Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2

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Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2

Developer(s) Westwood Pacific
Publisher(s) EA Games
Composer(s) Frank Klepacki
License Proprietary
Series Command & Conquer: Red Alert
Engine Modified Tiberian Sun engine
Version 1.006
Platform(s) Windows
Release date NA 2000-10-23
Genre(s) Real-time strategy
Mode(s) Single player, multiplayer
Rating(s) ESRB: T (Teen)
PEGI: 12+
Media 1 CD-ROM
System requirements Pentium 2 266MHz, 64MiB RAM, 2MiB VRAM, 200MiB HD space[1] more...
Input methods Keyboard and mouse


[edit] System requirements

In order to play Red Alert 2, your PC must meet or exceed the following specifications[1]:

[edit] Minimum system requirements

  • Pentium 2 266 MHz
  • 64 MiB pf RAM
  • 2 MB DirectX 7.0a-compliant video card
  • 200 MiB free hard disk space

[edit] Recommended system specifications

  • Pentium 2 450 MHz
  • 128 MiB of RAM
  • DirectX-compliant sound card

[edit] Cheats

Open the GAME.EXE file with an hexadecimal editor and search for "2bc7897c242489834c020000eb4c". In this sequence, replace the leading "2b" with "03", then save. Now when you make an action that would normally spend money, you will instead gain money, effectively resulting in unlimited money.

[edit] General tips

[edit] Trojan horse

When playing as Russian, use Yuri to mind-control a bus. Then you can place troops inside, and move them anywhere (like behind enemy lines): the enemy won't attack the bus.

[edit] Unlimited Yuris

For this cheat, you need to have a cloning vat and a hospital. First, produce a Yuri: another one will be produced by the cloning vat. Then damage one of them and send him to the hospital. When he gets out of the hospital, the cloning vat will produce a third Yuri. This can be repeated over and over.

[edit] Using the chronosphere as a weapon

There is no restriction on where you can use the chronosphere. So you can use it directly against your enemy, for instance you can use it on enemy vehicles and teleport them into water so they'll sink. You can also use it on enemy infantry, which kills them instantly.

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[edit] References

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