gate and climb the ledge which triggers a door and summons a henchman. Kill him and get the shotgun ammo before flipping the switch to open the previous gate. Return and enter the new area killing all resistance as quickly as they appear. The gold door on the right leads to the next secret but you will have to come back for it later. Continue to the left and climb the box. From there you can do a running jump to the corner and kill a henchman who is moving in from the left.

You will need to kill some Eagles before you can start making your way across the rooftops. Try to stay to the left and jump over the gap when you come to it. Go through the door and kill the guard then check out the rope mesh. Your next pile of gold is visible through the mesh and the ramp behind you leads to a locked door which requires a circuit board to open. Return to the previous area and climb onto the roof.

Head toward the far opening and kill all resistance along the way. Inside the hall is a switch which opens a door and releases a dog. Kill the Doberman and get the Circuit Board then retrace your path back to the ramp leading to the locked door. You will encounter more enemies along the way.

You may want to use a flare when you reach the locked door. Use the circuit board and enter the next area. A pair of rats are in the room - one behind you and one to the right. Kill them from the door then quickly climb onto the box and get ready for a snowmobile attacker. The M-16 will drop him quickly and you can take the medkit and Key Card 1 hiding in the darkness of the far corner. Search the room to find more ammo along with more rats and another henchman. When you have found everything you can push the box in the corner to access a passage. Get on the snowmobile and ride down this tunnel.

Another henchman lurks nearby so head right when you reach the bottom of the passage and ambush him when he comes around the corner. Climb the ledge and look through the window to spot another henchman. Kill him then drop down and approach the ledge to summon a guy with a flamethrower. A dangerous underwater fan is beneath the surface of the water but a level on the pillar will kill the power. Continue past the fan into the darkness (you may want to light a flare) and swim into a short hall with some ammo located in a room across from the exit.

Use the exit to return to the previous passage where you can do a running jump and stick to the climbable wall. Climb up to where you killed the henchman through the window and move the box over to the windows. Get the two sets of grenades and search behind the box to find a door leading to a room with a Grenade Launcher. Return to your snowmobile and continue down the passage.

The next open area has another snowmobile rider and snipers up on the ledges. The snowmobile won't appear until you move further out into this area so try and kill the snipers first. Use the Key Card to open the door with the gold star symbol and enter.

Return to the passage which had the locked gold door earlier. The door is open so you can enter into the darkness beyond and follow the hall until you reach a switch. Flip the switch to open the door and release a pack of dogs. When they are all dead you can enter and get Secret Gold #2.

Return to the door with the star symbol and get another Key Card 1. Enemies will attack as you take this item so be ready. Flip the switch by the door to open a timed door and summon another henchman. Kill him and take Key Card 2 which will open the nearby door. Go through this door and kill more bad guys moving in from both directions.

When things have settled down you can climb the blocks of ice to get to the top of the cliff and then follow the trail until you reach the pillar above the rusty metal beams. Look for some Flares on one of the beams then jump to the slope above that beam and slide down to get them. Walk along the beam until you reach some boxes and kill the henchmen guarding this area. Taking the medkit from the box summons even more enemies so have your guns ready. Look over the ledge to spot another bad guy who you can kill from above.

The boxes above can be moved to reveal some useful items like Grenades and Uzi Clips. Moving the boxes also allows a pair of Dobermans to attack you. Now you can drop down to the ledge where you killed that last henchman and take the Uzis. Now jump to the center column and kill the Eagle attacking from one side and a henchman coming in from the other. Jump to the shorter pillar to find some ammo then head toward the stairs.

Enter the next room and get ready to dodge rolling barrels and kill lots of rats. Head up the ramp and you should find the lock that goes with your Key Card 1 down below. Back at the top of the ramp a pair of flamethrowers are approaching. Dispatch them quickly then search the area where they came from. A third flamethrower will try to surprise you from behind so be ready. When they are all dead you can search the pools in this area to find medkits and ammunition.

When you have filled your pack, continue on past the pools and jump to the ledge on the right. Kill the sniper above then climb up to get the M-16 ammo before dropping back down on the other side of the ledge. Continue along the passage and go left into the next large area.

Move along the left wall and climb onto the pillar down and to the left. Drop down to get Secret Gold #3 then run across the bridge killing the guard ahead. Another is moving in from behind so do a reverse roll and drop him before he can even get off a shot. If you are in need of health there is a medkit on the ledge at the top of the rock wall nearby.

From the bridge you will need to do a running jump and stick the wall and start climbing down. Keep going down until Lara is only hanging on by her hands then shimmy left as far as you can go then drop. Some rats are guarding a medkit. Kill them and get the health before sliding down the slope backwards so you can grab the edge as you drop off. Shimmy over to the snow then drop into the final area. Grab the shotgun ammo as you make your way to this level's exit.

[edit] Furnace of the Gods

Jump fast from the bottom of the slope to get to the ledge with the Flares. Then do a safety-drop from the ledge and use a flare to light you way along the dark passage. Get the medkit and kill the rat that will attack you as you do so. Run quickly across the collapsing floor and turn left at the bottom to avoid the spiked wall. Duck behind the wall as it advances then kill the rats in this area.

Another spiked wall will pass by and you can then go get some ammo from that area. Continue along the passage and pull the cage out of the wall to reveal a new passage. Head up the orange tunnel and enter the blue room keeping to the right and watching for wolves. Head over the hill and claim the Mask of Tornarsuk ignoring the Ice Monks that will appear as you do so. A wolf is also in this area but you need to wait for him to move away from the Monks before firing on him.

Go through the open door and get the medkit then slide down the ramp and have the harpoon gun ready as you splash into fish-infested waters. Kill the first fish that is advancing at you from the tunnel then go get more harpoons at the far end. Catch your breath before making the long underwater swim into the next rat-filled room.

Circle around to the cages and move them to get the medkit and the ammo. All of the rats should come out in the open for easy target practice as you do this. Pull out the cage and move it aside to exit this area. Head down the dark passage and avoid the deadly spikes in the pits. Climb up the ladder and push the box into the next area then move it to one side to find Secret Gold #1.

Move around the central barrier and dodge the trap when you head towards the tunnel with the Flares. Head down the passage and jump over more spiked pits and you should arrive on the ledge in the blue room. Flip the switch to open the doors below then jump over to the next ledge to claim the ammo before doing a safety drop from the center of the original ledge.

Enter the newly opened door and flip the switch then head back to the dais where you found the mask. Watch and wait as the Ice Monks take care of the new henchmen entering this area. Feel free to assist the Monks but make sure you don't accidentally hit one of them. When the battle is over you can take the medkit by the Window then climb the block to reach the opening up in the wall. Enter the new room and jump over the molten gold.

Now comes a tricky jumping puzzle. Face the central rock and jump to the lower rock on the left by the wall. Do a running jump to the far rock and grab onto the edge. When you pull up you will start to slide down the slope so be ready to jump to the slope in the corner and once more into an alcove to claim some Grenades. Get on top of the small rock and do a running jump over to the ledge by the gold falls. Do another running jump from this ledge to the oddly shaped rock and as soon as you land - jump again to reach the final ledge. Now you can climb the rocks and carefully follow the trail around to the other side of the cavern.

Climb up the rocks and get the various items stashed among them. Make your way to the top of the tall pillar then jump and grab and pull up to the ledge above. Do a running leap and grab to pull up onto the next walkway above the river of gold. Jump down to the nearby ledge by the wall and once more into the pit to claim some Flares. Pull up to the previous ledge and get the shotgun ammo from the other side. Jump out to the middle column and get the M-16 ammo and kill the Eagle that appears almost immediately.

Head towards the large area with the flat rocks and kill more attacking Eagles. Continue past the spiked pit ahead and climb up the large rock to get some shotgun shells. Slide down the other side of this rock and do a running jump to the rock in the middle of the gold river. Kill another Eagle then jump over the sloped portion of the rock to the flat area and get the ammo. After you get the ammo turn right and do a running leap of faith over the gold falls. You should land on a small rock just above Secret Gold #2.

Climb back up and do a running jump to the sloped rock. Slide down the slope and jump at the last minute to return to the oddly shaped rock in the middle of the river. Make your way back to the bank of the river and take the path leading to the left. The old rolling-blade trap is next. Just keep crossing back and forth hiding in the alcoves until you are past this trap. Once back at the gold river you can see some rocks over to the right.

Walk to the edge of the river then take one step back and do a standing jump. Turn to the right while in the air so you land on the first stone. Jump all the stones as you make your way around to the right. Kill the polar bear on the ledge above before jumping into the water past the river of gold. Ready the harpoon gun and take care of the fish that is quickly approaching then swim through his tunnel to reach the ledge where the bear was. Get the items then move over to the ledge and look down.

Below is a column with some harpoons. This is a tricky jump so walk to the edge and take two steps back and do a standing jump to land perfectly on the stone. Head toward the polar bear and kill him to claim the ammo he was guarding. Return to the other end and go through the two openings. Get the M-16 ammo from the underwater room then return through the upper passage. Back on dry land you can take the Flares and medkit before jumping onto the series of ladders.

Use the ladders to make your way to the right where you will notice an trap just waiting to be triggered. Press the button then jump back then forward to the ledge. Take the ladder down above the boulder and shimmy left and drop. Push the next button and immediately jump right then back to escape the crushing boulder. Investigate the door you just opened and you will find lots of Uzi clips. Keep going until you reach an intersection with a sealed door and a village to the left.

Stay on the right ledge and kill the henchman lurking in this area. Kill another bad guy who is guarding ammo then enter the village. A pair of henchmen lurk in the central buildings. Flip the switch located in one of the buildings to open the sealed door back at the intersection. Return to that door and flip the switch there to flood the village.

Return to the village and start collecting all the items. There is a lot of ammo in the lower areas and the giant Gold Nugget is an sparkling prize. Watch out for the fish guarding this area. When you have gathered all the items you can head up the stairs to the door and use the Gold Nugget to open it.

Run down the left walkway toward the wall of spikes and wait in the safety of the middle area until the wall has passed. Time your jump past the rolling blade back onto the left walkway and do a running jump to the block. Get the items to the left of the structure then jump to the walkway on the right.

Climb up the side of the structure and wait for the cinematic camera shot. Now look for a ladder to keep on climbing. When you reach the top you will want to do a running jump across the narrow stream of molten gold to reach the opposite side of the roof. Slide down this slope and grab on as you go over. Drop down by the opening and climb down the ladder to claim Secret Gold #3. Climb out of this area and move to the right where you can jump over the slope to the ladder near the structure.

Start climbing down the ladder until you reach the collapsing floor below. Run across this floor to the only section of stable flooring in the corner and get the medkit. Jump onto the orange slope and slide down and grab. Hang and drop below into the next passage. Follow this passage until you can drop into the cage and exit the Furnace of the Gods.

[edit] Kingdom

A switch is waiting for you when you start this level, but before you flip it and summon the Sasquatch you may want to pull out the small cage and move it to the door. This will give you a few extra seconds to kill him. Now move the cage over to the gold square on the floor and a trapdoor will open.

Outside you will find some Uzi ammo and other useful items located to the left and in the rocks above. You will probably spot another Sasquatch as you collect these items. Kill him and get the medkit which will trigger another Sasquatch back at the cage. Jump across the pit and get the shotgun ammo then return to the cage.

Head down the ladder and double back to the right and jump over the yellow walls as you make your way to a pool of water. Take a short swim to arrive at a gold panel and take the passage on the right. Get the items in this area before returning to the ladder.

Head toward the rocks on the left and jump to the ledge in the river of gold. Another jump should land you next to some shotgun ammo. Return to the rocks and jump to the backside of the sloped surface. Pull up and slide down jumping to the landing near the door.

Enter the next area and kill the Yeti who is guarding some more shotgun shells then slide down to the lower floor on the far side of this room. Find the hole and drop down into a collection of switches and cages. Each switch will open a cage and a few switches will release tigers which you will need to kill quickly. The last cage is opened by flipping all the switches in reverse order. When you flip the first switch (last) then the final cage will open and you can enter the next hallway.

Go to the left and slide down the slope and jump to cling to the ladder. Climb up the ladder until Lara has her feet just above the spikes to the left. Now jump backward off the ladder and flip in midair and grab to cling to the ledge behind you. Pull up and get all the nice items waiting for you.

Passages lead out of these room to the right and left. Head right and avoid the sloped area while you jump and grab the ammo from above. Return to the previous room and go left to get Secret Gold #1 which will also trigger a trapdoor to open.

Head through this trapdoor and kill the Sasquatch waiting for you below. Return to the hall and head down the passage leading to the forest. You will come across a medkit up on a ledge. Taking it summons a pair of Sasquatch which you need to kill very quickly. These guys are tough so break out the heavy artillery if necessary. Now continue into the forest and go through the hollow tree and kill the Sasquatch moving in from the area with the gold.

Look for a flat ledge to your left and jump onto it. A bridge is nearby and you will need to do a tricky running jump past the tree while turning left to grab onto it. Pull up and locate the pile of gold below. You will need to make a precise jump to land on the ledge with Secret Gold #2 and avoid the slope. Return to the bridge after you have secured the secret gold and jump over to the flat ledge along the wall.

Jump to the slope and shimmy right and pull up at the far end. Jump back and do a twist in midair to grab and pull up onto the ledge behind you. Get the ammo then do a running jump to the bridge between the trees. Follow the gold river until you can do a running jump to grab onto the moss-covered pillar. Get the medkit and jump back to the path and continue to the next room.

This room has three switches and two of them are together. Flip the left switch in this pair to open the next room releasing some Monks. Now you can flip the solo switch to release a henchman who will die quickly at the hands of the Monks. Some grenades are stashed around the corner from this switch, so grab them before flipping the final switch.

Enter the large room and get the medkit which also happens to trigger a door in the outer hall. A Sasquatch arrives on the scene so kill him and get some ammo as you go down the next hall. Follow the hall until you arrive at a new forest. Run along the ledge and jump across to get some Flares. Now drop down and take the bridge leading to the left.

Get the medkit and climb the ladder and kill the Sasquatch waiting for you at the top. This upper area has a medkit, slope and a ladder. Get the medkit and use the slope rather than the ladder to get back down to the river. You will have to jump to the top of the slope and go down until you reach the green slope. Jump the gap and finish your trip to the bottom where some shotgun ammo is waiting for you. Do a running jump to the next section of the path.

Several trapdoors are along this next section of the path. They open and close on their own so you will have to get your timing down to get past this. Wait for the first door to open then do a running jump so you arc just right and land inside. Follow the path until you reach the ladder and climb up about until you are above the ledge behind you (over halfway). Backflip from the ladder, land on the ledge, and start climbing.

Now begins the quest for the game's final secret. Drop down to the slope near the entrance and jump over the flowing gold on the right. From this flat area you will need to take two steps back and jump out to land on the flat area of the slope. Now do a running jump toward the slope and angle toward the flowing gold. You will slide but should stop on another flat section.

Jump across the flowing gold toward the pillar then once again to the flat spot below the exit door. From the area you need to jump and grab the ledge and pull up. Go past the door and slide down the next slope. Look at the where the gold is flowing out from the wall and jump toward the gold section of wall. You will break through into a hidden and very dangerous room. Kill the tiger to the right then examine the ceiling.

You must stay under the dark areas of the ceiling as you move around in the room or you will burst into flames. Jump to the dark area by the wall then jump along this wall to the right. You should now be in the corner, and you can finally get Secret Gold #3. Retrace your steps until you get back to the exit door.

Slide down the slope to the left and do a running jump over the gold stream and grab and pull up to the openings in the wall. Jump onto the yellow slope and grab while in midair to lower your arc. Slide down backwards and grab onto the edge as you go over. Drop down and return to the forest with the path and the trapdoors. Collect all the ammo and kill any hostile Sasquatch on your way there.

Follow the path until you arrive at a rocky area where you must climb up to some doors which will open for you. Get the medkit and another door opens (which actually leads to the beginning of this level). Ignore it and continue toward the golden arch. Climb the ladders leading to the ledge above. Kill a tiger as you head left through the new door. You will come to another ladder that you can climb down to get another medkit - watch out for the spikes!

Now it's time to summon and fight the boss. There are two ways to do this - the hard way and the easy way. The hard way consists of just running and jumping around and unloading a ton of lead into this furry beast. The easy way require a little bit of precision running and switch flipping but it's worth it in the end. When you are read find the gold socket above the ladders and insert the Mask of Tornarsuk. Here he comes!

Use your Uzis or M-16's to start spilling some blood as you run past him and up the ramp. At the top of the ramp quickly flip the switch to the left and double back past the Sasquatch King and down the walkway toward the ladders. Go through the doors on the right and run across the bridge.

If you have a large enough lead you can flip the switch on the other side of the bridge and trap the boss in the pit below. Kill him at your leisure with whatever weapons you like - he is no longer a threat. If you mess up on the time or get pinned down just fight him normally and keep moving. The Sasquatch King is no harder than any other Tomb Raider boss and is actually easier to defeat than most.

When the hairball is dead the level is over. Congratulations! If you managed to get all the secrets including that killer third secret on this level then you will have access to the bonus level which is detailed next.

[edit] Nightmare in Vegas

To access this SECRET BONUS LEVEL you will have had to acquire all 12 secrets in the first four levels. Return to the main menu after the credits and start a NEW GAME. You will see the previous four Gold levels as well as the Nightmare in Vegas option.

No time to play the slot machines Lara! Flip the switch to open the door and enter the next room. Get the Shotgun over by the window then open the left door to start filling up that empty pack of yours. Go to the bed and enter the door to the left and follow the hall about halfway. Shoot out the window and climb out onto the ledge. Jump out to the right and grab the crack in the wall and shimmy left. Get on the ledge under the window and jump to the left to land on the balcony.

Enter the room and kill the bad guys inside. Get the shotgun ammo and go to the left of the bed to check out the bathroom. JEEVES! Search the shower to get the Hotel Key 1 then exit quickly making sure that Jeeves is still INSIDE this room. Head to the next door and exit to the hall. Use your new key to enter the next area.

Ignore the huge gold sculpture and check out the upper area of this room. The elevator is "Out of Order" and the bird-creature is safely behind bars. Start collecting the items scattered about this area and kill the guard who arrives as soon as you do. Don't miss the ammo on the top of the cage. Return to the ledge above the gold sculpture and get ready for a leap (or rather DIVE) of faith.

Line up with the small pool next to the sculpture below then dive off the ledge. The grate will open at the last minute and you will end up in an underwater room with Uzis and extra ammo. Follow this passage until you reach the main pool where you will find Hotel Key 2. Expect trouble when you exit the pool.

Heading toward the sculpture will trigger a pair of henchmen. When you have dealt with them you can use the new Hotel Key to open the lower door. Make the appropriate additions to your arsenal of weapons then clean up the rest of the henchmen in this area. Make sure to get all the items in this area and wave at the T-Rex behind the fence.

Check out the funky dance club with zebra decorations. Use the buttons by the stage to open the curtains and get the shotgun shells from the stage. Kill the henchman by the stage and the other who is waiting in the lobby. Things get even more crazy when you enter the area with the boxes. Avoid getting hit by the swinging boxes as you climb to the top of the ledge. Jump to the next ledge with the ammo then return to the floor to find the pair of moveable boxes.

Move both of these boxes into the openings in the wall to open the trapdoor and drop down. In this area you need to move one box up against the wall and the other box toward the first. Get the Uzi clips that are under that box and keep moving it until you reveal a third box that can be moved. Move this third box to get the Secret Gold #1. Return to the gold sculpture room.

Climb up the side leading to the ledge with the Uzi clips then jump to the slope on the sculpture. You will slide off backwards so grab and hang then shimmy to the right and climb up about halfway until you can back flip onto the ledge behind you. Kill the bad guy and enter the stairs to collect lots of ammo. Go back out onto the ledge and do a running jump and grab to lower your arc then release the grab button just before you land on the ledge by the opening to the right.

Jump back to the sculpture and WALK through the deadly glass. Get the Uzi ammo, medkit and the Door Circuit from the ledge then do a safety drop to the floor below. Return to the swimming pool and use the Door Circuit to open the door by the pool. Exit and get ready to fight the T-Rex who is roaming the streets.

When he is dead you can get the Elevator Junction which triggers another T-Rex. Start running and search the dark alley to find lots of ammo and the Automatic Pistols. After you have killed your second dino for the day you can investigate the cage which was holding the T-Rex and find Secret Gold #2.

Return to the sculpture and climb it once again, this time going all the way to the top. Grab the medkit and kill some bad guys before doing a running jump to the ledge above. Use the Elevator Junction in the box and flip the switch to call the lift. Get in and flip the switch again to go up. Exit and flip the switch to send the lift back down then jump across and cling to the ladder. Climb up to the top and back flip to the ledge and get the ammo before dropping back down.

Another Sasquatch King is roaming the halls of this final area. More ammo and a medkit are stashed by the elevator so grab them quickly then run down the hall and jump over the glass. This level's final secret is close by but you must get it before you kill the King otherwise the level will end. When you are about two steps away from the pile of Secret Gold #3 do a reverse roll to spin around and stop on the gold. Pick it up and draw your weapons. Keep running and jumping and fire away at the beast until he is dead and you will have won!

You have completed the expert Gold Bonus Levels for Tomb Raider 2.
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