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Developer(s) Epic Games, Digital Extremes
Publisher(s) GT Interactive
Designer(s) James Schmalz
Engine Unreal Engine 1.0
Version 226f officially and 227d unofficially
Platform(s) Linux, Mac OS, Mac OS X[1], Windows
Release date May 22, 1998
2008 (Steam)
Genre(s) First-person shooter
Mode(s) Single player, multiplayer
Rating(s) ELSPA: 15+
ESRB: Mature (M)
Media CD-ROM
System requirements Windows: Pentium 166 MHz, 16 MB RAM, Windows 95/Windows 98

Unreal is a first-person shooter computer game developed by Epic Games and Digital Extremes and published by GT Interactive (now owned by Atari) in 1998. It was powered by an original gameplay and computer engine that now bears the game's name, one that had been in development for over three years in founder Tim Sweeney's garage before the game was released. Since the release of Unreal, the franchise has had one sequel and two different series based on the Unreal universe.

The game was featuring music composed by Straylight production.

Useful information


Still in stores. (included in the Unreal Anthology pack).

Latest version

The latest official update is 2.26. However, a non-official update has been released for the Unreal retexturing project. Current last version is 1.27d.

Game presentation


The player takes on the part of Prisoner 849, an otherwise anonymous persona aboard the prison spacecraft Vortex Rikers. The ship crash-lands on the lip of a canyon on the planet Na Pali, home of the Nali, a primitive tribal race of four-armed humanoids. The Nali and their planet have been subjugated by the Skaarj, a race of brutish yet technologically advanced reptilian humanoids. Skaarj troops board the downed Vortex Rikers and kill the remaining survivors, save for Prisoner 849, who manages to arm himself and escape from the ship.

The planet Na Pali is rich in Tarydium, an exotic crystal that possesses a high energy yield, whose utility is the reason for which the Skaarj have invaded. The ship has crashed near one of the many Tarydium mines and processing facilities that the Skaarj have built. Prisoner 849 travels through the mines, meeting Nali slaves and eventually entering the ruins of Nali villages and cities, where the extent of the Nali's suffering and exploitation are made clear.

Throughout the game the player stumbles across the remains of other humans, often with electronic journals that detail their last days and hint at the cause of their demise. Usually the tales are of desperate struggles to hide from the Skaarj or other bloodthirsty inhabitants of the planet.

Prisoner 849 continues to make his way through a series of alien installations, crashed spaceships, and ancient Nali temples infested with Skaarj troops and their minions, eventually arriving at the Nali Castle. Inside the castle, the player locates a teleporter that leads to the Skaarj Mothership. The mothership proves to be a vast labyrinth, but Prisoner 849 manages to find the ship's reactor and destroys it, plunging the vessel into darkness. After navigating the corridors in the dark, the player arrives at the Skaarj Queen's chamber and kills her. Prisoner 849 jumps into an escape pod as the mothership disintegrates. Although the prisoner survives the Skaarj, the escape pod is left to float into space, with slim hopes of being found.

Game modes

  • One player :
Campaign : Playing the game scenario
Botmatch : Playing against computer players in Deathmatch, team Deathmatch or even Darkmatch.
  • Multiplayer :
Cooperation : Play the campain in cooperation. (You'll have to select the map "Vortex2" in order to launch a cooperative game)
Deathmatch : Free for all death match.
Team Deathmatch : Teamplay death match
DarkMatch : Free for all in a dark place. (You have a shoulder light)


Here is the list of the available weapons:

Weapons Description
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Dispersion Pistol
Particle gun
  • Primary Fire: Fire a charge of energy.
  • Secondary Fire: Fire a big charge of energy.
  • Techniques: This weapon has unlimited charges and can be four times upgraded to became the most powerful.
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  • Primary Fire: Fires very accurate shots.
  • Secondary Fire: Faster, but less accurate firing mode.
  • Techniques: You can handle two Automag a the same time.
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  • Primary Fire: Automatic firing mode.
  • Secondary Fire: Shoots a small spread of shards.
  • Techniques: Secondary fire is mortal used in close range.
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  • Primary Fire: Railgun type blast .
  • Secondary Fire: Round electromagnetic projectile.
  • Techniques: The ASMD has a third attack, called the "Combo-Attack". The trick for a combo attack is easy once you get the hang of it. The idea is to shoot the weapon in its secondary mode, then shoot the first projectile with a primary shot. This results in a powerful explosion that can cause a good amount of damage. Like the Dispersion Pistol this weapon can be upgraded.
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Eightball Launcher
Explosive weapon
  • Primary Fire: Load up to 6 rockets.
  • Secondary Fire: Load up to 6 grenades.
  • Techniques: If you keep your crosshair over an enemy for a couple of seconds before starting to load it will "lock on" for heat seeking rocket shots that will follow your target for a bit.
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Flak Cannon
Explosive weapon
  • Primary Fire: Fire a powerful spread of flak, which will bounce off walls, floors, etc..
  • Secondary Fire: Fires off the entire flak shell, which explodes like a grenade after contact.
  • Techniques: The Flak Cannon is effective for close to mid range combat. Not for long range combat, the flak is effected by gravity and won't make it far. You also have to be careful you don't kill yourself with bouncing flak..
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Skaarj hunting weapon
  • Primary Fire: Fires razor blades out in a straight line, which bounce off of all surfaces except water and portals.
  • Secondary Fire: Fires razor blades out in a straight line, which bounce off of all surfaces except water and portals.
  • Techniques: Lethal with a well placed shot.
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GES Biorifle
Biological weapon
  • Primary Fire: Fires little blobs rapidly.
  • Secondary Fire: Load the entire chamber with toxic waste and spew it out in one large green blob that can kill a 100 health opponent... or yourself.
  • Techniques: Note that you can stick them to walls and floors..
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Assault Rifle

  • Primary Fire: Fires a quick instant shot, very accurate..
  • Secondary Fire: Secondary mode allows you to zoom in smoothly for precise head and body shots.
  • Techniques: One hit in the head will decapitate an unarmored opponent instantly.
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  • Primary Fire: Fires very quickly in its primary mode with reasonable accuracy.
  • Secondary Fire: Faster fire, but slightly less accuracy.
  • Techniques: This weapon is effective for close to mid range combat.


Weapons Description
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Power Amplifier
Energy cell
  • With this item you can upgrade the Dispersion Pistol. Note that Dispersion Pistol becomes lethal with four upgrads.

Around the game

An expansion has been released on May 31, 1999 named Return to Na Pali.

Game tweaks

Tips & tricks

  • No enough ammo?

Well there is a way, the dispersion pistol has unlimited ammo so the best things to do is to upgrad it, insteed of the A.S.M.D.


To enable the cheat mode, press TAB or [~] to display the console, and then one of the following:

Code Effect
ALLAMMO Full ammo for current weapon
ALLAMMO 999 Full ammo for all weapons in inventory
GOD Invulnerability for current level.
FLY Fly mode.
GHOST Walk through walls (=ghost mode).
WALK Disable fly or ghost mode.
PLAYERSONLY Freeze time. Type again to resume.
OPEN map_name Jump to any map entered.
BEHINDVIEW 1 Switch to third-person view.
BEHINDVIEW 0 Switch to first-person view.
SUMMON item_name Add weapon or item to the world.

Here is a list of item names:[2]

amplifier antitoxinsuit armor asbestossuit
ASMD automag bandages brute
dampener dispersionpistol dispersionpowerup1 dispersionpowerup2
dispersionpowerup3 dispersionpowerup4 eightball flakcannon
flare flashlight forcefield gesbiorifle
invisibility juicebox jumpboots jumpboots
kelvarsuit krall mercenary minigu
nali nalifruitseed nalihealingfruit razorjack
rifle scubagear searchlight sheildbelt
skaarjwarrior slith stinger superhealth
titan translator voicebox

Here is the maps correspondence [3] for the solo mode:

Level Map Title
01: Vortex Riders Vortex2
02: Nyleve's Falls NyLeve
03: Skaaj Mine of Rrajigar Dig
04: Depths of Rrajigar Dug
05: Sacred Passage Passage
06: Chizra ¿ Nali Water God Temple Chizra
07: Ceremony Ceremony
08: Dark Arena Dark
09: Harobed Village Harobed
10: Terraniux Underground TerraLift
11: Terraniux Terraniux
12: Noork's Elbow Noork
13: Temple of Vandora Ruins
14: Trench Trench
15: ISV ¿ Kran Deck 4 IsvKran4
16: ISV ¿ Kran Decks 3 and 2 IsvKran32
17: ISV ¿ Kran Deck 1 IsvDeck1
18: Spire Village SpireVillage
19: The Sunspire TheSunspire
20: Gateway to Na Pali SkyCaves
21: Na Pali Heaven SkyTown
22: Outpost 3J (Mountain Forest) SkyBase
23: Velora Pass (Sleeping Giant) VeloraEnd
24: Bluff Eversmoking Bluff
25: Dasa Mountain Pass DasaPass
26: Cellars at Dasa Pass DasaCellars
27: Nali Castle Canyon NaliBoat
28: Nali Castle NaliC
29: Nali Castle ¿ Warlord NaliLord
30: D Crater Dcrater
31: Mothership Basement ExtremeBeg
32: Mothership Lab ExtremeLab
33: Mothership Core ExtremeCore
34: Skaarj Generator ExtremeGen
35: Illumination ExtremeDGen
36: The Darkening ExtremeDark
37: The Source Antechamber ExtremeEnd
38: The Source QueenEnd
39: End Game EndGame

Here is the maps correspondence [4] for the Deathmatch mode:

Level Map Title
Ariza DmAriza
Curse DmCurse
Death Fan DmDeathFan
Deck 16 DmDeck16
El Sinore DmElSinore
Fith DmFith
Heal Pod DmHealPod
Morbias DmMorbias
Radikus DmRadikus
Tundra DmTundra
Night Op DkNightOp

Most famous problems

Dual Core fix

The most famous problème with the Unreal Engine 1 and Unreal Engine 2 is that it doesn't support multi processor platforms. There is two ways to fix the problem.

  • First solution is to turn the unreal.exe in windows 98 compatible mode. To do it, go to the system folder wich is in the Unreal installation directory (usually C:\Unreal\System). Then select unreal.exe and right clic on it, got to compatibility and select windows 98. It's done.
  • Second method is to launch the game and press Ctrl+Alt+Supr in order to minimize the game and to launch windows task manager. Then go to processes and right clic on unreal.exe, then set affinity and tick only one processor. It's done.

Speed variation fix

Well, the game can still have speed variation so hier is the way to fix it :

Best mods



A speedrun in 0:49:18 :


External links


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