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Wiki4Games:W4G Rating Bar

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W4G Rating Bar is an extension for MediaWiki developed by David and Franck Dernoncourt for Wiki4Games.com. It's licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-ShareAlike license. It's a total rewrite of RatingBar, focusing on a complete, proper use of the MediaWiki environment, resulting in:

  • a scalability which the previous extension just didn't have: the new extension uses slave databases as much as possible, the previous one didn't use them at all,
  • much easier deployment: the previous version used to ask lots of complicated or confidential settings like database prefix or password, full links to some special pages, etc, while the new version just gets all this stuff from the MediaWiki environment,
  • (hopefully) much fewer bugs: and particularly no bugs caused by funky characters in page names, since the new extension handles all pages by their numerical IDs and not by their textual names.

Due to those large differences, W4G Rating Bar is totally incompatible with its predecessor (it's actually so different that you could install them both side by side, and everything should run fine as long as you don't place 2 of the different kinds of bars on a same page). Version 2.0-b2 (and higher) contains a script to migrate an old RatingBar v1.1 database to this new extension. This script is not able to merge a RatingBar v1.1 database with an existing and non-empty W4G Rating Bar v2 database, so you should run it before starting to cast votes on W4G Rating Bar v2. Also, this script doesn't remove any data from the old RatingBar v1.1 database: you can remove them manually whenever you're willing to (i.e., if the upgrade fails you still have your old data, and if you don't like the new extension you can still fall back to the old one - which is now unsupported, though).


  • FAQ (aka Frequently Asked Questions aka Questions & Answers)
  • Syntax (that's the end-user manual)
  • To do (so that we don't get the same suggestions over and over)
  • W4G Rating Bar at MediaWiki (okay that's not a sub-page but it contains some useful information nonetheless - like... installation instructions... ^^)



Version 2.1.2 was released on 21st May 2011. It adds a few features: options to display the item being voted on if it's not the same as current page, to display anonymous votes in latest votes list, and to hide rating in top voted pages. W4G Rating Bar 2.1.2.


Version 2.1.1 was released on 20th March 2011. It fixes some display bugs related to anonymous voting. W4G Rating Bar 2.1.1


Version 2.1.0 was released on 6th March 2011. It deals with an XSS issue, adds back anonymous (non logged-in) voting plus finally some real control over multivoting. Plus a few minor improvements. Thanks for your patience about those issues and features. Now the extension feels more complete, although we already have some more ideas ;) W4G Rating Bar 2.1.0


Version 2.0.1 was released on 26th December 2010. It fixes a bunch of annoying issues: problem when in read-only, bar not showing on a newly created page, default number of items in a toplist ridiculously low. Thanks to all those who reported or helped in fixing that! W4G Rating Bar 2.0.1


Version 2.0 final was released on 17th October 2010. It fixes a bug where the MediaWiki parser would go wild and add random <p> tags in the middle of the extension's Javascript, effectively breaking it, when the rating bar was placed inside a div. W4G Rating Bar 2.0 final


Version 2.0-rc1 was released on 1st September 2010. It doesn't really differ much from b2, apart from the fact that it's been running for a month on Wiki4Games (so, more tested) and the addition of an orderby parameter (set it to 'rating' to sort 'uservotes' by rating instead of by voting time) as well as an order parameter (this one currently only works with 'uservotes' but should be spread around in later versions, possible values 'asc' or 'desc' - meaning the same as in SQL: ascending or descending). If no further unplanned regressions are found, this version should become 2.0 final. W4G Rating Bar 2.0-rc1


Version 2.0-b2 was released on 2 August 2010. The main reasons why it's called beta is because there might be some debugging output left around and because it hasn't been tested yet in a production environment (we're just starting to run it here). This version notably contains a migration script from Rating Bar v1.1 which should be fully functional; more details about how to use this migration tool are provided on the extension's page at MediaWiki. Note that since this version doesn't support anonymous voting, it won't import anonymous votes. W4G Rating Bar 2.0-b2.

Preview versions


Fixes a simple but blocking problem with case-sensitive OSes like Linux. We also noticed, when trying to run it here, that it requires MediaWiki version 1.16 to work. W4G Rating Bar 1.9-dev-19 (7-Zip archive) (zip archive).


This one is close to being a beta quality release. We need to work a bit more on the migration script, and this is what will be running on Wiki4Games pretty soon. W4G Rating Bar 1.9-dev-18.


Another uncleaned development snapshot ("as is" at the end of today's session). Notably fixes a bug with quotes in page names (due to double escaping - too much security lol), and more options are implemented in <w4grb_ratinglist /> (still not finished though). W4G Rating Bar 1.9-dev-15.


This one is an uncleaned development snapshot which may have some weird settings and will output some debugging info on some unfinished functions (should be limited to <w4grb_ratinglist />, though, and this tag can be neutralized using $wgW4GRB_Settings['max-lists-per-page']=0;). Compared to the previous preview, quite a few glitches were fixed, {{#w4grb_rawrating:Full page name|avg/n}} was added, and the commonly requested option to display the rating bar automatically at the bottom of every page was added. Here it is. The todo list now basically only contains the rating list and... the migration script.


To avoid any confusion with the previous extension, the version numbers will start at 2, or rather at 1.9 for preview versions. The first preview version, 1.9-dev-7, is available here. All you need to do to get started is create the tables using db_creation.sql (don't forget to adapt to your database prefix), include w4g_rb.php like any other extension and check the few options in this same file. The voting is (more or less) fully implemented. The "list the ratings" part is not started. To display a rating bar use {{#w4grb_rate:Page_name}} or just {{#w4grb_rate:}} if you want a bar related to the current page. The extension is not running on Wiki4Games yet, so don't try it here, it won't work :)