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Due to Wiki4Games's intermediate position between Wikipedia and wikis about one specific game or game series, it's a bit hard to describe briefly what should and what shouldn't be added to Wiki4Games. The point of this policy is to help editors focus on what matters, in order to avoid spending time on secondary things while there is already so much to be done in the core scope. Typically, editors should concentrate on contributing within scope articles. For a change they can also contribute to "not so scope" articles, which can indeed be considered as articles within the scope but with a lower priority. "Borderscope" articles should only be contributed to by editors who can't contribute to more "scopish" articles: these articles are accepted, but we really don't care much about them at this time. Out of scope things shouldn't be added at all. They "might maybe" become more scopish in the future (notably if it appears that a strong user base is willing to contribute to them), but for the moment they are not, there are so many other things to contribute that no time should be wasted on these for the moment. Finally, no red links should be made towards borderscope or out of scope articles.


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