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Heavy Metal: F.A.K.K.²

Developer(s) Ritual Entertainment
Publisher(s) Gathering of Developers (aka GOD Games)
Engine id Tech 3
Version 1.02
Platform(s) Linux, Mac OS, Mac OS X, Windows
Release date August 2, 2000
Genre(s) Third-person shooter
Mode(s) Single player
Rating(s) ESRB: M (Mature)
Media CD-ROM
Input methods Keyboard & mouse

Heavy Metal F.A.K.K 2, is a third-person shooter computer game made by Ritual Entertainment in 2000. A sequel to the Heavy Metal 2000 animated movie. FAKK2 allows players to pair up and use two weapons at the same time depending on the situation - for example, sword and shield for maximum defense, sword and UZI for both range and melee capability, or dual-wield UZIs for maximum firepower. Players can also block enemy attacks and execute powerful combo moves to deal even deadlier blows to their enemies. The game uses the Quake III game engine (id tech 3).


[edit] Useful information

[edit] Status

Heavy Metal F.A.K.K 2 is still in store. But the game Engine (id tech 3) is now under GPU license and is free of use.

[edit] Latest version

The latest version is 1.02.

[edit] Game presentation

[edit] story

Julie Strain

The heroine, Julie, was inspired by Julie Strain, who provided the voice for the heroine in the movie, and the game is linked to Heavy Metal Magazine. Strain, is married to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles co-creator and Heavy Metal magazine Editor in Chief Kevin Eastman. Julie often appears in the magazine (Heavy Metal) in photos or pictures painted by her close friends Olivia De Berardinis, Simon Bisley, and Luis Royo.

F.A.K.K.² stands for Federation Assigned Ketogenic Killzone to the second level, and is the alias both of the heroine, Julie, and also her homeworld. Before the game begins, we are told that Julie has previously fought a 'would-be God' named Tyler, and brought the remnant of her people to a planet called Eden. This planet is camouflaged by an FAKK2 beacon and made to look like a biohazard-strewn wasteland in the hope that it will remain hidden from Tyler and his master Gith, who are still at large. Gith himself, who appears only as a disembodied head in the final cut scene, runs a hyper-corporation called Gith Industries whose 'employees' are little more than slaves. He scavenges the universe in a ship composed of three-quarters of a planet, and is headed for a place called Na'ChThraThull, or the 'place of the soft machines'. This will turn out to be Eden.

[edit] Around the game

Ritual Entertainment doesn't exist any more but the game Heavy Metal FAKK 2 isn't abandonware. Ritual has been bought by MumboJumbo developer company. More informations hier.

[edit] Game tweaks

[edit] Useful Console commands

To use a command press ² to bring down the console. (Change x and bolt text by desired value.)

Command Explanation
cg_shadows x (1 to 3) Changes the aspect of the players shadows (1 = remove shadows, 2 = small circle, 3 = projected shadows).
com_maxfps x (recommended 125) Defines the amount of calculated frames per seconds. After that, the game may be more or less fluid.
r_customwidth x Change the screen width in custom resolution mode.
r_customheight x Change the screen height in custom resolution mode.
eventlist (type it ingame) Display console commands

[edit] Adjustment advices

Type com_maxFPS 125, with this the game feel more limpid.

[edit] Custom resolution

To change the rendered resolution of the game you'll need to specify witch width and witch height you'd like to use.

r_customwidth x

r_customheight x

Then type /r_mode -1 to activate your custom resolution.

[edit] Tips & tricks

  • To defeat The Vymish Mama :

Stick explosives to the four glowing rocks.

  • To defeat The Shkynerpad :

First of all destroy the arms protecting the head, then shoot the head when it's throwing lightnings.

  • To defeat Lord Tyler :

First thing to do is to shoot him until he kneel down to the floor. Then use the kind of leather hover to stop his regeneration process. the second time his left arm will fall, giving you his sword. Continue firing him until his health amount became dramatical, then go ahead with his sword to finish him. Aim for the head.

You can use the horn to make diversions.

  • Naked Julie patch :

It will change the differents battle suits by making them more sexy, increasing the game fun: Download (more info).

[edit] Cheats

Code Effect
god Become invincible.
give all Give all weapons and items.
health 100 Restore health.
Noclip No clipping mode.
Notarget Disable enemy AI.
map map_name Go to desired level. Use this list of maps : blood, cemetery, cliff1, cliff2, creeperpens, end, fakkhouse, fog, gruff, gruff_cinema, homes1, homes2evil, homes3good, intro, landersroot, oracle, oracleway, otto, over, shield, swamp1, swamp2, swamp3, towncenter_evil, towncenter_good, training, under, water, zoo.

Note if you change levels you must re-enter your game cheats.

[edit] Best mods

[edit] Heavy Metal F.A.K.K² MULTIPLAYER

A multiplayer mode featuring Deathmatch. (Note that to play it you'll have to create a map folder in your base directory and put the two maps inside it).

[edit] Videos

[edit] Trailer

[edit] Gameplay

Speedrun :

[edit] Screenshots

[edit] System requirements

Official system requirements :

PC version
  • Celeron/ Pentium/Pentium II/Pentium III/Athlon at 233 MHz or higher
  • 64MB RAM
  • AGP Video Port
  • 200MB of hard disk space
  • Windows 95/98/XP
Mac version
  • iMac, G3 tower or G4 tower Macintosh
  • 64MB RAM
  • ATI Rage Pro/128 or Voodoo 3
  • System 8 or later
  • 200MB of hard disk space

[edit] External links

The Julie Strain's biography juliestrain.com
The official website of Heavy Metal magasin heavymetal.com
The Ritual community website ritualistic.com

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