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Duty Calls is a free downloadable PC game that parodies the Call of Duty series[1] (and such war first-person shooters in general). It was released in February 2011 by Epic Games as part of a promotional campaign for Bulletstorm, a first-person shooter which was released on 22 February 2011.

Although the game installer is a bit over 700 MiB[2], it barely contains 4 minutes of gameplay (see full play-through video below).

The game can be downloaded from the official website or from mirrors.


System requirements

  • Windows XP SP2/Vista/Se7en
  • 2 GHz single core CPU
  • 512 MiB of RAM
  • NVIDIA 6200+ or ATI Radeon 9600+ video card
  • About 1 GiB of free hard disk space


Duty Calls - Entering real-life war scenario.jpg Duty Calls - Are you my matey.jpg Duty Calls - You picked a meaningless stick.jpg Duty Calls - Bullet-time.jpg Duty Calls - Burning down the car.jpg Duty Calls - Lead intoxication.jpg Duty Calls - Hi guy in the parachute.jpg Duty Calls - Super Uber Master Sergeant General something.jpg Duty Calls - All Russian nukes R Blong 2 US.jpg


Full play-through video:


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