Wolfenstein 3D

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Wolfenstein 3D
Wolfenstein 3D Title.jpg
Developer(s) id Software
Publisher(s) Apogee Software (DOS)
Interplay Entertainment (3DO)
BAM! Entertainment (GBA)
Atari Corporation (Jaguar)
MacPlay (Macintosh)
Imagineer (video game company)
Distributor(s) Manaccom (Australia)
GT Interactive (USA)
Activision (USA)
Valve Corporation (Steam (content delivery)
Designer(s) John Romero
Tom Hall
Engine Wolfenstein 3D engine
Platform(s) MS-DOS, Mac, Apple IIGS, Acorn Archimedes, NEC PC-9801, SNES, Jaguar, GBA, 3DO
Release date May 5, 1992 (DOS)
Genre(s) First-person shooter
Mode(s) Single player
Rating(s) ESRB: M
OFLC: MA15+ (re-rating)
Media Download
Four 3½" floppy disks
System requirements 80286 class CPU, 640 KiB RAM
Input methods Keyboard
joystick or game controller

Wolfenstein 3D (originally Wolfenstein 3-D, commonly abbreviated to Wolf 3D) is a video game that is generally regarded as having popularized the first person shooter genre on the PC. It was created by id Software and published by Apogee Software. It was released on May 5, 1992 for MS-DOS.


[edit] Plot[1]

B.J. (William Blazkowicz), an Allied spy, had been captured while trying to find the plans for Operation Eisenfaust, and was imprisoned in Castle Wolfenstein. Initially armed only with a knife and a pistol, B.J.'s initial goal is merely to escape the castle prison. Taking on SS guards, stealing their machine guns and ultimately acquiring a chain gun, he eventually finds himself face to face with the Episode One boss, the ultimate prison guard Hans Grosse.

Having defeated Grosse and escaped the castle, B.J. moves on to Operation: Eisenfaust. B.J. finds out that the operation is real, and that the Nazis are creating an army of undead mutants in Castle Hollehammer. When the episode begins, B.J. has just entered the castle; the walls are covered in mulch, and the first enemies found are mutants with third arms grafted into their chests holding pistols. The episode boss is the scientist Dr. Schabbs, the creator of the mutants. His defeat signals the end of this biological war.

Die, Führer, Die! is, chronologically, the final episode. Fighting through Nazi soldiers, and attacking the bunker under the Reichstag, the major centerpiece of the game is reached in the final mission, where the boss is none other than Adolf Hitler himself (equipped with a robotic suit and four gatling guns).

The Nocturnal Missions form a prequel storyline, focusing on the Germans' plans for chemical warfare (Giftkrieg). A Dark Secret deals with the initial pursuit of the scientist responsible for the development of the weaponry; B.J.'s task is to enter the weapons research facility and hunt down Dr. Otto Giftmacher (Poison Maker).

Trail of the Madman is a rather ornate episode taking place in clean and stylish Castle Erlangen. Ostensibly, the episode's goal is to find the maps and plans of the chemical war, guarded by Gretel Grosse (Hans' sister). Hitler's image appears throughout this episode, as posters and wall mosaics, symbolizing his imminent rise to power. All levels are designed with fashion, much decoration, and opulence.

The story comes to a close in Confrontation, set in Castle Offenbach; a summation of everything that has gone before, including the mutants (in the secret level only), three clones of Hans Grosse (in the secret level only), and the overall "feel". The final battle is fought between B.J. and the leader of this war, General Fettgesicht (Fat Face).

[edit] Cheat codes

[edit] Customer Cheat

Pressing [I] [L] [M] all at the same time, will give you both keys, and will give you 100% health. It will also take your score to zero. This cheat will work in both the shareware and the registered version.

[edit] Debug Mode

The debug mode is activated with a different command line parameter depending on what version of the game you have.

Once activated, these are the keys you can use.

[edit] Jukebox

Hold down [M] when the game is starting to access a jukebox. It only brings up a few songs at a time; if you keep on doing this, it will randomly pick a separate list of songs for you to pick from.

[edit] Tech Support Command Line Parameters

[edit] Miscellaneous

The "NOWAIT" command line parameter will start the game directly from the main menu. If you press [B] [A] [T] all at once, you'll get a message asking why you're trying to cheat, since this is the old Keen Galaxy cheat code. For quite some time, Apogee distributed a v1.4 of Wolfenstein 3D without the cheat codes. If you try these cheat codes, and they don't work, you have a "cheat codeless" version of Wolfenstein 3D. In that case, contact customer support about a replacement.

[edit] Screenshots

finding secrets finding tresure itmes getting to the exit

machinegun mp 40 pistol

[edit] Notes

[edit] References

  1. Storyline of W3D, wikipedia
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