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The My Documents folder is a Windows standard folder designed to be used to stored the user's documents. When there are several users on the computer, Windows creates one My Documents folder for each of them.

By default, the location of the My Documents folder is C:\Documents and Settings\[user name]\My Documents, where:

  • C is the partition on which Windows is installed
  • [user name] is the name of the owner of the My Documents folder

This politics to store the users documents in a standard folder tends to do more harm than good, at least with the default settings, because as we saw it's located on the Windows partition. Thus its contents are lost in case of a format-reinstall. Anyway, its location can be changed, and many more manipulations can be done around it, see

Many programs and games use the My Documents folder as a default or (in the worst, but common case) as a mandatory place to save their files and even their settings (almost only games do the latest, though). So, quite often, when looking for your saved games to edit them, you'll find them in the My Documents folder if they aren't in the game's folder.

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