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Boggler Screenshot.png
Developer(s) Franck Dernoncourt, Patheticcockroach
License GPL 3 or above
Version 1.0
Platform(s) Windows
Release date INT 2008-05-10
Genre(s) Word game
Mode(s) Single player
Media Download
System requirements Windows 95/98/2000/NT/Me/XP/Vista
Input methods Keyboard and mouse

Boggler is played using a grid of lettered dice in which players attempt to find words in sequences of adjacent letters.


[edit] Basic Rules

The goal of Boggle is to create words out of adjacent letters in a 4x4 letter grid. Select adjacent letters to create the word. You can select words horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. You can´t skip letters and you can´t use the same letter twice in the same word. You score points for all valid words you find in the grid. Duplicate or invalid words are worth zero points.

[edit] Scoring

You score points based on the length of the word.

[edit] Valid Words

Valid words are at least 3 letters long. All plural forms are allowed. All verb tenses are allowed.Words contained in larger words are allowed but each word must be entered separately.

[edit] Letter Distribution

The default letter distribution is:

[edit] Download

[edit] Screenshot

Boggler Screenshot.png

[edit] Cheat Video

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