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With what version of MediaWiki can I run W4G Rating Bar?

W4G Rating Bar 2.x requires MediaWiki 1.16 or newer. For an older MediaWiki, the discontinued RatingBar 1.x extension should work starting with MediaWiki version 1.12.

I'm using RatingBar 1.x, can I upgrade to W4G Rating Bar 2.x?

Yes. As of W4G Rating Bar version 2.1, we provide a migration script to import votes cast in RatingBar 1.x into W4G Rating Bar 2.x.

I'm using RatingBar 1.x, should I upgrade to W4G Rating Bar 2.x?

As far as we know as of today (8 August 2010), if you're not suffering from the bugs with RatingBar 1.x there's no need to upgrade to W4G Rating Bar 2.x. RatingBar 1.x seems to run fine on MediaWiki 1.16 and doesn't have known security issues. However v1 won't receive updates anymore, so you'd be more future-proof using v2. The only valid reasons you might have for not upgrading to v2 are:

  • needing a removed feature (star rating, custom scale)
  • running an outdated MediaWiki (not such a good reason though)

I'm using RatingBar 1.x, can I install W4G Rating Bar 2.x along just to test if I'm willing to upgrade?

Yes, although not specifically designed for that, the 2 extensions should go along well. So you can install both and test them. The migration script doesn't remove any RatingBar 1.x data either, so you can run it to feed your current v1 data to the v2 extension.

I'm new to both of those extensions, which one should I get?

If your MediaWiki version is 1.16+, you should probably rather get W4G Rating Bar 2.x: since RatingBar 1.x is discontinued you'd likely end up migrating your database. Also, as described more in details on the extension page, W4G Rating Bar 2.x benefits include scalability, much easier configuration, and fewer bugs. If your MediaWiki version is <1.16, well, actually you should upgrade MediaWiki.

I downloaded some version of W4G Rating Bar 2.x and I can't unpack it: what's 7z?

Some releases (most often previews) are packed using 7-Zip. It uses LZMA2 compression which on our files usually compresses 30-40% more than standard ZIP. 7-Zip files can be unpacked using software like 7-Zip, PeaZip, IZarc and p7zip (Linux and Mac OS).