Crysis Warhead

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Crysis Warhead
Crysis Warhead front cover.jpg
Developer(s) Crytek Budapest
Publisher(s) Electronic Arts
License Proprietary
Series Crysis
Engine An improved version of CryEngine 2
Version 1.1[1]
Platform(s) Windows
Release date EU 2008-09-12[2]
US 2008-09-16[2]
INT 2008-09-18[3]
Genre(s) First-person shooter
Mode(s) Single player, multiplayer
Rating(s) ESRB: M[2]
PEGI: 16+[2]
Media DVD
System requirements Pentium 4 2.8 GHz, 1GiB RAM, NVIDIA GeForce 6800 GT with 256MiB VRAM, 15GiB HD space more...
Input methods Keyboard and mouse

Crysis Warhead is a science fiction first-person shooter developed by Crytek Budapest and published by Electronic Arts as a standalone expansion to Crysis. The game takes place at the same time as Crysis: the player plays as another soldier (Psycho) during the same events and from the other side of the island as what they played as Nomad during Crysis.


System requirements

To play Crysis Warhead, your PC must meet the following requirements[4]:

Minimum system requirements

  • Microsoft Windows XP with Service Pack 2 or Microsoft Vista
  • Pentium 4 2.8 GHz (3.2 GHz for Vista), Intel Core 2.0 GHz (2.2 GHz for Vista) or AMD Athlon 2800+ (3200+ for Vista)
  • 1 GiB RAM (1.5GB on Windows Vista)
  • NVIDIA GeForce 6800 GT or ATI Radeon 9800 Pro (Radeon X800 Pro for Vista) with 256 MiB of VRAM
  • 15 GiB free hard disk space
  • DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card
  • DVD drive
  • DirectX 9.0c or DirectX 10


Developer mode

To enable the developer mode, you need to start the game with the "-devmode" command line parameter. Then the following keys are enabled:

  • F1: toggles first and third person view
  • F2: teleports you to the next checkpoint
  • F10: teleports you to the previous checkpoint
  • F3: toggles fly mode (NB: this is only a fly mode, not a noclip mode)
  • Num1: gives the missile launcher, the shotgun, and the alien MOAC
  • Num2: toggles infinite ammunition
  • NumEnter': opens the debug menu

Console commands

To be able to use the console, you need to enable the developer mode (see previous paragraph). Then you can open the console by pressing [~], and use the following commands:

  • g_godmode 1/0: enables/disables god mode
  • i_giveallitems: gives all weapons
  • i_noweaponlimit 1/0: removes/re-enables the weapon carry limit
  • i_unlimitedammo 1/0: enables/disables infinite ammunition
  • V_goliathmode 1/0: enables/disables indestructible vehicles (NB: this will affect all vehicles, friend or foe)
  • g_suitSpeedMult X: changes the suit speed multiplier to X (higher is faster)
  • r_displayinfo 1/0: show/hide developer mode information


Some options of these trainers may not work. But it's possible to use both trainers at the same time, so they can compensate each other.

+19 trainer by Team ExTaLiA

The +19 trainer by Team ExTaLiA has the following options:

  • Num0: Infinite Health (full god mode: falling or explosions will not kill you either, unlike with some other trainers)
  • Num1: Infinite suit energy
  • Num3: Infinite Ammo (Guns, Nades/Rockets, Secondary) with No Reload
  • Num4: Infinite nightvision energy
  • Num5: Instant Kill (one-hit kill). NB: this will not work for vehicles and may effect friendlies.
  • Num6: Super speed
  • Num7: Super strength
  • Num8: Super throw
  • Num9: Improved cloak (enhanced cloak mode)
  • NumDel: No weapon overheat
  • NumDivide: Tank mode: this will repair and maintain the integrity of any vehicle that the player will use. It can be activated temporarily for a quick heal function, or left enabled for protection. This will also affect other vehicles too, whether they are manned or not. This is useful when taking out an enemy crew, so that you don't accidentally destroy the vehicle.
  • NumMultiply: Enemies can't shoot/nade. NB: this affects friendlies too, but not vehicle weaponry.
  • NumSubtract: Enemies can't move. NB: this affects friendlies too, but not vehicles.
  • F1: Save position
  • F2: Restore Position. NB: this does not effect vehicles.
  • F3: No weapon carry limit
  • F4: Allied mode: this will cause all enemies to become your friends. However friendly troops may still fire upon the enemy and vice-versa.
  • F6: Perfect accuracy (ie, the crosshair will not spread)
  • F7: No recoil: this will completely remove recoil from your weapons, allowing you to shoot continuously without having to compensate for the weapon movement.

Download the plus 19 trainer there: Crysis Warhead plus 19 trainer by team ExTaLiA.rar (more info).

+10 trainer by KelSat

The +10 trainer by KelSat has the following options:

  • SHIFT+Y: unlimited life
  • SHIFT+U: unlimited energy
  • SHIFT+O: unlimited ammo
  • SHIFT+P: unlimited night vision
  • SHIFT+H: unlimited grenades
  • SHIFT+N: super jump (F1: lower jump; F2: higher jump; F7: back to normal)
  • SHIFT+L: super speed (F3: slower; F4: faster; F8: back to normal)
  • SHIFT+K: super throw

Download the plus 10 trainer there: Crysis Warhead V1.0 plus 10 trainer by KelSat.rar (more info)

Game tweaks

No-intro fix

The following archive includes two different no-intro fixes, one to replace the videos, thus saving space but making it hard to put the videos back, the other to automatically rename the videos, thus not saving space but making it easy (and automated too) to re-enable the intros. The file: Crysis Warhead no-intro fix.7z (more info).


Crysis Warhead - a marine in a cinematic.jpg Crysis Warhead - menu while playing.jpg Crysis Warhead - loading screen of Frozen Paradise level.jpg Crysis Warhead - rocket impact.jpg Crysis Warhead - taking damage.jpg Crysis Warhead - driving under an aircraft.jpg Crysis Warhead - driving under exploding aircraft.jpg Crysis Warhead - reading the map.jpg Crysis Warhead - catching an enemy.jpg Crysis Warhead - blowing a barrel.jpg Crysis Warhead - loading screen of Adapt or Perish level.jpg Crysis Warhead - driving (badly) a hovercraft.jpg Crysis Warhead - equipping frozen pistols.jpg Crysis Warhead - credits displayed during the Frozen Paradise level.jpg Crysis Warhead - blowing a car.jpg



Introduction cinematic


This video is a speed run of the first level:


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