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Battlefield Heroes
Battlefield Heroes cover art.jpg
Developer(s) EA Digital Illusions CE AB
Publisher(s) EA Digital Illusions CE AB[1]
Composer(s) Marc Canham[2]
License Freeware
Series Battlefield
Engine Refractor 2[3]
Version 1.31.211005.0 () [+/-]
Platform(s) Windows
Release date Open beta: INT 2009-06-25[4]
Genre(s) Cartoon third-person shooter
Mode(s) Multiplayer
Rating(s) ESRB: T (Teens)
PEGI: 16+
Media Download only
System requirements Pentium 4 1GHz, 512MiB RAM, 64MiB VRAM, 1GB HD space more...
Input methods Keyboard and mouse

Battlefield Heroes is a cartoon-style third-person shooter developed by EA Digital Illusions CE AB. It is the first Battlefield game to be released under a free-to-play model. Although all current maps are configured as 2 teams fighting over some capturable and holdable flags, the aim of the game is not to hold the most flags as long as possible, but to deplete the other team's "tickets" (one ticket = one player spawning). So it's closely like a team death match with the first team reaching 50 winning.


[edit] System requirements

[edit] Minimum system requirements

To run this game, your PC must meet the following requirements[5]:

[edit] Tested performances

[edit] Classes, abilities and levels

There are three different classes in Battlefield Heroes. Any class can carry two weapons and one explosive (not counting explosives provided by an ability), can drive all vehicles, and can train five or six abilities (which are different for each class). Each class begins with one ability already at level 1. Training an ability requires to spend one Hero Point. A Hero Point is gained every 2 levels (the maximum level is 30, which means 15 Hero Points can be spent). All abilities have 5 levels. Usually, raising an ability's level grants various improvements such as typically an increased power and range and a reduced cool-down duration. All Hero Points spent can be reset. So, with the exception of the first Hero Point (which is automatically assigned by the game on the same ability for each class), you can redistribute your Hero Points an unlimited amount of times. Abilities have a refresh time (aka cooldown), during which it can not be used again. The refresh time timer starts when the ability effect ends.

[edit] Commando

It's the sneaking class. It has the highest movement speed and the least health points (80 HP[6]). The typical style of this class is to remain hidden (notably using the stealth ability) and deal kick but high damage from close combat (knife +/- with the poison ability) or remote distance (sniping +/- with the piercing shot ability). Also a new Era of Commando's use the Knife and Pistol Technique. The commando's abilities are:

[edit] Stealth

The player become invisible to enemies until he shoots. If an enemy enters the radius of the abilities effect, he will be able to see the player (who will appear semi-transparent). Ability details from level 1 to 5[7]:

The commando starts with this ability at level 1.

[edit] Elixir

The commando's classic escape method. Provides a speed boost and throws a small dust cloud. From level 1 to 5:

[edit] Piercing Shot

(Does NOT support the Pistol) Increases damage done by guns. Usually used for sniping. From level 1 to 5:

[edit] Troop Trap

Places an explosive that will explode when enemies step on it (or near it) or when shot. From level 1 to 5:

[edit] Poisoned Blade

Any knife hit will cause the victim to be poisoned, losing health over a short period. From level 1 to 5:

[edit] Mark Target

Marks a target for the team, making it easily visible for the team (places a big red arrow over their head and a circle around the target, all of those can be seen through buildings and terrain). Note that the targeted player will know that they're targeted. Targeting a player will also reward the commando with a few points. From level 1 to 5:

[edit] Gunner

He's like the brute. A damage taker (150 HP) and dealer (can fight tanks even from a distance with his RPGs and "I Eats Grenades" ability). Yet he is particularly vulnerable to snipers as he's slow and completely inaccurate on long range. His abilities are:

[edit] Hero Shield

Protects the player and nearby teammates with a shield that absorbs damage. From level 1 to 5:

The gunner starts with this ability at level 1.

[edit] Leg It

Increases the run speed of the player and nearby teammates. Much useful for evading snipers, it's also used by some players in place of the hero shield as a general bullet-evasion method. From level 1 to 5:

[edit] Frenzy Fire

Increases accuracy. Also slightly heals the player every 4 hits. From level 1 to 5:

[edit] Explosive Keg

Throws a barrel filled with explosives, which will explode after a few seconds or when shot. The damage radius is 10 meters. From level 1 to 5:

[edit] I Eats Grenades

Gobble up all nearby explosives (in an 8-meter radius) during a short time. Each explosive eaten will also heal a some HP. Tank and bazooka shells are "edible" explosives too. From level 1 to 5:

[edit] Soldier

He's an intermediate between the heavy, powerful gunner and the light, fast commando. He has 120 hit points. His weapons are moderately powerful, but this is compensated by powerful abilities such as burning bullets, and the ability to heal himself and nearby teammates. The soldier's abilities are:

[edit] Combat Medicine

Instantly heals the player and all teammates within an 8-meter radius. The amount healed is also increased when healing more teammates at the same time. From level 1 to 5:

The soldier starts with this ability at level 1.

[edit] Blasting Strike

Knocks back all nearby enemies and vehicles. Can be used to avoid a roadkill, or to keep a knifer away long enough to slay him first. Objects knocked into walls or solid objects will take damage. From level 1 to 5:

[edit] 6th Sense

See all enemies for a short period of time. Kind of like a legit wallhack indeed. From level 1 to 5:

[edit] Burning Bullets

Shots fired with the SMG set enemies on fire, dealing damage over time and also show a very visible burning effect (often used to track a stealthed commando). From level 1 to 5:

[edit] Grenade Spam

Throws multiple grenades at once.

[edit] Leveling up

Gaining levels (and thus Hero Points) is achieved through earning experience points (XP). The amount of XP required to reach each level is listed in the table bellow:

Level XP from previous level XP from level 1
2 600 600
3 1,200 1,800
4 2,200 4,000
5 3,600 7,600
6 5,500 13,100
7 8,100 21,200
8 11,500 32,700
9 15,900 48,600
10 22,800 71,400
11 31,300 102,700
12 41,300 144,000
13 52,800 196,800
14 65,100 261,900
15 77,900 339,800
16 90,600 430,400
17 102,900 533,300
18 114,200 647,500
19 124,600 772,100
20 134,000 906,100
21 149,800 1,055,900
22 165,400 1,221,300
23 180,900 1,402,200
24 196,000 1,598,200
25 211,100 1,809,300
26 226,200 2,035,500
27 241,100 2,276,600
28 256,100 2,532,700
29 271,200 2,803,900
30 286,400 3,090,300

[edit] Cheats

This is a multiplayer-only game protected by PunkBuster. Cheats do exist, but using them may get you banned.

[edit] Screenshots

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[edit] Videos

[edit] Trailer

June 2009 trailer

[edit] Gameplay

[edit] External links

[edit] References

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