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Unreal Tournament

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Unreal Tournament
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Developer(s) Epic Games, Digital Extremes
Publisher(s) GT Interactive
Series Unreal
Engine Unreal Engine
Version 436 (Official)
451b (Unofficial)
Platform(s) Dreamcast, Linux, Mac OS, Mac OS X, Playstation 2, Windows
Release date 1999-11-26 (PC)

2000-11-21 (Playstation 2)
2001-03-13 (Dreamcast)

Genre(s) First-person shooter
Mode(s) Single player, Multiplayer
Rating(s) ELSPA: 15+
ESRB: M (Mature)
USK: 18
Media CD-ROM (2)
Input methods Keyboard, Mouse

Unreal Tournament, abbreviated UT, (sometimes referred to as UT99, UT Classic, UT1, or UT GOTY - GOTY standing for Game Of The Year) is a first-person shooter video game released by Digital Extremes and Epic Games in 1999. It's the second game in the Unreal series.

Useful information

System Requirements

Minimum system requirement

  • 233 MHz Pentium MMX or AMD K6 class computer.
  • RAM: 32 MiB
  • Memory: 32 MiB
  • Hard Drive: 300 MiB Free
  • Video Memory: 4 MiB
  • Sound Card: DirectX Compatible
  • DirectX: 7.0

Typical system

  • 300 MHz Pentium II or AMD K6-3.
  • 64 MiB of RAM.
  • 3dfx Voodoo 2 / Riva TNT class 3D accelerator.

Awesome system

  • Pentium III 500 or AMD Athlon 550 or faster PC.
  • 128 MiB of RAM.
  • 3dfx Voodoo3 / Riva TNT2 class 3D accelerator.


Unreal Tournament is still in store for now ten years.

Latest version

The latest official version is 4.36 but an unofficial version is also commonly used: version 4.51b for Windows, 4.51 for Linux (UTPG, the unofficial version website). Note that there are also 4 official bonus packs downloadable from beyondunreal.com. Bonus packs 1 to 3 are already included in the GOTY edition.


  • Is there localized damage in UT?

Yes, there is a difference between head damage and body damage.

  • What's the difference between Unreal Tournament classic edition and the GOTY (Game Of The Year) edition ?

Released in late-2000, the Game of The Year edition incorporates the latest patches, the contents of the Epic Bonus Map Pack, the Inoxx Map Pack, and the Digital Extremes Map Pack along with enhanced versions of the popular user-produced mods Rocket Arena: UT and Chaos UT. It's also featuring high resolution textures.

Game presentation


In 2291, in an attempt to control violence among deep space miners the New Earth Government legalized no-holds-bared fighting. Liandri Mining Corporation, working with the NEG, established a series of leagues and bloody public exhibitions. The fight's popularity grew with their brutality. Soon, Liandri discovered that the public matches were their most profitable enterprise. The professional league was formed; a cabal of the most violent and skilled warriors in known space, selected to fight in a Grand Tournament. Now it is 2341, 50 years have passed since founding of DeathMatch. Profits from the Tournament number in the hundreds of billions. You have been selected to fight in the professional league by the Liandri Rules Board. Your strength and brutality are legendary. The time has come to prove you are the best; to crush your enemies; to win the Tournament.

Game modes

  • DeathMatch (DM): Conventional free for all deathmatch.
  • Team DeathMatch (TDM): Conventional team deathmatch.
  • Capture The Flag (CTF): Get in the enemy base to take their flag and bring it back to your flag, which is in your base.
  • Domination: Domination leans far more towards the control angle, introducing "Control Points" which members of your team must secure and hold in order to win the match. For every 5 seconds a Control Point is held, one point is added to your team's score. Apart for individual scores, frags mean nothing in Domination games, and you should concentrate on capturing and defending control points at all times (which by the way are also a nice source of individual points).
  • Assault: Assault match consists of two teams, one defending a set of objectives which the opposing team must attempt to reach, manipulate or destroy, usually in a specific order. On the first round you'll have to defend or attack and on the second round teams are swapped, and the time limit for the round is set to the duration of the first round.
  • Last Man Standing (LMS): In an LMS game, there is no frag limit but a number of "lives" each player begins with, with the player standing when all others have expended their supply of lives crowned the victor.
  • Mutators: A mutator is a tiny bit of code which is designed to modify an Unreal Tournament match in some way, perhaps by lowering the gravity, making players fatter as they accumulate frags or even remove all the powerups from the game. The effects of mutators are temporary, and unless you explicitly specify to keep them permanent you will have to re-set your mutator preferences for every game.


Weapons Description
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Impact Hammer
  • Classification: Melee Piston
  • Primary Fire: When trigger is held down, touch opponents with this piston to inflict massive damage.
  • Secondary Fire: Damages opponents at close range and has the ability to deflect projectiles.
  • Techniques: Shoot at the ground while jumping to jump extra high.
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  • Classification: Light Pistol
  • Primary Fire: Accurate but slow firing instant hit.
  • Secondary Fire: Sideways, or 'Gangsta' firing mode, shoots twice as fast and half as accurate as the primary fire.
  • Techniques: Collect two for twice the damage.
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GES Bio Rifle
  • Classification: Toxic Rifle
  • Primary Fire: Wads of Tarydium byproduct are lobbed at a medium rate of fire.
  • Secondary Fire: When trigger is held down, the BioRifle will create a much larger wad of byproduct. When this wad is launched, it will burst into smaller wads which will adhere to any surfaces.
  • Techniques: Byproducts will adhere to walls, floors, or ceilings. Chain reactions can be caused by covering entryways with this lethal green waste.
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Shock rifle
  • Primary Fire: Instant hit laser beam. Damage: 60.
  • Secondary Fire: Large, slow moving plasma core. Damage: < 82
  • Shock Combo: Shooting the secondary fire's core with a primary beam will cause a massive explosion. Damage: < 247
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Pulse gun
  • Classification: Plasma Rifle
  • Primary Fire: Medium sized, fast moving plasma balls are fired at a fast rate of fire.
  • Secondary Fire: A bolt of green lightning is expelled for 100 meters, which will shock all opponents.
  • Techniques: Firing and keeping the secondary fire's lightning on an opponent will melt them in seconds."
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  • Classification: Ballistic Blade Launcher
  • Primary Fire: Razor sharp titanium disks are launched at a medium rate of speed. Shots will ricochet off of any surfaces.
  • Secondary Fire: Explosive disks are launched at a slow rate of fire.
  • Techniques: Aim for the necks of your opponents.
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  • Classification: Gatling Gun
  • Primary Fire: Bullets are sprayed forth at a medium to fast rate of fire and good accuracy.
  • Secondary Fire: Minigun fires twice as fast and is half as accurate.
  • Techniques: Secondary fire is much more useful at close range, but can eat up tons of ammunition.
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Flak Cannon
  • Classification: Heavy Shrapnel
  • Primary Fire: White hot chunks of scrap metal are sprayed forth, shotgun style.
  • Secondary Fire: A grenade full of shrapnel is lobbed at the enemy.
  • Techniques: The Flak Cannon is far more useful in close range combat situations.
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Rocket Launcher
  • Classification: Heavy Ballistic
  • Primary Fire: Slow moving but deadly rockets are fired at opponents. Trigger can be held down to load up to six rockets at a time, which can be fired at once.
  • Secondary Fire: Grenades are lobbed from the barrel. Secondary trigger can be held as well to load up to six grenades.
  • Techniques: Keeping this weapon pointed at an opponent will cause it to lock on, and while the gun is locked the next rocket fired will be a homing rocket. Because the Rocket Launcher can load up multiple rockets, it fires when you release the fire button. If you prefer, it can be configured to fire a rocket as soon as you press fire button down, at the expense of the multiple rocket load-up feature. This is in the Input Options menu.
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  • Classification: Long Range Ballistic
  • Primary Fire: Fires a high powered bullet. Can kill instantly when applied to the cranium of opposing forces.
  • Secondary Fire: Zooms the rifle in, up to eight times normal vision. Allows for extreme precision from hundreds of yards away.
  • Techniques: Great for long distance headshots!
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  • Classification: Thermonuclear Device
  • Primary Fire: Launches a huge yet slow moving missile that, upon striking a solid surface, will explode and send out a gigantic wave, instantly pulverizing anyone or anything within its colossal radius, including yourself.
  • Secondary Fire: Take control of the missile and fly it anywhere. You can press the primary fire button to explode the missile early.
  • Techniques: Remember that while this rocket is being piloted you are sitting duck. If an opponent manages to hit your incoming Redeemer missile while it's in the air, the missile explode harmlessly.
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  • Classification: Personal Teleportation Device
  • Primary Fire: Launches the destination module. Throw the module to the location you would like to teleport to.
  • Secondary Fire: Activates the translocator and teleports the user to the destination module.
  • Techniques: Throw your destination module at another player and then activate the secondary fire, and you will telefrag your opponent! If you press your primary fire button when activating your translocator with the secondary fire, the last weapon you had selected will automatically return once you have translocated.


Powerup Description
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U Damage (U stands for unreal)

Giving the holder's weapon an evil purple glow, the Damage Amplifier is an object to be both worshiped and feared. Whilst it lasts only a short time, the 3x increase in damage it allows the holder to dish out is devastating.

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With this you'll be almost invisible. Hide in some dark area and frag your enemy.

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Shield Belt

Takes your armor rating straight to the 150 point limit. The shield belt absorbs all damage until it is destroyed. A yellow glow around the image of your player on the HUD indicates that it is active.

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AntiGrav Boots

Good for three "super" jumps, these boots come in handy in combat situations as well as when trying to reach high places.

Game tweaks

Console commands

There are two different ways to open the console:

  • Click on 'tools' in the game menu and you'll see the system command.
  • Hit the TAB key during the game.

(Change x and bold text by desired value.)

Command Description
STAT FPS Show the amount of calculated frame per seconds
INI=inifilename Specify the .ini file to use for configuration. Normally UnrealTournament.ini.
PORT=num Sets the UDP port number for the Internet server.
SAY message Broadcast a message to other players in the game.
ADDBOTS x Adds more bots to the game.
KICK name of the player Kick a player
KICKBAN name of the player Kick a player and ban his/her IP. You'll need to edit your ini file or use the WWW remote admin to unban their IP
CPUSPEED=x Identify your CPU speed, useful for machines which don't autodetect their speed properly.
DEMOREC filename Record a demo to filename.
STOPDEMO Stop recording or playing back a demo.
DEMOPLAY filename Play a recorded demo.
EXIT Exit the game.
FOV x Set the field of view, for example "FOV 90" for 90 degrees.
NETSPEED x Change your desired network data rate. Use 2600 for modem, 5000 for ISDN, 20000 for Cable/ADSL/LAN
PREFERENCES Displays the Advanced Options window. (It's the only way to display it)
RECONNECT Reconnect to the current/previous server
STAT GAME Show game statistics like accuracy...
STAT NET Show network performance statistics including ping, packet loss, bytes/second

Adjustment advices

  • Give more memory for the game's cache.

Search for the [Engine.GameEngine] paragraph in the Unrealtournament.ini file, which is located in [Your Unreal Tournament folder]\System, and find the line CacheSizeMegs=16 and edit the value. To know how much you should put there are two different theories about this :

Option 1: Assume that for every 4 Megs of cache, that you have 128 Megs of memory. So a machine with 256 Megs would set this to 8, 512Megs would set it to 16, 1 Gig (1024 Megs) would set this to 32 and 1.5 Gigs would set this to 48. Anything over 64 is overkill.

Option 2: Set this to 3/4 the total amount of RAM your machine has. If you have 128 MiB of RAM, set this to 96. 256 MiB, set this to 192. 512 MiB, set this to 384. 1 GiB, set this to 768. Higher than 384 might already be overkill, and UT will never need that much RAM (The game itself is only 550 MiB or so).

  • Disable the vsync and increase the frame rate limit.

Search the [OpenGLDrv.OpenGLRenderDevice] paragraph in the Unrealtournament.ini. Then go to the line SwapInterval= (1 on, 0 off) and FrameRateLimit= (recommended is 200).

Tips & tricks

  • How to jump without using Antigravity boots ?

If you walk you won't use the Antigravity boots to jump. You can also bind a key for that, the expression to use is walking | jump (for more detail refer to the Binding section of this article).

  • Translocator's throwing :

There is a useful trick by using the translocator and hammer in combination though. Shoot the translocator at your feet. Charge up your hammer and aim at an angle at your translocator disk. Fire and if done properly you will see your disk fly across the screen. In Facing Worlds you can basically go from one base to the other.

  • Killing players using their translocator:

If you shoot a translocator enough times, its glow will disappear and when the person tries to use it they will die and you will get credit for killing them.

  • Translocator, a weapon ?!

The translocator can be used as an offensive weapon. See someone camping, just shoot your translocator at them and right as it would pass through them use it and if done right you should kill them.

  • Where to aim?

Well when you have the ripper gun, sniper rifle, or hammer aim for the head. These guns allow you to get a headshot killing the person with only one shot. With a rocket launcher or some of the other explosive weapons aim for the feet that way the person will run into the explosion.

  • Feign death:

This option is a tactic and not to be used on 1-on-1. You should use it in some dark areas or corners.

  • Trick jumping:
  • Impact Hammer jump : Just look down and hold the primary fire button. When it's loaded let it go.
Another technique consists of getting close to a wall loading primary fire then jump. When you've jump let it go.
  • Shock rifle jump : To release this jump just get close to a wall, jump and fire with secondary fire button.
  • GES Bio Rifle jump : this is the most difficult. So you'll have to stick some "bullets" to a wall (not too high) and jump just before it explode.
Bullets must explode under your feet, if not you won't get higher.
  • Rocket jump : First of all you should have an armor to do that or you'll probably end in very small pieces. Whatever to do it just look down, jump and fire with the Rocket Launcher.
  • Ripper jump : Also useful if you don't have any other weapon, you can make an as good jump as with the Impact Hammer. Just look down and fire with the secondary fire.

  • Throwing flag with a Redeemer :

You'll have to kill yourself. Just aim down, right in the opposite direction to where you want to throw the flag (see the trick jumping video at the end of this page). This is useful on big exterior maps like CTF-Face or CTF-Hall of Giants...

  • Multiple jumps :

On tiny surfaces if you try to jump you'll probably slip and fall down. To prevent that just slow down just before touching the surface or push several times on jump when touching.

  • Jumping further :

Also named circle jump, the aim is to jump further. Run forward (hold forward key), then dodge and turn the mouse and hold left or right button.

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After dodging you turn back until you can dodge again. Like this you can build up a theoretical maximum of 721 unreal units per second opposed to the 600 uu/s when dodging normally and 400 uu/s, when running.

Binding keys

In the Unreal Tournament key bindings (type PREFERENCES to bring up Advanced Options / Advanced / Raw Key Bindings), you can associate console commands and other special input commands with key presses and releases. In the text box next to a key name, you can type in one or more console commands, separated by the "|" character. For example, to bind the "S" key to the "Jump" alias, type this:


That causes the "Jump" alias to be executed when the user presses the "S" key. For another example, if you want to bind a chat message like "Come get some!" to a key, use this:

Say "Come get some!"

In addition, you can bind multiple actions to a key. The following to makes the chosen key both jump and say a message:

Jump | Say "Come get some!"

You can also bind an action to the release of a key by using the OnRelease keyword. For example, you can make the "S" key fire when it's released:

OnRelease Fire

Or you can make the key jump when pressed, and fire when released:

Jump | OnRelease Fire

How to create & change crosshairs

The easiest way is to download a pack and to install it by modifying the crosshairs paragraph in your user.ini file, but you can also create yours. For more details, here are some packs and tutorials.

How to take screenshots

To make your own screenshots just press the F9 key when you are playing. Note that your screenshots will be saved to [Your Unreal Tournament folder]\System. To reach the best image quality, you should disable GammaCorrectScreenshots= which is in the Unrealtournament.ini file. Search the paragraph [OpenGLDrv.OpenGLRenderDevice] then change the value to False.


The following cheat codes can only be used in single-player games. To enable the cheat mode, press ~ to open the console, and then enter iamtheone. All these commands are case-insensitive.

Code Effect
ALLAMMO Gives you 999 ammo for all weapons.
GOD Invulnerability.
FLY Fly mode.
GHOST Walk through walls (=ghost mode).
WALK Disable fly or ghost mode.
PLAYERSONLY Freeze time. Type again to resume.
OPEN mapname Jump to any map entered.
BEHINDVIEW 1 Switch to third-person view.
BEHINDVIEW 0 Switch to first-person view.

Launching & connecting to a server

More informations (xantaz.net).

  • Launching an UT server :

In the Unreal Tournament menus, choose Multiplayer=>Start New Internet Game. Choose the gametype and map you want to run. Press the Map List button to configure the maps which will be cycled on your server. Use drag-and-drop to add or remove a map from the map list cycle. Press the Mutators button to enable any mutators you want to run on your server. Make sure Auto Change Levels is checked, or the server will run the same map over and over again. Go to the Rules and Settings tabs to ensure the game rules and settings are configured the way you want them.

If you want bots on your server, go to the Bots tab and set the Minimum Total Players to a number greater than 0. If you choose 6, bots will come into the server when there are less than 6 human players connected. When a human connects, a bot will leave. In team games, be sure to check the Balance Teams checkbox so that the bots change teams to keep the number of players on each team balanced.

Under the Server tab, be sure to give your server a Server Name, and to check the Advertise Server checkbox. This advertises your server to the master server, so players can find your server even if they're not on your local LAN. Check the ngWorldStats Logging checkbox to have your server participate in ngWorldStats for Unreal Tournament 1999. The Optimize for LAN checkbox should only be set if your server is intended for a LAN play only. DO NOT check this checkbox if you intend to have people on the Internet connect to you, or they might find internet play isn't as good as it could be.

For dedicated server press the Dedicated button to launch the dedicated server. Once your server is configured, you can later launch it from the command line - it will retain all the settings you've configured for it.

To run an UT internet server you'll have to open the port 7777 in your rooter in order to play with other players. If you don't do that no one would be able to connect to your server.

  • Connecting to an UT internet server :

Select the game type tab in the UT server browser, then right click on the list and click refresh server list.

  • Connecting to a LAN server :

Browse the UT tab LAN in the server browser. if you have no server even if you refresh just go to Multiplayer=>Open location then type the server IP.

Most famous problems

The game is going too fast or too slow

This is due to multi-core processor. The best way make it working right is to put the game in Windows 98 compatibility mode. (right click on Unrealtournament.exe)

You can also look at the Unreal Tournament log file (C:\UnrealTournament\System\UnrealTournament.log). It's a regular text file named Unrealtournament.log so you can open it with any text editor. Then search for the line "Init: CPU Speed=" and if the CPU speed isn't right just replace it with the correct value.

Still having speed variation & mouse aiming seems to be wrong

Well the game isn't optimized for new graphic cards and for new directX versions. So you'll have a bit of files modifications to do but don't worry it's very easy. Just follow this step by step.

1 - First of all you'll have to use OpenGL an not Direct3D. For that go to Start=>Programs=>UnrealTournament=>Run unreal tournament safe mode.
Then select show all devices then openGL.
2 - Now you'll have to modify the paragraph about OpenGL rendering witch is in the Unrealtournament.ini (C:\UnrealTournament\System) you can open it
with notepad. Just replace the [OpenGLDrv.OpenGLRenderDevice] paragraphe with this one :

SwapInterval=0 <= SET TO 0 FOR NO VSYNC, 1 TO ENABLE IT.
LODBias=0.000000 <= NEGATIVE VALUE TO SHARPEN TEXTURES (ex: -1.5). Looks bad with S3TC on, keep at 0 if you're using them.
Description=Radeon x1650 Pro 512 Mo <= PUT YOUR GRAPHIC CARD4S NAME HERE IF YOU WANT
(A almost full settings list)

Then replace some of these values by yours.

3 - After that you'll have to download, copy and past the new OpenGL.dll (more info) into C:\UnrealTournament\System. And for a good mouse feeling copy and past this user.ini (more info) into C:\UnrealTournament\System. OpenGL, Direct3D8 and direct3D9 Official website. Here is another OpenGL driver (more info) from Daniel Vogel (Epic Games) which can be an alternative to the previous file.
4 - If game colors are just looking too flat in OpenGL just change the brightness in the game menu.

These settings are not for the elderly computers. (Ancient Systems/Graphics Cards/Sound Cards). For more details see that topic : Tweak UT graphics/sound to the max (forums.beyondunreal.com)

For those who have problems with OpenGL or just want to use Direct3D here (more info) is the .DLL, but note that you won't have a huge list of options in your Unrealtournament.ini file. Whatever the Direct3D paragraph is named [D3DDrv.D3DRenderDevice] it's just after the OpenGL paragraph.

Note that some of these setting can also be modified in game by opening up the console (press ~) and typing in "preferences" (without the quotation marks). This opens up the Advanced Preferences window.

Best mods

Agent X

Agent X mod replace every weapons by real ones. A really good mod that change every game modes into Agent X. (Agent X Deathmatch, Agent X team Deathmatch, Agent X CTF, Agent X Assault, Agent X Last Man Standing, and mutators works with it).

Tactical Ops

TacticalOps throws you into the life-and-death world of counterterrorism. Join the Special Forces or the Terrorists.


Infiltration is an immersion into realism, driven by intense military combat, in a squad-based, mission-oriented shooter. Each of those missions brings the distinctive taste of multifaceted warfare in any environment you can imagine.


Insane weapons mod. This is one of the most popular mods for Unreal Tournament because it’s all about inflicting massive damage on your opponents with a barrage of ultra fast and furious weapon fire.



The Tatical Ops 2 mod's trailer :


Trick jumping :

A frag movie :


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