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Welcome to the Wiki4Game.

Ever wanted to find information about video games? This is a great place to talk about it.

Points of Interest


Wikis about game playing

Wikis about game development

Wikis that are games, not about games

  • Game Cloud: a creative and collaborative platform of free-licenced games. Each page of the wiki is a video game.
  • PlayPen: a huge wikied game based on MediaWiki. Each page belongs to the game and is a screen to access to the other screens.


The Wiki Nodes Project aims to create a fabric among wikis which allows users to traverse the universe of all wikis via topically related links.

We are wiki collaboration enthusiasts who work on many wiki projects and coordinate through WikiIndex.org, please join us if you would like. Obviously, since this is wiki, please revert this edit if not wanted! :-) Best, Ftiercel